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JoeyNL  +   1100d ago
Love it! <3
ATi_Elite  +   1100d ago
FarCry 3 the Drinking game!

You gotta take a drink or a shot every time someone says the "F" word!

(I really think they went OVERBOARD with the cursing in this game!)
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lars2thev  +   1100d ago
This game will be epic!
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1100d ago
love the music at the end, the start of epic journey
strigoi814  +   1100d ago
this looks epic
Sizzon  +   1100d ago
Looks epic, gonna be epic.
topekomsi  +   1100d ago
Most epic-ness this holiday. Just epic-ly epic.
Jeffry  +   1100d ago
It is a super game! Can't wait to play more :)
sourav93  +   1100d ago
Epic epicness of the most epical of epics. Anyways, I was on the fence on getting this game, but now it looks like I'll be pre-ordering this for sure. Just hope the PS3 version runs fine.
led1090  +   1099d ago
My jaw just exploded

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