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stage88  +   1099d ago
Wow, this article really puts everything into perspective. I'm glad I've got Plus and a PS3.
Already converted 3 of my friends to PS3 from Xbox and they're loving it.

I think people are finally starting to realised that paying for live is a scam.
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Embeepee  +   1099d ago
Terrible article...

XBLA is bigger (and better!) now than it's ever been.
BrianC6234  +   1099d ago
I don't care about shooters and rarely play online so PS Plus is a much better deal to me. I guess if you have a lot of friends online and you all play shooters Xbox Live is worth it. Maybe Microsoft should start letting everyone have it free though. Why should gamers have to pay for what Xbox Live gives them?
kingPoS  +   1099d ago
Ugh! It's like hearing a debate over which fruit is rounder.
If you like one product over another then that's fine. But there's no need to debase another's enjoyment over what they have or have not paid for. That would would be akin to saying I hate Honda cars just cause... (i still want that type r)
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bozebo  +   1099d ago
XBL = bad
because P2P should always be free, that's the only reason.
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Getowned  +   1099d ago
Ok seriously most of this article's arguments are flawed and the only argument that was even remotely close to anything was the comparison of XBL vs PS+ which are two completely different things that really have no reason to be compared because both services do completely different things, one gives you access to online and the other gives you discounts and free games and goodies.

Both are good IMO, I mostly play on PSN but XBL is a good service, end of story. Why keep bringing this up?
Mac420  +   1099d ago
^^^^ What he said an enough of you kids using the PSN being hacked for months as an excuse to why its shit. Anonymous hacked Sony an not just PSN. Same thing would happen to MS an all there site's an servers including Xbox Live if MS would to ever offend the group of hackers. But they have kept there greedy noses far away from them. Sony had no chance of stopping or even preventing them from doing whatever they wanted. They have hacked into every Goverment Agency around the world an back, Paypal, Mastercard, Countless banks. Right now there shutting down power an servers all in the Middle East in protest to stop the bombings in Gaza. You kids think if MS was to be targeted they would stand any better of a chance then the CIA or FBI? Kids are dumb, an BTW I have an Xbox an you could be hacked by a 16 year old that watches Youtube tutorials an pays for a J tagged Xbox. I have atleast 5 current friends on Halo 4 right now that have had there account hacked by little kids on COD, Halo anything. Xbox live security is horrible if anything PSN for the win. 18 million XBL users currently times that by $5 just for starters to get an idea how much money they make not including the idiots that pay for a year instead of just waiting for the buy 2 months get a month free promitions. Millions an billions of dollars in 10 years an still a 10 year old can steal my account an I have to jump threw flaming hoops just to get it back. Get real kiddies !!!
AngryEnglish  +   1099d ago
This is just an article for website hits, flamebait and fanboyism, how about the next time you decide your gonna do an article you make it about owning both a PS3 and Xbox and enjoy what both systems can offer you, being a gamer and all.
dollison27  +   1099d ago
Who in the fuck wrote this horseshit? Xbox Live is not "failing" they are making millions and millions a year in profit off XBL.
braydox21  +   1098d ago
the term fail is misused what he really means is now with a service like psn and PS+ what is XBL offering that is any better or how is it still an attractive value for a person who uses XBL some enjoy it, but the fact is the ps+ has caught up to XBL and is offering the same price for a year of XBL but is offering so much more such as the instant game collection. i mean if they made the silver accounts allowing people to just play online for free than i think that would be a better deal but that would mean less money for microsoft.
AD705  +   1099d ago
You know paying for XBL isn't that much when you think about it. Personally I've never payed fully for the 50-60 dollars a year. I just get those 1year XBL cards for just 30 bucks online so paying for it isn't an issue. But my problem with it is that we shouldn't be paying for it in the first place because what I see on XBL I don't see the "you get what you pay for" appeal.

facebook, twitter, MSNBC news, ESPN,, iheartradio, youtube, gamespot TV, IGN, xfinity, internet explorer. Who buys a console for all that shit? Expecially when we can do these things much better on our PC's, tablets, cell phones, laptops, and other devices?

It's also bullshit that I can't even use things like netflix and most of the features I've listed unless I pay for XBL. it's like they make you pay more to do things you can do on other platforms for much cheaper or free.

Ms needs to get their priorities in order because they aren't going in a good direction. It's not about games anymore, just barely responsive kinect games and features we already have somewhere else. The xbox isn't the gaming console that I use to know. Remember last gen when the xbox came out with something new all the time? This gen it's barebones, other than gears I can't think of anything new that they've made.
creeping judas  +   1099d ago
Oranges are a superior fruit over grapefruits, end of discussion!!
wages of sin  +   1099d ago
Feature parity and feature quality are two completely different things. I give Sony credit for vastly improving their network but it’s not equal to XBL in performance at all, it’s not even close in my opinion.

PEN+ is a great buy if you don’t have those games and you’re new to PS3 but most of the what they have worth downloading I had already purchased. I’ve been PS3-less for a while now and don’t really miss anything but the blu-ray player. To each their own though.

One last thing, PSV having voice chat has nothing to do with PS3 having it so stop bringing that up as a point of contention because it’s not.
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