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Ramon3MR  +   1100d ago
Very similar.
The Real Peter Moore  +   1099d ago
This post is not directed at you, for your post is reasonable.

But GOLLY GEE WOW these graphics are almost as good as current gen graphics! and what 7 years later? Thats impressive! and for how much? More!? sign up! I so hope the next gen systems from Sony and MS can deliver these graphics
Deku-Johnny  +   1099d ago
The game was in development long before they began porting it over. They have made it an almost exact copy that's why the Wii U version is only a little bit better than the last gen versions of the game.
HateFanboys  +   1099d ago
but its not even a little bit better, its worst. Its runs at a lower framerate than the 360/ps3 version and has less graphical effects. Thats pathetic! The system is a architectural mess/let down
fatstarr  +   1099d ago
you should be saying the same things when ever you see a top end pc game running at max graphics with max resolution, you hypocrite.

you are apart of the dellusional crowd that thinks ps3 graphics look better than pc graphics.
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Neonridr  +   1100d ago
It's too hard to tell on a video of that size and quality. However, they do look virtually identical.
corrus  +   1100d ago
On 360 is better than Wii U
metroid32  +   1100d ago
This is fanboy heaven wiiu version is way way better ive seen real comparisons on youtube and wiiu looks miles better and its higher resolution so in person even better.
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The_Infected  +   1100d ago

Says the one bubble fanboy.
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tee_bag242  +   1100d ago
There's no visible difference. Stop being a cheerleader.
daclynk  +   1100d ago
so delusional. sure you don't need an eyes test.
metroid32  +   1099d ago
He must be blind mate on ps3/360 its blurry the wiiu has more detail and beter shadows and lighting by far.
gta2800  +   1099d ago
It looks to me like Nintendo has barely entered the gen that Sony and Microsoft are about to leave. Just like the Wii, the Wii U is gonna be the much inferior console when the PS4 and new Xbox come out.
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jmc8888  +   1099d ago
Not really.

PS4 and 720 will be better, but people forget a few obvious things.

The PS4/720 will not utilize 700-1500 watts like a PC, let alone in a small box compared to a desktop.

The PS4/720 don't want to cost 1,000-2,000 or more.

The PS4/720 will want to keep costs down (aka not lose $270 dollar a console at launch like the PS3), want to be reliable because they didn't push bleeding edge in a small box (xbox RROD and subsequent $1 billion repair bill).

People also forget that the difference between high PC settings and ultra level pc settings is nice but hardly major. (and with having a GTX 670, I know).

People also forget that the xbox will have the Kinect 2....which not only is an expensive add in, but also the hand manipulator (which is new to the Kinect 2) making it an updated Kinect sensor AND a new piece of tech added together. This is the 360's 'gamepad' expense.

If (and it's a big if) they decide to go with a gamepad, then you'll double the 'add-in' expense of the Wii U.

Finally they don't want to put out an expensive console. Sure 600 and 1000 dollar graphics cards sell out, but we're talking tens of thousands here not tens of millions. It's an entirely different scale, and so they want power, but not unreliable, they want add-ons, but don't want to lose money OR put the price out of reach of alot of people. So they're boxed in pretty hard if they want to achieve those goals.

It'll be better, probably by a good decent bit, but to say the Wii U is going to be 'much inferior' is a bit wrong.

It's hd just like 720/PS4 will be.
It has a capable online network like the 720/PS4.
It has dual stick controllers, like the 720/PS4.
It can run the engines of next-gen games just like the 720/PS4....and coincidently like the 360/PS3 currently CAN.

Battlefield 3 and Crysis might of heard of them. They are proof that all you need to run next-gen engines, is this gen power. So if all those hating on the Wii U are conceding it's comparable to a PS3/720, then it will run next generation games.

Even then, anyone that thinks the Wii U was anywhere close to being tapped out to play the launch titles isn't thinking clearly.
Ju  +   1098d ago
I agree with gta2800.

In my opinion, there is no doubt that the WiiU is the top console at this point. There are small details in this comparison which indicates that the WiiU is the more sophisticated version of the game - and what's more is, that it probably renders those things with ease while on PS3/360 special optimization is needed to achieve the same.

But at the same time I believe the next Xbox/Playstation will be "pulled" in and released next year (probably because of the WiU launch).

I strongly doubt those consoes will cost that much or use that much power. They will be very competitive and supersed the WiiU I am quite certain of it.

And with that said, yes, I believe the WiiU is the top tier, but will it be enough to for the next gen which will be closing in? Looking at FarCry3 I'd say, I rather extend my current library than switching platforms just yet. Or not. But in general there is no need to rush into the WiiU yet...and in 6 month we will know more.
HateFanboys  +   1099d ago
While they may look close in this comparison, the fact is the 360 version has more effects going on (like HDR) and a higher framerate. The WiiU may be "next-gen" to you silly WiiU fanboys, but its performance level is more or less current gen level, for a higher price.
metroid32  +   1099d ago
Wiiu version is way better guys and its a port from a HD console that relies on cpu power where a wiiu is about gpgpu power as theat can do almost all the work with the cpu/ram/edram doing just physics and looking after the frame rate go look at the stock version of the E6760 on youtube and listen to how powerful it is then think of a cpu thats slightly slower but more modern an u have a very powerful console the wiiu uses a hybid of the E6760/6770.
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1upgamer99  +   1099d ago
sharper on Wii U.
KrisButtar  +   1100d ago
i like the wii u version better, cause the lighting on the mounted gun at the begining of the vid, (when your on the boat) and also i liked the part when buddy sneaks up to the "radio guy" and has a gun to his head as i think the lighting is better on the wii u, now ive never played the game and i dont know if those settings could be changed
HateFanboys  +   1099d ago
"i like the wii u version better, cause the lighting on the mounted gun at the begining of the vid"

thats because its missing that lighting effect, technically that is inferior, its called hdr, look it up, it takes more processing
KrisButtar  +   1099d ago
really i didn't now that, thanks for explaining why a couple areas were so different. i didnt like the lighting in the 360 then, but makes sense that it takes more power to display more.
HateFanboys  +   1099d ago

I could be wrong and it could be "bloom" but either way it takes more processing (btw hdr is superior to bloom)
jay2  +   1100d ago
360 Wins again, I'm pleased in in Europe, so temped not to get my Wii U now.
tee_bag242  +   1100d ago
Honestly, were you going to buy WiiU for the graphics jump ? Seriously ?
StrongMan  +   1100d ago
One is on a 7 year old console and the other is on a "next gen" console so why do they look identical?
deafdani  +   1100d ago
1. Because the Xbox 360 was the lead platform, so it has the edge.

2. Because the difference in raw power between Wii U and the other consoles isn't really THAT big (like it was from PS2 to PS3, or SNES to N64), and

3. Because it's a year-0 game on the Wii U, whereas it's a year-6 game on PS3 and a year-7 game on Xbox 360. Compare how Black Ops looks on Wii U to any game in the launch of Xbox 360 and PS3, and you will see a BIG difference.

Wii U games will only look better in the years to come as developers get to terms with the hardware, whereas graphics are already peaking on Xbox 360 and PS3.
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AJBACK2FRAG  +   1100d ago
Iwrote the same thing recently. It always takes a bit of time for video game developers to get comfortable with brand new hardware.
Mikito11  +   1100d ago
I wouldn't waste your breath, these fanboys just keep saying the same shit about Wii U hopping someone will listen to them...

Ah we'll least some people on here know you speak the truth :)
DarkHeroZX  +   1100d ago
actually the wii U's hardware will be maxed out in months. The GPU is based on a really old card while the CPU is said to be slow. plus it has a total memory bandwidth of about 12 gigs which is far less then the ps3 and 360 so don't expect it to be marginally better. These specs aren't new and need time to figure out because devs have already had years of experience with similar set ups.
wampdog29  +   1099d ago
Not to mention it's a port.... they aren't going to sit there and make 4 built-from-the-ground-up versions of the same game (PC, 360, PS3, Wii U).....
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taquito  +   1100d ago
way more jaggies on the 360 version, wii has VASTLY superior textures and crispness

PC is BY FAR the best version

then wii u

then 360

then ps3 dead last

and check this trash native resolution of 360= devs and how HARD they have to try to get even a crappy 9 year old engine like call of duty to run on these ancient underpowered

heres a link to the article on eurogamer;

the pc version EATS the consoles alive like always

from article;

"So let's start with image quality. The 360 puts on a very impressive show despite Black Ops 2 running at just 880x720 native resolution. The 2x MSAA in combination with an impressive upscaling filter does wonders with the process of clearing sharp edges on the cut-down horizontal axis, and the very worst aliasing we see is on 2D elements, such as blocky-looking foliage that can crop up in the earlier levels. By comparison to the PC version running at a native 1280x720 with 4x MSAA, we see only a very slight softness to the image on Microsoft's box - the decision to go with this setup is undoubtedly an improvement over Modern Warfare 3, which scaled both axes to a murkier effect.

There's clearly something amiss on the PS3 side though, and the cause is twofold: resolution and Treyarch's choice of anti-aliasing method. We find the game hitting the same 880x720 figures enjoyed on 360 in places, but this isn't a constant throughout the game. Rather, it appears to be more dynamic than first thought, where several tests of the first level's river scene gives us a reading as low as 832x624. Scaling these resolutions typically produces more pixel crawl on PS3 as a result, and looks a world away from the sharpness what we're seeing on 360, which remains locked at its own resolution."
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LKHGFDSA  +   1100d ago
I don't know why you read about console gaming if you hate it so much.
tee_bag242  +   1100d ago
Nice find. The thing I don't like about eurogamer comparisons is they never measure Frame rate.
Frame rate is move important to me than having an few extra shrubs of grass.
Any visible difference between any of the consoles these days isn't worth arguing about. They are all punch for punch.
Chupa-Chupa  +   1100d ago
They look identical. However, I did notice a lot more detail on the boat scene from the Wii U. Very interesting.
deborah23   1100d ago | Spam
Thepcz  +   1100d ago
a copy of shit, is still shit. a shit copy of shit, is still shit :l
the wiiu version looks just as shit as the 360 version. its a port, so obviously it will be held back from its potential.

plus, its a port on new technology, so if there are any inferiority, its understandable.

if it made specifically on wiiu, or at least optimised, of course it would look better.

but for now, its just a copy of a last gen game. big deal
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Schawk  +   1100d ago
Wii u runs last gen ported games slightly better than previous consoles who have had 6 years to really fine tune this game for there architecure.

Its gonna look no better actually on the wiiU, wii u runs these games with loads to spare its basicly ticking over while the 360 is maxed to the tits, cant wait to get blops on the wii u it looks good
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Thepcz  +   1100d ago
thats true. its like playing a snes game on the virtual console and complaining it looks bad :l its a copy of a snes game, playing through the wii, what do you expect!
LKHGFDSA  +   1100d ago
but this isn't through the virtual console emulator. it's 3d, they had the source files, they could of upped many things.
LOL_WUT  +   1100d ago
Looks the same, whoever says the Wii U version looks better is delusional.
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LKHGFDSA  +   1100d ago
ugh, "nintendo world report" at the start of the video, and the uploader has a mario avatar.
I suspect this could be biased.
The first scene, doesn't appear to be the same part in each video. the background, the ship, it's all different.
The rest of the video however, I can't seem to spot any noticeable difference.
Adolph Fitler  +   1100d ago
It's terrible that not only are we comparing the same game on old & next gen hardware (brand new supposed next gen machine as opposed to 7yr old hardware), but we are flat out grasping at straws to find any areas where the 7 year newer machine shines or betters the 7yr older tech.

The Wii-U is the Wii all over again, & once Sony & MS release there new machines, it will further humiliate Nintendo. Shame on Nintendo, they were the frontrunners of high spec consoles back in my youth & even still trying (sort of) with N-64 (even though greedy d-heads with cartridge crap), & GC.......but now they are just taking us for a ride.
Smokingunz  +   1100d ago
It looks the same,but in sime areas the wii u has a slight more details.
daclynk  +   1100d ago
This is for those saying Wii U is underpowered compare to the Xbox360/PS3. So graphics like this(lunch Port) + Nintendo's Magic = Wii U awesomeness. So give it some time. But if you want photorealistic graphics go buy a gaming pc.
Well are graphics and power important, well yes but not so much because we would only be looking at a black screen but are realistic graphics important? I think not that defects the point in games. Gaming is designed to take you away from reality not put you into it. just saying. so if you hate something don't go around BSing it cos what will you gain? its not like you are going to change anyone mind. ohh wait.Haters such dumb dumb people
RFornillos4  +   1100d ago
i'd say, relatively the same, although some does look better than the 360 version, and some vice versa.

i like for example the lighting effect on the first scene (machine gun). i dunno, i just find that the machine gun scene had too much reflection from the sun in the 360 version. Wii U looks more realistic. i'm no gun expert, but i don't think a gun that reflects too much light is good at all (too shiny). immediately after the sinking scene, coming up the shore, Hudson's clothes in the 360 version is also shinier compared to the Wii U version, which again, looked unrealistic, even if you take into account that his uniform is wet.

but again, i can understand if they're relatively similar since this is just a port for a game that was developed targeting the 360 first.
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cedaridge  +   1099d ago
ppl don't like to hear what I'm gonna say (hell I did't want to face it) but the best multiplat DEVELOP games are on xbox 360. It look better graphically & and the audio sound better. My thinkin was because of Bluray the exact same games will look better & sound better not realizing that the games was develop on xbox 360 tech and if you have a good HT system? It will expose the difference in the audio. And I Personally think if the xbox 720 get the jump on Sony's ps4 they will have the same path again. I'm KNOW now what to look for when dealin with tech and I love both ps3 & xbox 360 and i also can admit i was wrong in my thinkin.
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mdkgod43  +   1099d ago
the wii u version doesnt have good lighting as the xbox
Deku-Johnny  +   1099d ago
Wii U isn't next gen because it plays ports exactly the same as the 360, which definitely means it's the system that is weak and not Activision who decided not to optimize the game for the new console....
1upgamer99  +   1099d ago
Its a port, what do you expect? its clearly sharper on Wii U, there is no graphical leap. If you want to see better graphics wait for games that are not ports to come out. Besides how much better do you need Graphics to be in a game?
beerkeg  +   1099d ago
This is the gamer equivalent of 'Spot the ball'.
younghavok  +   1099d ago
Having played both the 360 and WiiU version extensively, i can say with certainty that the WiiU version looks and plays better. You can tell right from the opening scene where the guy is laying on the ground. The WiiU version is more crisp. Considering its a port of an HD game, there really isnt much of a way this game was going to look WAY better on an HD console like some people seem to have been expecting. I mean, even the PC version only looks a bit better. If you want more indication of the consoles power just wait for devs to create unique titles for it after they've grasped the hardware's gpgpu
emartini  +   1099d ago
Does anyone on here understand what a port is? Every one is quick to bash the wii u. Its a port. You mad bro??

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