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NastyLeftHook0  +   1178d ago
I don't agree with this review score but oh well not everyone has the same opinion.
360ICE  +   1178d ago
I would think "Not everyone has the same opinion" would be impossible to disagree with. I mean, if you do disagree you don't have the same opinion.

Silly N4G...

I don't agree with the score either, btw.
Blastoise  +   1178d ago
It's the same score they gave Resident evil 6.

Come ooooooon :( that game was a disaster
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MrDead  +   1178d ago
This game so far ranges from 6/10 to 9/10, reviews are becoming more and more unreliable, hell even Halo got a 5/10. Best thing to do is if you want a game just get it and make your own opinion, to hell with review sites.
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Ethereal  +   1178d ago
Jobesy  +   1178d ago
Yay for people finally learning to stop relying on reviews!
wenaldy  +   1178d ago
I love mixed review, it show that gamer has to decide to play it on his/her own.
360ICE  +   1178d ago
True, because if all the reviewers agree, they choose whether or not you can play it for you.

"Damn, I wish I could play Too Human, but the reviewers have decided that I have to play Uncharted 2 instead."
- Nobody
ALLWRONG  +   1178d ago
The 9's are mostly from Playstation sites.
Sizzon  +   1178d ago
No Crash and Spyro in this game is definitely a turn-off.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1178d ago
probably dlc later.
Sizzon  +   1178d ago
lets hope so :)
LoneCastaway  +   1177d ago
i don't care or even criticise that this is a "rip-off" of super smash bros because i think it's great that playstation owners get to play a game with such a great concept and fun factor. however it's sad to see that they have failed, at least from the previews (an average of 77/100 on metacritic so far). i haven't played it, so i can't really judge it of course. comparing it so super smash bros brawl which got a 93/100 on the same page though it's hard to keep thinking it might actually be somewhat as good as nintendo's equivalent...
also it's a bit disappointing that crash and spyro aren't in the game (so far) as they would fit perfectly in a game like this, especially when a lot of the other character don't fit just as well into this kind of game...

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