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Snookies12  +   858d ago
Oh dear lord that is amazing...
dbjj12088  +   858d ago
Agreed, if you don't have a Vita this it.
G20WLY  +   858d ago
And act quickly, because:

"[Amazon] commented on fears that it would be low in stock and over in a flash:", "don’t plan to wait six hours and still get your hands on one."

All this and 6 free games through free PS+?!

Ultimate Black Friday deal! :O
bintarok  +   858d ago
Believe in Sony and buy PSV
It's sad to see Sony as a company lowered to 'Junk' status today from 'Above Junk' weeks ago :


So yeah, need to order thy Vitas while it last folks. Happy blackest friday!
NukaCola  +   858d ago
This is an ultimate deal. All Stars is freaking insane, Uncharted is amazing, Gravity Rush is stellar, AC: Liberation is second to none(Minus the glitch that can happen). Plus all the extra content. WipEouT 2048, FF Tactics is just a day one...there is still a ton of content from minis, PSP, and PS One classics that are also apart of PS+. This is the deal of a lifetime. Best handheld out now. I promise you, if you don't own a Vita, you don't know what you are missing. It's incredible.
HSx9  +   858d ago
No CFW, No Buy
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   858d ago
I just got the deal before... the time lol around 15 minutes before. I also used a 50$ gift card so I got this deal for $145.51 total after tax. Christmas came early for me. :D
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vickers500  +   858d ago
I'm a little hesitant. The price is amazing, but I wish it were a black Vita. The white one looks pretty ugly in my opinion (not a knock on the vita, just on white electronics in general).

It seems like a minor complaint, but part of the allure of the Vita (for me anyways) is the aesthetics of the hardware. There aren't any "I NEED THAT RIGHT NOW" games for it yet, though there are a few cool looking ones (gravity rush, playstation all stars), but none that are must owns, in my opinion.

I wouldn't hesitate on a black vita though.
Axecution  +   858d ago
Buy it. I'll trade you my black <3

haha just kidding.
Actually not really if you lived next door to me or something id be totally down. That white Vita is hawt.
f789790  +   858d ago
You could always easily trade someone. There are plenty of people that would trade you a new black Vita for a white one.
Williamson  +   858d ago
I think they both look great but i bought the white one so my fingerprints wouldnt show much.
vickers500  +   858d ago
I went ahead and bought it. I'll see if I can get used to it, maybe it wont seem so ugly once I actually hold it.
smash-brother-10  +   858d ago
If this was UK I would literally order one right now
Y_5150  +   858d ago
Oh man I got a PS Vita right before this deal. I'mregretting it before there is $30 of extra content that I didn't get with my bundle AND it is $20 cheaper. This deal was sentby the gods! :P
Y_5150  +   858d ago
Oh man I got a PS Vita right before this deal. I'm regretting it before there is $30 of extra content that I didn't get with my bundle AND it is $20 cheaper. This deal was sent by the gods! :P
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doogiebear  +   858d ago
Ha ha I just got mine just now! I'm so freaking happy man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sev  +   858d ago
Wow. This is by far the best deal on a PlayStation Vita you'll see until there's a price cut next year at E3. Incredible.
dbjj12088  +   858d ago
It's a testament to how poorly it's been selling here (there, everywhere).
shammgod  +   858d ago
This comment is a testament to your trolling ability
Godchild1020  +   858d ago
If it was a testament, more locations would have a bundle like this. Why limit the bundle to one store, if they are trying to generate sales on the Vita.

its a nice sale, I thought it was one month but three is amazing.
GribbleGrunger  +   858d ago
What's the betting that if I check your history you'll be one of those people that complained about the Vita being too expensive and in need of a price drop. If you need to fish for negatives then it's time to question yourself. It will serve you well in other aspects of your life too.
PATRIOT7ME  +   858d ago
@ Gribblegrunger

On the other side of the coin, if you need to fiercely and blindly defend your video game purchases in order to validate yourself as a human being, you might be just as pathetic as the guy you're passing judgement on.

For an adult to have nothing better to do with his life is a little sad.
WeAreLegion  +   858d ago
He's not doing it to validate himself as a human being. I feel like you showed up for the first day of psychology, then walked out, thinking you knew everything. So, you never came back.
Ben_Grimm  +   857d ago

"If you need to fish for negatives then it's time to question yourself."

Sort of like the way you fish for negative sony game reviews then turn it into some huge conspiracy of bias against sony. Right?

Questions indeed.
doctorstrange  +   858d ago
I hope they have a lot of stock, because this could shift some serious numbers.
Sev  +   858d ago
Good point. Seems like the Amazon rep was implying that there were plenty of them to go around, but its still expected to sell out since the deal is too good to pass up.

If it's anything like the other Amazon deals that have been going on this week, it won't even last 20 minutes let alone the four hours they're keeping it live.

But I agree, I do hope Sony has kept them stocked up, because the PlayStation Vita could use some sales and a bigger install base. This might just be the key to that.

I wonder if they'll do one for the COD bundle too?
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doctorstrange  +   858d ago
I'd rather they didn't tbh. CODBLOPS misrepresents the Vita, new gamers could be put off.

ACL's a pretty decent game, so it's a good title to promote how the Vita can do things mobiles can't.
TrendyGamers  +   858d ago
Even if they have a lot, it will sell out very quickly.
burn1n9m4n  +   858d ago
What kills the deal is the need (especially if you want to install several games) to buy a larger memory card. A 32 GB is 80 bucks! I mean the bundle is phenomenal, but the damn memory cards are the bottleneck for me right now. Well....that and the lack of software for it that really catches my eye, though this bundle gives me a couple of games that I am interested in.
CalibriSerif  +   858d ago
for the love of god, this is a tremensous deal.
why people are so cheap? jizzz!?
kneon  +   858d ago
People endlessly whine about the price of the Vita memory cards yet gladly hand over $100 to Apple to upgrade from a 16gb to a 32gb iPad/iPod. Or you can get the real bargain and pay $100 to go from 32gb to 64gb. And that isn't even removable so you're stuck with what you buy.
attilayavuzer  +   858d ago
Just because Apple overprices electronics doesn't mean it's okay, nor does it mean we should accept when other companies do so.
CalvinKlein  +   858d ago
I think that the vita memory cards are overpriced and I only have an 8GB.
Your comment is moronic because you sound like some sort of blind fanboy, "well apple this and that Boo hoooooo."

I have no apple products and probably never will, unless the Iphone becomes the ONLY phone in the future(very likely), and I know that the vita memory card is overpriced.

Let me guess your response "well microsoft has rip of HD for xbox." Well that doesnt change that fact that the memory card prices are a rip off and you can pay 100$ for 32 gigs(AMAZON OFFERING IT FOR 80 DOESNT CHANGE THE msrp OF BEING 100$ EITHER).

But hey keep changing the subject to Apple being overpriced when ever someone mentions the FACT taht the vita memory card are a huge rip off.

you should also mention that people are lining up overnight for these apple products while sony cant move 3 million vitas in 10+ months. Maybe sony should stop pricing its memory card like its hot shit when its a failing product.
kneon  +   858d ago
I haven't bought an Apple product since the Apple ][.

But back to the vita memory cards, they are only expensive if you compare them to the cheap off brand memory cards. Compared to the high quality brand name SD cards they aren't really that expensive. You can pay double the price of a 32gb vita card for a high end 32gb SDHC card.
GraveLord  +   858d ago
I'm sure memory cards will be on sale by tomorrow as well. You don't need it though. The content manager for PC lets you wirelessly move games between your Vita and computer.
Snookies12  +   858d ago
You can do this with Vita games?? o_o
I have a 32 gig, but it's already full now after the PS+ deals lol.
cmpunk53  +   858d ago
Sony is really giving it all. I just hope it won't end with these super great deals and announce more AAA games so potential buyers won't hesitate to invest on the vita.
blackblades  +   858d ago
Afternoon tomorrow bout to go to ToysRus to get 1 hmmmm what should I do.
sdozzo  +   858d ago
zalanis  +   858d ago
This bundle is a joke and slap to the face of all the initial buyers of the vita. Theres a reason why the 3ds is outselling the vita 46 to 1. C.o.d couldnt save/help it. Why would sony think that kratos & co. Would be the one to keep a sinking ship a float. I heard even rats abandon a sinking ship. And before anyone thinks im calling anyone a rat IM NOT, all im saying is if a puny animal like that with a tiny little brain is smart enough to get the hell out before the ship sinks. Then no one should support this bundle until sony gives 1st time buyers a nice bonus like nintendo did for their 3ds 1st time buyers. I heard they gave like 20 free downloadable games away due to their price cut woe's.
doctorstrange  +   858d ago
It's Black Friday dude. There are always big deals.
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rainslacker  +   858d ago
Having brought mine the first week it doesn't insult me, and my face doesn't hurt. It's one retailer on black Friday having an amazing deal. Hardly anything new.
Snookies12  +   858d ago
Agreed, I bought a Vita day one, and I'm happy to see other people getting a great deal on it. I paid to get it right away, those who couldn't had to wait, so they deserve to get it cheaper for sticking it out.

Anyway, great to see this'll probably help improve sales. It's such a great device...
mi_titan27  +   858d ago
I bought the intial first release for $349 & i just bought this bundle for $179 im happy about it too!
MasterCornholio  +   858d ago
"This bundle is a joke and slap to the face of all the initial buyers of the vita."

And what would you say about Nintendos massive 80€ price drop on the 3DS?

" I heard they gave like 20 free downloadable games away due to their price cut woe's."

Sure Nintendo tried to fix this with an ambassador program but take into account that the Vita hasn´t received a global price drop yet by Sony which is why they dont have an apologetic program (aka: Ambassador program). And as for those 20 games they were mostly SNES and GBA titles Nintendo could have done a much better job with it.

"Boy, those 3DS sales sure fell off a cliff. So much so that Nintendo has instituted one of the swiftest and deepest price cuts for a handheld in recent memory.

The 3DS only went on sale earlier this year for $249, but as of August 12, it'll be slashed all the way down to $169.99. That'"

This is one of the risks in buying a console at launch which is why some people wait a while before buying one. But if you do buy one at launch and a few months later you get screwed with a special deal from a retailer or a price drop the only one whose at fault is the consumer because its common knowledge that after a device comes out over time the price will decrease for it.

P.S I dont mean to offend Nintendo fans with this post but i thought it was a great example.

O.T This is a great deal and i only wished i waited a while before buying the Vita. But it isn´t a big deal because i have been enjoying my Vita since the first day that i bought it. If your interested in picking one up now is the time to do it with this bundle.

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jimmywolf  +   858d ago
why did you pay for one if it was not worth the price too you? as other said this is a one day sale an only last for a few hours not a permanent price drop an it help promote the system too encourage more dev support so how this a bad thing???
WeAreLegion  +   858d ago
They say "rats abandon a sinking ship" because disloyal people abandon things all the time. It's an idiom, dude.

Rats do not actually abandon sinking ships. They are unaware that the ship is sinking, most of the time.
aDDicteD  +   858d ago
sweet deal , it's hard to pass on this deal ,with the ps all stars and 3 months ps+ toss in with the deal, im tempted to buy one
negroguy  +   858d ago
How big is the download for PSABR? Would think the 4GB would be filled up after 1 download. Think i'll try and get this nonetheless though, and just get a bigger memory card.
skrug  +   858d ago
it's 1.3gb
chasegarcia  +   858d ago
deal is really good
it hurts to be an early adopter. I paid $250 for vita. $90 for rip off memory. $50 for psn plus. $20 for case
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Brian1rr  +   858d ago
It hurts but I can't change
Baylex  +   858d ago
G20WLY  +   858d ago
Apparently Amazon do Black Friday deals in other countries too, despite it being an American thing.

I know they do it for UK for example, although deals will, of course, vary in different territories, you may still pick up a bargain Vita bundle outside of USA :)

Fingers crossed for you!
Liefx  +   858d ago
Canada here. I'm looking at the deals, and no Vita :( Someone want to snag one for me?
bwazy  +   857d ago
Dude I'm in Canada and I just bought mine... Theres a 22 dollar import fee, but it's still worth it.
Williamson  +   858d ago
If only this deal was in Canada as well! I just bought one for 199$ and i would return it if we Canadians can get on this deal,but this is such an amazing deal.
KrisButtar  +   858d ago
ya im in Canada too and that import tax would kill, likely be around $270+
knifefight  +   858d ago
Ho. Lee. CRAP that is a good deal O_O
Hicken  +   858d ago
I really don't see why people keep going on about "early adopter" this and that. Pardon me, but NO SHIT.

It doesn't matter whether it's a Vita, a 360, or a car. Buying it at launch is gonna cost you more than somebody who bought it later. That's how it works.

I came home with my Vita the week after the early release. Am I bitching about these price cuts? Nope. That's the price I get for the privilege of having the system and access to its games and features as early as I do.

Get over it.
TheLastGuardian  +   858d ago
Dayum, what a steal. I paid $250 for just the Vita about 5 months ago. I'm satisfied with my purchase and all, but damn I should have waited for this.
rainslacker  +   858d ago
I was going to buy liberation this week...for only $140 more I can get a shiny white Vita. OTOH I did just spend $600 on a Wii U and games with 2 games on reserve this week I haven't picked up yet. *sigh*
strigoi814  +   858d ago
If i didnt have one im gonna buy now...this is a great deal its like having 7 games instantly for free with a cheaper price tag and of course a memory card
KLegend_99  +   858d ago
Best time to get a vita! Take advantage of this
hkgamer  +   858d ago
great deal for americans I guess.

Although PS+ and 4GB just doesn't match at all...
YourGreatUncle  +   858d ago
I'll definitely be taking advantage of this deal. I'm guessing it's tomorrow too? They don't give a specific date.
Omegabalmung  +   858d ago
Damn It!! Just got back from target with that bundle :(
Protagonist  +   858d ago
Dang, If I did not already own a PSVITA, this would be it.
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kma2k  +   858d ago
i watched the ps3 & 360 bundles 360 was gone in 23 seconds & the ps3 was gone 42 seconds. I got my ps3 bundle from best buy this morning so im happy!
Kingthrash360  +   858d ago
Super mega ultra wtf dynamic deal! If I didn't have one I'd be gettin one today. That's a gravy price for that package. Yeeeeesh
skyrimer  +   858d ago
Wow with this deal it's $80 games, $20 4gb card, $15 3 month PS+ (6 free games, so 8 games to play!), $10 gift card, you're basically getting a Vita for $55, just omfg wow
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Shawtymann  +   858d ago
When does this take place? have i missed it?
joel_c17  +   858d ago
I can't speak highly enough of the vita - for me personally its the best handheld I've ever owned
joel_c17  +   858d ago
Oh and psn+ is absolutely awesome!
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