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StrongMan  +   855d ago
It's decent. I hate the promethians, though.
DarkBlood  +   855d ago
how come?

anyways i was invested between cortana and cheif as well as being interested in Palmer, maybe she will have a bigger role in halo 5?
jimbobwahey  +   855d ago
I think it starts off alright, but as the campaign progressed it just got worse and worse in my opinion, and I'd easily rank it as some of the dullest singleplayer I've ever encountered in a FPS. The jungle level looks really nice though, graphically.

Luckily however, the multiplayer in Halo 4 makes up for the terrible singleplayer.
Belking  +   855d ago
It's great. Next Halo will be even better.
Kalowest  +   855d ago
IK right, 343i did a great job on their first outing.
The Reclaimer Trilogy might be better then the first one
(As long as they don't go crazy).
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bubblebeam  +   855d ago
Why are these articles up when true Halo fans are all saying it is the best since CE?

It's funny how whenever an FPS comes out (other than CoD and Halo), every comment is praising it as the best thing since sliced bread, but when there is a Halo or CoD article (coming from someone who doesn't even play CoD), comments are all "yeh it alright" or "meh it's crap".

I just find it funny that a lot of the comments for Halo are never completely positive, most are either negative or mediocore. Just my observation.
ForROME  +   855d ago

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