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Pillsbury1  +   1105d ago
Am I missing something? That picture of bf3?! Are we getting motor bikes in dlc soon?!
TemplarDante  +   1105d ago
Yes. Bikes are in Aftermath :)
Going to be an epic set of DLC. :)
talisker  +   1104d ago
Possibly in End Game which is scheduled for March 2013. That's where the picture is from.
Griffin4871  +   1105d ago
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TemplarDante  +   1105d ago
Wii U.. so sad Nintendo loves to tell people their buying next gen, but are getting an overclocked-tri-core-gamecube cpu.
Reggie, how do you put that head on your pillow and sleep at night. You too, Miyamoto.
badvlad  +   1105d ago
I want new gen = ( sold my 360 of boredome but im considering to buy one when gta5 comes out. Watching movies isnt entertaining enough
Gameplay999  +   1105d ago
Forget the WiiU
Unless you love Nintendo's 1st-party offerings, don't even entertain the thought of what could be with this system. They shifted gears after Gamecube and are taking a whole different route since Wii and it now continues.

Who ever thought the WiiU was going to be a powerhouse anyways?

Its just as if the Wii released when the Xbox 360 did and visa versa. Now they are the first to release their next platform but they act like MS and Sony do not exist. So whatever.
Vickistheman  +   1105d ago
Nintendo makes their hardware to suit their style, not third parties. They live and die by it. I doubt they'll ever change that.

All these 3rd party devs need to realize Nintendo will do whatever they need to do to survive. Ninty made billions off outdated hardware with the Wii. Why would they change that strategy?

Even if Ninty "only" sells 40 million Wii U's lifetime, that's 40 million Wii U's near or at profitability. That's all Nintendo cares about.
pennywhyz  +   1105d ago
I want to hear nintendo make a statement about all this.
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chukamachine  +   1105d ago
Fillrate on PS3 is basically the same as 360. But as the 360 has edram, it does aa. or other fx.

That's why PS3 either has a blur filter, or MLAA(which I like btw)

To get the PS3 going, you have to fully use the SPU's.

Personally I think the Wii u will produce no better graphics then today, but will display them at native 720p.
S-T-F-U  +   1105d ago
Like this actually matters to DICE anyway. I mean come on! With a processor as fast as the cell and they still can't develop a game that runs smoothly on even that. The PS3 version of Battlefield 3 still to this day suffers from input lag, input lag that they still blame on peoples TV's. There a Joke of a developer(on PS3). All my opinion of course...
Novistador  +   1105d ago
Lets compare the Wii U to imaginary consoles that have yet to have official details leaked. Yes the Wii U may slack compared to future consoles, but who knows maybe Sony will (once again) botch its release. Oh and maybe the new Xbox system will red ring a month after release. I love my Ps3 and my 360 BUT they both have had maintenance due to malfunctions. Ive only had to buy one wii though.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1105d ago
DICE hasn't exactly made any good games, so there isn't much credibility to statements from their employees. Create a blockbuster THEN I'll listen to your opinions.
ATi_Elite  +   1105d ago
Don't believe the Hype!
Most of Nintendo's games will be made by Nintendo and those Devs know how to make Great Games that sell huge numbers! Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mario All Stars, WiiU Fit will move millions of units and make Nintendo $$$$$$$$

WiiU is not targeting the same audience as MS/Sony/PC so Nintendo doesn't need the same power as PS4/X720/PC! Nintendo has it's own community of gamers and now the WiiU does have some power to capture a few more multi-plats!

Multi-plats that are basically made on the LOWEST SPec system and ported to PS3/x360/PC. Most Multiplats are not graphically intense anyway *Cough COD, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Madden, Assassins Creed COUGH*

So I'm gonna remember all this Slow CPU crap when Zelda WiiU comes out and everyone is DROOLING! I'm no Nintendo fanboy but Nintendo has made a magical game every single console that pushed gaming to new heights!

NES = Zelda/Super Mario Bros. 3
SNES = Street Fighter 2/Star Fox
Nintendo64 = Mario 64/ Goldeneye 007
Nintendo Gamecube = Metroid Prime/Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Wii = Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

(Slow CPU also makes it easier for My PC to Emulate the WiiU Muah ha hah hah hahaha haha)

Wait you didn't read that...but anyway just wait for Nintendo to crank out the games and if your concerned about third party Games then go buy a PS4 or X720 but I think the WiiU specs will good enough for Nintendo Devs to dazzle us!

Remember the SNES had a slow CPU but the SNES had a perfect port of Street Fighter 2!
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RealtorMDandDC  +   1105d ago
I believe Nintendo will make quality first party rehashes for the Wii U. I want something new from Nintendo....what was the last original IP Nintendo has released?
Kaneda  +   1105d ago
3DO is faster than WiiU...
jaidek  +   1105d ago
As a proud owner of a Wii U (as well as all the other systems) I must say I am impressed with the hardware. At the moment it offers something a bit different a fresh. Also, I am glad to see Nintendo enter the HD era and I think the system will go strong for many years to come. Sure it won't stack up against the next offerings that Nintendo and Sony will have...but they don't need to. Its all about the games and experiences, something I think we will see more of next can only offer so much. But I also think it comes down to personal taste in games, see I'd rather be playing something with visuals like Trine 2, Limbo, Bastion, etc. than the next Killzone. That's just me, but I am sure there are many people out there that feel the same...

Regardless, I wish Nintendo luck and don't count them out yet.
andshesays  +   1105d ago
Yes I feel the same way if they brought aesthetically beautiful games as in visuals not realistic but more artistic then I too would buy a Wiiu purely because I love platform games how about a klonoa3 ray man 4 beyond good and evil2 prince of Persia they were all visually stunning games if the Wiiu does this it'll be alright
ForROME  +   1105d ago
wiiU is weak
RealtorMDandDC  +   1105d ago
Whats very troubling about the Wii U. Nintendo has never once release any hard specs for the console. If they are trying to cater to hardcore gamers, that is a big fail IMO. When 360 and PS3 was release we where bombarded with specs. I find it dis-concerning that a third party has to rip apart a Wii U and play Sherlock Holmes to get specs for the public. I use to be Nintendo's greatest fan. Now they are more about the money grab. The Wii was a money grab, from all the accessories you had to purchase and the console itself was cheap.
OneAboveAll  +   1105d ago
If it doesn't they will just make the Wii U enhanced console like a year or two later. The only difference is it will have a slightly faster CPU. :p
TKCMuzzer  +   1105d ago
So many people think that power is just about graphics. Powerful hardware helps to produce more imersive experiences, more enemies, better A.I, bigger and smoother multiplayer.
Devs simply want more power to enhance our experiences. They want consoles that make use of fibre optic speeds for online play and other advantages the extra power brings.
Nintendo can only play the "Mario" card so many times. Interaction is changing, social communities are changing. I think both Sony and Microsoft are aware of this and we will see this in the next generation. If Nintendo wanted to attract the hardcore, then the tablet controller should have been an accessory like Kinect ot Move. They should of used that dev money on better specs.
I own both a PS3 and 360 and have not for one moment thought about shelling out £300 on a machine capable of what I already have, after all thats what Nintendo are trying to do, convince people like me.
ylwzx3  +   1105d ago
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TruthbeTold  +   1105d ago
One of these days, people will stop thinking 'power' and think 'Capability'. Power and speed as far as raw specs goes isn't always all important if the architecture overall is configured in a clever way. While Nintendo does go as cheap as they can hardware-wise, they always put together clever, optimal, surprisingly CAPABLE machines.

For all of the 'weak', 'slow', 'less powerful' comments out there, the reality is that the Wii U is easily porting PS360 games, and running some games in full HD that PS360 isn't. Bottom line? The GPU in the Wii U is new and very capable, while the reality of computer tech is that 1GHZ in 2012 > 1GHZ circa 2006.
younghavok  +   1105d ago
Nobody ever talks about the GPGPU that compliments the CPU when they speak about the WiiU. Meh... ish happens
andshesays  +   1105d ago
jalen247  +   1105d ago

I have bought every Nintendo console.

I will skip the Wii U this time. I already own a PS3.

Why would I need a system that is on par or in some cases inferior to a PS3.

To be honest I don't think Nintendo devs are talented enough to produce HD graphics on par with the Uncharteds/Killzones/God of War/Gears of this gen.

These devs have been developing these HD engines and skills for over 7 years.

All Microsoft/Sony would have to do is incorporate screens in their next gen controllers day 1 and it would be game over for Nintendo.

There is absolutely no reason why the Wii U's CPU should be weaker than PS3 and 360s CPU. This will cost Nintendo in the game play department.

I think next gen will usher in more physics and post processing effects and more populated crowds and things going on at same time....CPU will be more important than ever in the next gen.
daclynk  +   1104d ago
Really Are graphics that important, well yes but not so much because we would only be looking at a black screen but are realistic graphics important? I think not that defects the point in games. Gaming is designed to take you away from reality not put you into it.
BitbyDeath  +   1103d ago
'All Microsoft/Sony would have to do is incorporate screens in their next gen controllers day 1'

Why would you want that?
porkChop  +   1105d ago
I've seen a lot of people claiming the PS4 and Xbox 3 won't be much more powerful because they'd be "too expensive". Remember, nearly half the production cost of the Wii U is taken up by the Gamepad/tablet. PS4 and Xbox 3 likely won't have that, Sony has even stated already that they would be supporting the Vita on both PS3 and their next gen system to be used as a Wii U-like controller.

If you take the full production cost of the Wii U, and dedicate all of it towards the console itself without some special controller, you'd have a drastically more powerful console. And I would expect the "real" next gen consoles to cost about $499, which I think is actually a good price, not too expensive. And I would rather pay more for a better console that will last longer and provide me with better games.
megamanX2  +   1105d ago
"The SNES was limited by its crappy CPU. (Lag is noticeable in lots of SNES games and Genesis has noticably faster and more "active" games, e.g more going on at the screen at once.)"

oh ok so that's why nintendo buried sega, and now has them working for them.
SkullBlade169  +   1104d ago
The best console doesn't always win, I mean look at Wii vs PS3/360...

Nintendo are just stupidly overrated imo.
metroidfusion2  +   1104d ago
Wow very few people know what they are talking about then all of the rest of the dumbasses assume this and that and I'm sure a lot of people don't do research at all and everytime something negative or something people think is negative or something people try to turn around and make negative their are a shitload of comments but when a lot of good things are said about the wii u there are a shitload of comments with a lot of bakas and I don't know how long the nintendo hate has been going on for but nintendo will make a shitload of money and this will probably keep going on forever and then when nintendo makes the games they want a lot of those people will shut the fuck up now I'm doing my research everyday for several months I check several websites twice a day and the system is doing good and will do better and my dumbass step dad assumes so many things about the console but he just forgot that it takes time for everything good to come for any gaming system and he says a lot of other dumb things for example his stupid ass logic the wii u came out so he knows everything about it ha lol he does very little to no research or he does ign research which ign sucks and he said the graphics wont get better ha lol but I been stopped trying to explain to his retarded ass just yesterday and today I explained again about those points he brought up but you can't teach someone who is stupid so like for the past several months I wont say anything and let nintendo do the talking and the same for my dumbass brother
Plagasx  +   1104d ago
I think Nintendo may have to re release a higher spec console...
jjb1981  +   1104d ago
I give it 4 years before it becomes optimally optimized..
Honky Kong  +   1104d ago
no problem. Nintendo has plenty O money
JonnyBigBoss  +   1104d ago
Ill take the Wii U's unique traits over more consoles with basic everything and hardware that's 4 years behind my PC anyday.
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