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NewZealander  +   982d ago
Jesus he may not be perfect, but he is a freaking person.

judging by all the horrible and nasty comments im willing to bet a few people in here have far worse problems then Molyneux, easier to pick others to pieces then look in the mirror tho isn't it....
sjaakiejj  +   982d ago
Finally, a comment on here I can actually agree with. People complain about Peter not living up to promises, but when he speaks about his games, he never promises anything. You can hear it in the way he speaks - he's dreaming, imagining, and he's incredibly passionate about what he does.

If anything I look up to this guy in the gaming industry, because unlike pretty much every other developer out there, he's willing to take risks and innovate. My mind is blown by the fact that people actually blame him for that, whilst also going to COD articles complaining that they never change.
green  +   981d ago
Great comment.I like the guy and admire his passion. Its not easy for someones vision to be made a reality but t least he tries. 90% of people on here that are insulting him have not achieved or created a damn thing in their life.
Orionsangel  +   982d ago
Peter Molyneux: The King of Over-Promises lol!
palaeomerus  +   982d ago
Geez. He sounds depressed and unstable. He might need some time off and maybe he can see if Zoloft is right for him while he's out.
Incipio  +   982d ago
Like it or not, he's a visionary.

Also, like it or not, he's got a head that's too big for his shoulders.

Zha1tan  +   981d ago
I spare limited pity for one of the biggest snake oil salesmen in the games industry.
black911  +   981d ago
If anything should have you in tears it should be working for exclusive for Microsoft.
BrianC6234  +   981d ago
Nobody should let his hype trick them into investing in his project. If you just want to help go ahead but never believe the hype.
kesvalk  +   981d ago
wipe the tears, shut your big mouth and go make games you know you can make, instead of trying to make the matrix.

damn, you made populous, make a new voxel based populous and everyone will love it, and it don't even need real time tree growth!
Stana  +   981d ago
Angry Joe
Please!!! Watch Angry Joe's 32 reasons why fable 3 sucks...on ytube

I've never played the game but... mother of balls i could not believe that someone could put that kind of product out on market.

Someone sad: Yes!!! It's finished!!! ...and went to a disc factory. Unbelievable
chukamachine  +   981d ago
What I find funny these days is how much everyone knows who makes the games, programmers, producers.

But years ago, you bought a game and only just new name of the company making it.
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