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NotSoSilentBob  +   983d ago
People said the same thing about the PS3 GPU and there has been great games coming out. Give it time. The first few waves of games for a console are pretty much developers learning the hardware.
pennywhyz  +   983d ago
Wow i remember when every1 was bashing the 360 like this when it first came out.
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Run_bare  +   983d ago
Doesn't surprise me, it's mostly the case with Nintendo to bring lack of technical prowes in their console. BUT that does not matter, my only grief on Wii is the lack of games that I want to play (less than 5 compare to PS3 or Xbox).

I don't mind buying a WiiU if they bring Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse on the western shores (or any Fatal Frame game).
Plagasx  +   983d ago
This is just pathetic.

I mean, I'm happy for Nintendo finally going HD and I can't wait to play the next big Mario and Zelda in glorious 1080p but to have a "next gen" console that's basically LESS powerful than consoles that have been out for 6 years is so fucking dumb and pure laziness on Nintendo's part.

I want Nintendo to succeed, I really do. But they are making it insanely hard for me to cheer them on when they are already so far behind...
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Ouch, not good. Not good.
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swansong  +   983d ago
I will buy one and check it out for myself,when it drops to $99. Until then bring on Sony and Microsofts new consoles.
TBONEJF  +   983d ago
their just a bunch of lazy ass DEV. why DON'T U LEARN TO USE THE CONSOLE itself and see how u can utilize its processor. I mean look at UBISOFT they put ASSASSINS CREED III & look at BATMAN ARMORED EDITION on the Wii it LOOKS SIMPLY AMAZING. Quit your btching and do what youre suppose to do.
TotalSynthesisX  +   983d ago
Am I the only person here who is interested in the Wii U simply for the games and not about how fast it can manipulate 0s and 1s? All I want is Smash Bros 4 and (hopefully) Metroid Prime 4. Why? Because they're fun to play, not because I have an unhealthy obsession with processing power.

I'll save the performance lust for the X720/PS4.
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Stroke666  +   983d ago
one mediocore developer says something against the wiiu and everybody jumps on board. the games they have out look and play great. it'll take some time for developers to get the hang of the wiiu set up, and its obvious that some dev companies r gonna slack ass and blame the system for their lack of effort or comprhension of the system. but why can a plethora of dev companies do impressive work on the wii u then you get this one saying how horrible it is. to say the tech is worse than this gen is a big question mark as well or am i the only one to see the black ops comparisons. after 6-7 years dev companies have got a pretty good grasp on ps360 architecture yet it simply looks better on the wii u. its kinda like telling me that the car i drove a further distance than you in on one tank of gas has a worse engine than your car. its just not adding up to me. on paper you may have some pretty valid points however my friends who own the wii u have had only one complaint thus far about the update taking long.
AO1JMM  +   983d ago
I truly do not care what they say. I did not buy a Nintendo system for "uber graphix".

Plus, Metro is far from a system selling game.
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PirateThom  +   983d ago
The truth is finally becoming evident. We all told you and now it's falling back on "I don't buy a Nintendo console for graphics" after MONTHS of how it was going to blow the PS3 and 360 away graphically and it has, so far, a worse CPU and worse memory bandwidth, let's see just how far this goes.
Roccetarius  +   982d ago
It's definitely funny how things can turn around quickly. Let's see how fast the 3rd party support is gone when MS / Sony launches their consoles.
nerdkiller  +   983d ago
if you want lots of horse power then companys have to take a huge loss.nintendo never was for that even though up until wii they had more horse power but things cost more now, so nintendo is going the cheaper rout. lets see how sony and msoft do things next gen, you gotta remeber sony is just making money after there huge loss this gen
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vallencer  +   983d ago
I think you all need to realize that not all "hardcore" gamers are as bad as the lot on n4g. Some people do like to play games *gasp*. Imagine that and guess what? They don't care about how powerful a system is, all they care about is if they have fun playing it. I could honestly not care any less about how powerful the system is. Miiverse is one of the greatest additions to online gaming and the second screen is awesome to stream games or netflix too. Why can't you all just play games to have fun instead of caring if the system is amazingly powerful. As plenty of people have already said if you want power then just buy a pc. Consoles will never be at the power level you want because they are meant to be affordable and compact and NOT upgradable aside from harddrive. Besides i don't want my console to have 6 fans on it.
jbgamer  +   983d ago
YYAWWNN!! the sony and micro soft media, just don't give up.. THEY LOST.... NINJA GAIDEN IS SELLING OUT! ZOMBI U IS SELLING OUT. BAT MAN, COD.. THE HARD CORE GAMES ARE SELLING FOR THE WII U AND SO IS THE SYSTEMS, and the biased media cannot stop it!!! nintendo fans are the big winners!! they sony and microsoft, media cannot stand it!!they LOSE!! EPIC FAIL!!!!
jbgamer  +   983d ago
oh and why didn't the other developers complain about this? ubisoft, activision? yeah sorry sony microsoft media, you are failing you boss pacher... once again EPIC FAIL!! NINTENDO RULES!! LIVE WITH IT!!
DeadPixel  +   983d ago
Would a developer really say things like this?? i don't for one second believe any of this article. Where has all this hate towards Nintendo come from?? I think it's just a case of jumping on the bandwagon trying to get as many hits as possible, i'm waiting for an article that gives us 5 reason why Nintendo is really just Al'qaeda in disguise...
GoldenElf  +   983d ago
Metro better be f*ing awesome on PS3 and X360 if they're going to run around bitching about the Wii U CPU. They're basically saying their game is too good for the console.

Big words.
Master of Unlocking  +   982d ago
Why should i buy Wii U, when i already have Xbox 360 and PS3?
...Also, it dosent have hard drive and blu-ray player. ..
Are you kidding me? The Wii U doesn't have a HDD? What the frack is Nintendo thinking??? O_o
Also, I can somewhat understand Nintendo didn't want to pay royalties to Sony for BR discs but man.. can it at least play dvds?
TheSaint  +   982d ago
If this article is true than what about in a few years time when true next gen games start releasing?

The Wii U gets left behind. Gathering dust just like the Wii.
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Robert14789  +   982d ago
TC-man Stated:

What an excuse!? The PS3 has the fastest CPU of all the three consoles PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, and yet most games runs way better on the Xbox 360. Why is that? Because they all have different design and architecture. The differences are like this:

PS3 = Fastest CPU + slow GPU
Xbox 360= Fast CPU + Fast GPU
Wii U = Slow CPU + Faster GPU

Xbox 360 and the Wii U are quite similar, both with a more advanced GPU that's way more programmable than the outdated RSX in PS3, which means the GPU in these two consoles actually can take over some task from the CPU. So on paper if you can make a game for Xbox 360 you can make it work on the Wii U; the Wii U can compensate the CPU's 'workload' with its faster GPU, but the developers need to rework the game in order to run on the Wii U, while optimizing the GPU to squeeze more performance out of it in the hope the game would run at playable speed and that takes time (time=money), and since the Xbox 360 version and PS3 version would sell way more (due to the already established user-base), the Wii U version has a much lower priority in development.

Remember, Metro 2033 (the prequel) was also canceled for the PS3. And why is that? Let's make a guess, guys...

All credit goes to TC-man
ATi_Elite  +   982d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!
I don't know what to think in regards to the WiiU!

I haven't seen any hard specs yet and I really want to know what's up with the GPU!

I'm not too concerned with the 3 core CPU or it's speed cause today's games are all about the GPU! The CPU will not be doing any serious multitasking so it's not really an issue! 3 core 3ghz is fine!

The WiiU is supposed to use a R700 AMD GPu (a 4 year old design) but I'm curious of the Streaming Processing Unit count as well as the clock speed cause THAT INFO would tell me alot about the WiiU potential power!

Also Metro 2033 PS3 was canceled for some "LAME FINANCE" reason......I think Metro 2033 Devs had problems with the Cell so therefore a Dev dogging the WiiU when they have NO games on the PS3 doesn't really sit right with me!

I'll wait for hard WiiU specs or hear from a Dev who has done wonders on all 3 platforms before passing judgment!
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QuantumWake  +   982d ago
The Metro 2033 situation with the PS3 version is probably the same case that The Witcher 2 developers (CD Project RED) faced. They simply did not have the man-power, budget, or resources to develop both a PS3 & Xbox 360 version.

Being that the Xbox 360 is quite close to PC architecture, it should be pretty obvious why they chose not to develop a PS3 version. If they had, they probably would have done a pretty bad job with the PS3 version; resulting in a poor port.

I'm pretty sure since the release of Metro 2033, 4A Games have grown in staff and they now have a bigger budget to work with. Metro: Last Light is coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

As a side note:

"One thing to note is that we never ran Metro 2033 on PS3, we only architected for it. The studio has a lot of console gamers but not that many console developers, and Microsoft has put in a great effort to lower the entry barrier via their clearly superior tools, compilers, analysers, etc.

Overall, personally I think we both win. Our decision to architect for the "more difficult" platform paid off almost immediately. The whole game was ported to 360 in 19 working days. Although they weren't eight-hour days." - Oles Shishkovstov
fatstarr  +   982d ago
"We didn't feel like learning a new console"

that's all I read
spinbot_lv1  +   982d ago
the cell chip of ps3 was and is difficult (and very expensive) to program, the most frequent complaint by the developers was just this. This involves a huge investment and considerable human resources. But when it comes to power and capability of the cell no one has ever made ​​a complaint because in reality the cell is a monster of power. For the WiiU instead many developers are talking about an underpowered and slow cpu and a slower ram. a disaster! is wrong at this point looking at wiiu as a slouch? I also would like to know the real specs of the wii u gpu.
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quantae06  +   982d ago
I believe developers have to learn how to tap into the GPGPU to make up for the CPU. The GPGPU does some of the CPU's work unlike a regular GPU that doesn't. Nintendo put that GPGPU processor in there for that obvious reason. Developers also complained about the PS3's GPU, yet fanboys are quick to forget that. But the developers found out that tapping into the SPU's allowed for better graphics & performance. So, I wouldn't be quick to discount anything at this point. I just hope that developers use the GPGPU to do what it's supposed to do and not get lazy like they once did with the PS3.
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shempo  +   982d ago
this system is a failure
ps4 plz
Dfooster  +   982d ago
So Nintendo have released a NEW console that can't play games that a seven year old console can, and of which everyone is ready to abandon as they ready the release of another more powerful machine.

That's kinda embarrassing, whether they hold their first party games in such high regards will be irrelevant given some of the incredible third party games coming out early next year which the wii u won't be getting.

They best hope the soccer mums pick up a wii u then or nintendos going under.
Nattwenny  +   982d ago
Love my Wii U. I love them all and whatever the truth is behind it's power, I will still enjoy it as much as I currently am. Right along side my 360, PS3 and my PC. I love games and the fun that comes from them.
DeadPixel  +   981d ago
"Huw Beynon, a global communications executive at THQ, told Eurogamer that the media coverage surrounding the quote has "spun" the truth of the matter for the purpose of bolstering website traffic numbers"

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