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TBONEJF  +   1172d ago
Will someone please smack the BEJEEZES out of this guy? WTF is wrong with this DEV? Are they getting that freaking lazy or what? Damn I don't mind buying A NEXT GEN CONSOLE. Just getting sick and tired of reading these DEV executive talking bout how slow the wii U is and bout they need new next GEN now this guy saying the next gen will be max out? How bout us spending our hard earn money buying your games?
Daves  +   1172d ago
Some people are still 'maxing out' the C64 today.
megamanX2  +   1172d ago
"Resistance 1 didn't come anywhere near maxing out the PS3 and that was one of PS3's best looking launch titles."

and how exactly would you know did u develop it?
Picnic  +   1171d ago
Resistance shmesistance.

I don't understand why Sony have Killzone and Resistance. Surely they only needed one or the other?
Or is it because the original Killzone got low reviews and they needed to hedge their bets as to what would be their PS3 FPS?
mastershredder  +   1172d ago
This must be shtick.

Utter nonesense.
taquito  +   1172d ago
next gen consoles wont even do 1080p with 4x aa at 60 frames on a game like hitman, so yeah, they will be MAXED day one! that is the low-end for pc currently, lots of people are rocking 1200p, 1440p, 1600p with 8x aa and TONS of bells and whistles that will never see the light of day on nextbox/ps4.

we'll be lucky if ps4/nextbox push out 1080p native at all, I almost guarantee we will see some games at 720p, and they'll use bullsh!t resolutions even, like bf3 704p on console, lol....alan wake 540p....ect.....that junk will happen again as engines advance!

I hope maybe we get games with a REAL 2x-4x aa pass, not garbage fxaa blur filter crap they use on ps3/360 and we will get 30 frames in most games and I PRAY they actually use v-sync in all games, man the screen tearing and the jaggies this gen, sheesh, eye torture!
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Raoh  +   1172d ago

Hardcore Tinfoil Hat PC Dev's said the same thing at the beginning of this gen.

And here they are, both them and their bosses kissing Console's butts.

If any devs are reading this.. Make your games pc or specific to what you think gaming hardware should be. Then talk, outside of that its just people that should be working and not talking.
tubers  +   1172d ago
Tecnhique is the key.. Even art direction has an impact.
JasonXS12  +   1172d ago
If developers can optimise the game then the amount of graphic fidelity will also increase with greater optimisation. Max Payne 3 on PC was one of the best optimised games I've played. My old graphics card GTX 460 could completely max it out at stable 50-60 frames and that's what I call optimisation. If the developers can code the game to run efficiently on the hardware then that improves everything.

Optimisation is like a CPU. The smaller the die the more efficient it is. Basically meaning, the better optimised the game is, the more efficient it'll be and thus the more graphic fidelity you can input.

That's why when PS3 and Xbox360 first came out, the games looked like crap to what they are now. If console games are maxed out on launch, how come a lot of games see graphical improvements over the years on the same device.

(What am I talking about.....?)
mrkeith  +   1172d ago
I like that comment. Yeah they can max it out on crap coding lol. That happens on the PC constantly.
leogets  +   1171d ago
Cod devs will Max out the machine day 1 andat the end of the cycle it wont look any better loooooool
HailSithis  +   1167d ago
Games will always be maxed out, and they will always improve. Look at Oblivion and skyrim. Oblivion was definately maxed out, literally killed 3 of my 360's after launch in 2006. At the time it was the most graphically beautiful game, yet compared to skyrim it can't even come close. It's not the system's power, but the techniques used by the developers and how they utilize what they're working with.

Like most of the new game engines that have come out(Skyrim, Assassins creed), the textures they use arent even that high res, almost less high res than the older games actually, but they look more realistic from a distance. Like a blotchy painting that looks like crap close up, and looks amazing when you step back. Also objects from a distance. Skyrims tree's in the distance are terrible looking up close, 2D(If that), yet look pretty good from a distance.
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