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FreshRevenge  +   1174d ago
I find so many things wrong with article. One playing games do not kill you it is the person behind the games. It is like blaming the gun that kill the person but the person who triggered it has no fault?

Who wrote this? There is no sign of professionalism in journalism whatsover!

I know that gaming can be very addictive but it isn't poison as people like the portray it. People can be addicted to a lot of things but it isn't. I mean if we can say every Call of Duty fan is addicted and called them wackoes, and say they are mentally ill and there is millions of people that play that game like religion! So in a way I see it being toxic to the health but he may of had other issues that his gaming was the only thing he did?
deagle2123  +   1174d ago
Very sad. I wish the community had more understanding.
LordLaguz  +   1174d ago
How can they do it? even if i tried i would fall asleep in middle of the game.

Isn't there something in the body that force you to sleep if its life threatening? i mean, like when you try to hold your breath and the muscles(?) force you to breath.
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2pacalypsenow  +   1174d ago
Kurt Russell  +   1174d ago
I'm quitting gaming... this is getting way to dangerous!
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   1174d ago
Some of the funniest comments! Anyway how do you not fall asleep after 1 day, not go to the toilet (buckets get full) and live with your smell (sweat, pee, poo). Where was his parents, friends, employer?
SnakeCQC  +   1174d ago
pour one out for a fallen homie
Dead_by_Dawn  +   1174d ago
While great fun and addicting, games can cause lots of health problems . I mean how do you forget to eat, sleep or use the bathroom, not to mention it's bad for your vision over long periods of time. Clearly the kid's parents weren't watching him and they should be held responsible. Any real gamer knows they're limit, and know the responsibility of playing games, hence the warnings in the game booklet itself.
ElementX  +   1174d ago
These stories always happen in Asia.
Kelsey473  +   1173d ago
Perhaps - perhaps not
I was a police officer London for 30years (I am 50, based London)
I attented a number of calls with young men dead including one very fit in front of the T.V (this was the early 1980s before much Video gaming) - was it T.V that killed him?.

This is just speclualtion and linking of cause and effect - sorry for spelling I have dyslexia
J86blum  +   1172d ago
He gamed' himself to death. I wonder if he was doing this as a suicide. either way thats some serious deadication to ones craft. I cannot do those long marathons since N64 days. Well I did it with GTAIV, and tried with MGS4 but fell alseep due to the long cutscences.
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