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Tetsujin  +   982d ago
Please add Fighters Megamix
Godmars290  +   982d ago
What about the Panzer Dragoon series?
wishingW3L  +   982d ago
so many Sega re-release and still no Shenmue or Shining Force III anywhere!
IQUITN4G  +   982d ago
Eventually we'll get Panzer series. More unlikely is Burning Rangers but I'd love to play that again
KrisButtar  +   982d ago
i would like the shining force games, has sega released any new IP's lately, all i have seen is them re-releasing all there classics from years ago, like sega discounts on xbl and psn, etc.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   982d ago
FIGHTING VIPERS! I'd be lying if I said wasn't excited for Bahn's return.
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IronFistChinMi  +   982d ago
Nice to see some shouts for Panzer Dragoon, please sign the petition below.


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