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dafegamer  +   985d ago
uncharted yugioh edition
remanutd55  +   985d ago
Sony Bend ranks among my 2 favorite portable studios, they should let other less competent studios ( Nihilistic for example) handle stupid games like this, BEND should be focusing all their time and resources on the next AAA vita title ( Syphon Filter please ), whats next? uncharted candies? uncharted shampoo? come on stop wasting money and resources.
Treian  +   985d ago
It's time to d-d-d-duellllllllllllll!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Sanquine90  +   985d ago
Dear sony, why a uncharted cart game>?>>>>>& gt;>>>?????
wtfbbq8  +   985d ago
The only card game I will buy its gonna be Yugioh related Vita games...
dafegamer  +   985d ago
me too yugioh card game on psp those days were addictive as hell
Ethereal  +   985d ago
Its just DLC guys. I will admit it is odd but at least its not a full blown game. Bend is working on a new game outside of this.
sypher  +   985d ago
Actually better than i thought, i was expecting your bog standard card game (blackjack, poker etc) so a custom game like this I'm more inclined to try out.
phatfreddy1978  +   985d ago
jay2  +   985d ago
OMG seriously? :(
Eziowellington  +   985d ago
lol seems like im the only one that likes this, im getting this for sure, still wish they would bring magic or yu gi oh, or even eye of judgement to vita, and not ports, oh well
ShadowGhost  +   985d ago
This is more of an add-on for Golden Abyss. TBH, I'm not really interested in it, but there are some ppl out there that love card games and might pick this up if they're into Uncharted. Besides, Sony Bend is making some new ips anyway for the Vita so take this add-on pretty much as nothing.
GTAallday  +   985d ago
Yugioh remastered.
Qrphe  +   985d ago

Edit: I'm gonna get it if it's super cheap. I've been waiting for a Vita card game for a game I'll get this.
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Eziowellington  +   983d ago
same here
kupomogli  +   985d ago
I'm not really interested, but I used to be a fan of these games. Well, just Magic the Gathering, but that was with real cards. One card game I was really a fan of and wished that had an official release was XenoCard from Xenosaga. Despite being only a mini game, it was an amazing game and where most of my time in Xenosaga went.

This Uncharted game seems to be a lot like XenoCard, so while I'm not really interested in it, I'll atleast keep an open mind and check out gameplay in the future.

A good selling point for those who haven't noticed is that it also has asynchronous multiplayer. Where you can set a time limit for a turn to be taken and then each player can take their turns on their own time. The game possibly having a feature that sends a message to your PSN when the other player takes their turn.
Tei777  +   985d ago
Could they not have developed a online multiplayer component for Golden Abyss? This game could be free and I still wouldn't buy it.
dafegamer  +   985d ago
Its all good but seriously the only portable card games i care about are magic and yugioh nothing more actually. Well i should wait how good it might turn out to be
porkChop  +   985d ago
Come on Bend, what the fuck is this shit? When we said we wanted Uncharted multiplayer on Vita we meant actual multiplayer like on the consoles, not a fucking card game...
rawshack  +   985d ago
Metal gear acid who rembers that
Mediocre game with Uncharted slapped on the box to get sales.
kupomogli  +   985d ago
You would know wouldn't you. You've played it, right? Details?
SillyBastid  +   985d ago
wow, the music made that card game look so suspensful! milking the brand, dissapointing... and im a friggan sony fan boy
NeoTribe  +   985d ago
Naughty dog really shouldn't let these fools milk there masterpiece. Could turn it into a joke. Kinda like halo wars.
DFresh  +   985d ago
Are you serious?
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