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Omnislash  +   1103d ago
Some of the reasons that people are dissmissing this game so early is because they play the game like super smash brothers... its so stupid... Its not super smash brothers.
KevPC  +   1103d ago
the guy who reviews it nerfs the score down mostly cause the fighting mechanics...which for me its simple...but i guess he would know having only reviewed like 2 fighting games. Also he said it had "horrible, pixelated menu screens" well you review the vita version and what does the menu screen have to do with playing the game.. that's a funny thing to nitpick on..

I feel like some reviewers gave it an even lower score cause is the same genre of game as smash bros... who cares if it plays completely different and has different characters...right?

I played the beta and loved it. i played with my cousin and brother 2 vs 2 online. it was so much fun. There was only 6 characters to choose from and 2 i figured if i am enjoying it this much with so little...imagine with the full game...If u play this game by urself i guess i can see how it might not be as fun...but when ur playing with friends its a blast.
portugamer  +   1103d ago
'Dad, I heard there is a cool game coming out for the ps3, like the one my cousin has, on the Wii. It looks really nice, I wish I could have it for Christmas'

Meanwhile, at Microsoft HQ
'Batte royal for the ps3 could sell really well this Christmas, even a Xbox customer could be tempted, and would pick a ps3, with that game and a few more hits'
'Ok, its better if we call hour friends,at xxx,yyy, ' so they give it a shitty score, so people don't get it.'
'Ok, I already called P. at gamespot, he is ok with the deal, for the same cash, as usual'

- gamespot reviews the game,which gets a shitty score and review. P. checks his bank account, the cash is there.

- the kid reads the review from gamespot, which is one, if not the most influent gaming website in USA, and gets disappointed. He will not get the ps3 and the game anymore.

- Sony loses a potential customer, because a biased/dishonest journalist uses his personal tastes as a negative fact, and turns every little issue(thanks to his tastes) into a lethal issue, and slashes the score because of 0.5% of negative things, without taking into account the remaining 99.5% of positive things.

- 95% of all the other websites will review the game , according to the review from their 'master' gamespot, without even playing the game, for the most part, thus contributing on spreading the negativity all over the world.

- as usual, an exclusive ps3 game, no matter how good it is, gets killed by the big USA websites, with shitty I always say, no ps3 exclusive game should get good reviews in USA. The less people spend money and buy foreign stuff/consoles/games, the more the local brands(Microsoft) will sell. Even if a multi platform game, the Xbox has 128*128 pixel compressed textures, while the ps3 has 1024*1024 pixel uncompressed textures, an ign or gamespot reviewer will still give a better review to the Xbox version, saying, for example, that the Xbox controller is heavier and better, or the lcd generated less heat when playing on Xbox, or the dog barked more while playing on the ps3.

I hate ign, like I hate gamespot. These Xbox fanboys journalists are the ones responsible of many many ps3 games not selling as they should/deserve, thanks to their biased and paid reviews, where ps3 games get slashed, 3 points less here for the graphics, because bla bla bla the textures bla bla bla, but he will never talk about the 3d, which is available and works great, 3 points less for the sound, because the sound is on 7.1 uncompressed hi quality files, and the reviewer only had a stereo speakers from his tv, 3 points less for the gameplay, because the guy can jump, run, crouch, walk, turn left and right, and it already exists on other games. And many many s-hit like that. A single bad texture in the 20 hours campaign, and the graphics will get a 7/10, because of that texture, which can make you blind.
portugamer   1103d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
arbitor365  +   1102d ago
im glad I stopped taking gamespot reviews seriously a long time ago. otherwise I would have missed out on tons of great games
Blackcanary  +   1102d ago
All i care is i played the beta and i loved it gonna get it for my ps3 and my vita so i do not care what the review states.
stage88  +   1102d ago
Oh, some review site gave it a 6.5. No skin of my nose.
I'll still be buying it after work today. Game on!
silverdragon41  +   1102d ago
I bought this game yesterday and I don’t regret it at all. I spent the day yesterday playing with my three friends and we had a great time. Each characters special is pretty unique and adds a lot of fun to the game. The stages also add a lot of fun to the game. I was first skeptical about building up supers to kill people but when you play the game it actually works out great. I also like the different game types and according to what game mode you are playing changes the way you decided to use your specials. My favorite aspect I like about this game is how every character is different and has their own move list and are not copies of each other with little tweaks. I am a huge ssb fan and the only thing I didn’t like about it was how some of the characters were so similar. An example of this is wolf, falco, and fox or even characters like captain falcon and ganondorf. I am glad Sony finally decided to make a type of game like this. This game was a great start and hopefully becomes an even better series.
WeAreLegion  +   1102d ago
This coming from the site that said Ratchet & Clank had "Too much variety". -_-
jakmckratos  +   1098d ago
Im kinda done with it..I was really excited for it but Im not into multiplayer...people overuse Raiden and are constantly playing because some people are leel 400-900...and they're just disgusting with how cheap they are. Raiden is so overpowered and overused. It's not fun..and no I don't just suck I have a decent record but it's not worth playing when there's so many balancing issues and exploiters
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