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momthemeatloaf  +   1174d ago
The lighting and color is far superior on Wii U but I already know this because I saw Fifa 13 and Batman in person on Wii U.

As far as textures I didn't see a huge difference compared to current consoles, but that is what 1080p capabilities is for.
1upgamer99  +   1174d ago
You know there are so many fanboys still saying, oh well its the PS3 version. Well if you do a little homework, you would see that ACTIVISION said "the Wii U version has a clear advantage over other consoles no matter what your preference" That is what ACTIVISION said. So yeah this may be the PS3 version BUT the Wii U version is still more polished than the 360's. So for those of you saying "they are just trying to make the Wii U version look good" Why don't you shut up and read what the DEVELOPERS have already stated. Or are the fanboys going to say that Activision is now biased??????????????
wiiulee  +   1174d ago
i dont believe too many first wiiu generation games will show much difference in graphics...that will of course give haters some breath to keep hating....until the wiiu wins this next generation
redsnake  +   1174d ago
I don't understand how people can possibly see this positively. When the 360 come out did we even need to compare it the ps2/xbox/gamecube. Of course not because it was a next gen system and the graphics were way better. And I'm not a graphics whore at all but come on
Ricdog  +   1174d ago
The difference was mostly due to HD, not graphics. Early 360 games weren't graphically better than the previous generation.

Case in point, look at all the current remastered games being released. Metal Gear Solid 3 and Doom 3 remastered all look better than early 360 games, despite techniquely being old. Once you separate HD, 360 games weren't initially any better.
jay2  +   1174d ago
Wii U wins here
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1174d ago
I really don't see anything to get in a hoopla about with the WiiU version compared to the crappiest PS3 version?...

Not enough of a drastic change in my opinion... but now Nintendo fans can play a casual shooter on their casual console!
DanielForth  +   1174d ago
wiiu looks better
pennywhyz  +   1174d ago
PC is just amazing.
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kennyng1026  +   1174d ago
It's a shame for a console released in 2012 only barely "win" the consoles released in 2006 and 2007.

I would expect in the coming future Wii U will get special version of big titles, just like the FIFA and COD on Wii...
fresh2death93  +   1174d ago
As someone that still plays gta San Andreas i could care less about graphics.
MrAnderson  +   1174d ago
Both versions look like arse, also that's not PC, that's PS3, derp.
Tsusasi  +   1174d ago
I can't believe the number of butthurt fanboys so many of these posters are… when did gamers become such an incredible bunch of whiney, knobs?

Let's start with full disclosure: I own all three current gen systems and have owned every major system and hand held (and some not so major systems) since the NES. Not my first time at the rodeo. I love all three of my current systems, each for different reasons. I also just picked up a Wii U.

Ever since the system was announced, PS3 and 360 fanboys have been bad-mouthing it… long before there were any specs on the system. Long before we knew what it could do. Judgement was passed day one. Anyone remember what the theme has been since that day? That's right… the Wii U won't be able to hold a candle to the 360 or the PS3. As recently as E3, I saw repeated comments about the Wii U only being as powerful as the Wii… just with HD graphics and a different controller. Seriously?

As it became apparent that the Wii U was much more powerful than the Wii, then came the rhetoric of 'Just as powerful as a 360? Big deal. That sucks for a next gen system' Ironically, as most compared it to the 360 it was the PS3 fanboys that got ignorant right up front. If I had even a dime for every time I heard a PS3 fan boy talking about how the Wii U couldn't wipe the PS3's ass or compare screen shots of half-finished ports of games for the Wii U already out on the PS3... judging them to be inferior graphically even thought they weren't finished... I would be able to by every PS3 fan-baby some Tucks pads for their butt-hurtedness.

So now the system that everyone wrote off and that couldn't wipe the PS3's ass is the recipient of a port of software that a developer DIDN"T hastily port that looks superior in detail, richness of color and look mom… no blurs… all while using a portion of it's processing power to deal with interacting with and tracking the gamepad and it's input data, syncing etc. No lag, no choppiness… no b.s. AND you can play said game on the pad alone… AND the pad's implementation for this game has already garnered fans and respect…

Yes… now that a first generation… no. Even better. A launch game for the system looks better that the version for the system who's ass the Wii U couldn't wipe 6 months ago… better than a system that's on it's true… what… 6th generation of software?

Now that that game has arrived and bested the PS3 version, suddenly it's not fair? Is a conspiracy? Blatantly bias?

You say they're just trying to make the Wii U look good? Well guess what… they didn't have to try. The Wii U… the system that would never compete with the 360 or PS3 just did. And guess what… it ALSO compares favorable with the 360 too.

And so what if there is 'little difference' when it comes to the 360? What's your point? That a launch game port for a brand new console that everyone wanted to kick around without a stitch of info about what was under the hood, just beat out versions for systems that have been pretty much maxed out and don't have much more to give… both visually and with respect to the gameplay experience?

I have no skin in the game… no bias save for one: I can't stand the fanboy vibe.
hduce  +   1174d ago
I couldn't have said it better! You sir are correct.
Neko_Mega  +   1174d ago
Their you go, Wii U looks better then PC everyone. Go buy one if you want your games look real -_- lame.

All I really see is the colors are more darker, which looks better. But other then that. Theirs not that much. As for PC, Wii U can only wish it came as close to looking as good as a PC game.

P.S. The video seems to be made by Nintendo fanboys that wish the Wii U was that great, it least PS3 isn't having problems like the Wii U.
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Drainage  +   1174d ago
So it's settled. To all console graphic lovers, if you want your pretty graphics, pick a Wii U or forever be ignorant and use the "slightly better than 2005 tech!" comment. Or wait for your PS4 with its 10million budget movie-games of 6 hour gameplay.
talisker  +   1174d ago
Quarelling which COD graphics is better is like arguing which beggar is richer.
TheSaint  +   1174d ago
WiiU is not next gen.
microgenius  +   1174d ago
bring on a FPS game on the WIIU that beat killzone2 then we'll speak
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spinbot_lv1  +   1174d ago
crappy versions of crappy games shouldn't be compared. It's very funny to see nintendo fanlovers supposing by this video that Wii sloUch is more powerfull than a PC.
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shempo  +   1174d ago
dam so much for comparing a 7 year old console against a new one....

lets do the same when the ps4 is out against the wiiU
BLAKHOODe  +   1174d ago
I'm no expert, but it looks like you could just adjust the brightness/contrast on the PC/Xbox/PS3 version and it would pretty much match up with the Wii U version.
RFornillos4  +   1174d ago
and this is just the tip of the iceberg. from now, we'll see more and more games that look better on the Wii U compared to the 360/ps3, and this "war of words" will not end. of course we'll also continue to see some flaws in ports or games for Wii U that look crappy compared to others. but what console doesn't? pretty much every console has highs and lows, which means 360/ps3 are not excempt to this. in the end, everyone enjoys their preference.

make no mistake, i'm enjoying BLOPS 2 in my PC at the moment, and I can honestly say that PC aside, the Wii U does look better than their other counterparts. and when it does come out from where I am, i will also support it, much like how I supported other consoles. and yes, even the future nextbox and ps4 when they do come out. and to make sony and ms fanboys happy, i agree that those will be more powerful than the Wii U, albeit only "slightly" if rumors about next-gen graphics powers are true. but will it stop me from getting into Wii U, or even PC games? No, i'll enjoy playing on all of them consoles and PC.

EDIT: If you watched the video, it was "corrected" and showed that "no PC version is shown", so PC fanboys stop bragging your expensive machines.
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sandman224  +   1174d ago
I'll make it easy for everyone. I'm not going to include pc because there in a different level. But console wise it's 360 followed by wii u then ps3. That's overall performance/graphics from best to worse. If you don't like it prove me wrong.
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listenkids  +   1174d ago
The video comparison has to be a troll, aiming to grab the attention of anyone with half a brain cell.
LKHGFDSA  +   1174d ago
LOL I watched the vid and saw the wii U one looks much more clearer, so much that it was suspicious, so I wanted to have an investigation asto whether the uploader was a rabid fanboy or someone getting paid off, then I see their name "ninten2tv". Hilarious!

But seriously though, this is misleading, false information and there's no way it'd be so blurry on all the other platforms.
nowitzki2004  +   1174d ago
This is one game. Lets see a little more comparisons like AC3 and NBA 2k13. From the videos I have seen of AC3 on WiiU it does not look any better than my 360 verison.
jbgamer  +   1173d ago
@Eeco thank you for proving my point, no1 nintendo has never said that the wii u was gonna blow everything out of the water no2 heavenly sword which was a great game did not come out until the next year so thank you for proving my point.
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