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RivetCityGhoul  +   860d ago
i just don't want friends calling me to hangout, one of the most annoying things about GTA IV. plus i hope they don't put as many radio stations into GTA V. i found more radio stations to be bother because half of them sucked or they had like one or two songs that were good. unlike the past GTA's each radio station had a abundance of good tunes plus they were memorable too, ten or eleven station is preferable to me, twenty stations is way too much. Also i'd actually like to see a zombie DLC like Red Dead Redemption, not really a zombie mode.
Zuperman  +   860d ago
Agree or Disagree...

1. Zombie Mode
2. Car Customization
3. Personal Customization
andibandit  +   860d ago
None of the above, if theres one thing i dont want in the next gta its
Bruce Kibbutz
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PS3Freak  +   860d ago
Car customization is something I'd really like to see back, the other two though; not so much.
FarCryLover182  +   860d ago
Donnieboi  +   860d ago
No zombies.
Kureno_Nakamura  +   860d ago
sorry andi

that was meant to be an agree.

I hate Brucie
Donnieboi  +   860d ago
Stuff I don't wanna see the in Gta 5:

A face button for running/sprinting. A shoulder button is better since I can still keep my thumb on the right analog stick (like in LA Noir, Saints Row 2, etc)

Slow heavy boring cars like in GTA 4.

Shallow fist fighting. Once again, Saints Row 2 (which was greater than 3, but not the best sandbox ever) had the best melee system. Yeah, Sleeping Dogs is deeper, but Saints is deep yet simple enough for casual players too.

Lack of persistent replay value: now of course it will have tons of side missions, but if their not persistently engaging (like turf wars in San Andreas, Drug trafficking like Chinatown wars, or property control like Vice City Stories, then i'm not interested. Who cares about golf, demolition derby's, etc if it has no persistent ability to challenge you to defend your previous conquests (example: defending turf u already earned, or protecting drug spots u used to control but are now under fire).
MrAnderson  +   860d ago
I want

1. Better music
2. no fools telling me to come bowl with them
3. more modes of transport, i want police motorbikes, mountain bikes, parachutes, biplanes, jets, all that stuff BACK.
4. more interesting characters
5. car customization back
Jinkies  +   860d ago
I don't know about the Zombie thing, if was any other game then fair enough but in a game as big as GTAV, it could be amazing if Rockstar pull it off right.

However I would add other supernatural enemies like Mummies, Ghosts, Warewolfs, Vampires, Witches etc so it's not just "another Zombie" DLC

Running over a Mummy in my Monster truck (if there is one) while listening to an old 90s rock song....sounds good to me
CptFalcon  +   860d ago
Wtf is wrong with people nowadays?
Why does every fucking game need a zombie mode? It's just pathetic to talk about this when the game isn't even out yet.

Like those stupid zombies are more important then the original game itself.

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MeatAbstract  +   860d ago
People talk about it because Rockstar San Diego had the Undead Nightmare DLC for RDR which was excellent. It wasn't just a simple 'mode', it was a shorter but new campaign set in a zombie apocalypse and they did it very well. And it was cheap. It was successful as well, so I wouldn't look past the idea that Rockstar North would be considering something like it.

It's not pathetic to speculate what the future may hold for GTA V. We already basically know what we're gonna get: Steal cars, work for dangerous people, kill cops etc.

I for one would be interested if we saw some sort of supernatural themed DLC next Halloween for GTA V. If you don't like that sort of stuff, then you simply don't buy it, yeah?
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GTRrocker666  +   860d ago
Less dating and friend stuff. I dont even like doing that stuff in real life. Why would I want to do it in a video game? I want to do stuff that I cant do in real life, like bank heists. Or steal cars and sell the parts on a black market. More effort should have been put into that in GTA4 instead of the social aspect with npcs. I think that was GTA4s biggest downfall. Less fun in exchange for a real life simulator or something
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porkChop  +   860d ago
I don't want to see a zombie mode or a horde mode. Both are getting very played out. Developers need to stop being lazy, and actually try designing their own original and fun modes.

I was also very disappointed that with GTA IV Rockstar sacrificed fun wherever possible if it would allow more "realism". GTA was always about over-the-top fun, that's why they became so popular. It's never a good thing to ignore your roots, and I hope they ramp up the fun factor in GTA V.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   860d ago
I know zombies seems to be overused but having zombies + multiplayer in an open-world game would be awesome! RDR did it very well, so having zombies in a city sounds like a cool idea.
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Bathyj  +   860d ago
I am sick to death (no pun intended) with zombies, but I actually would like to see it in GTA because I'd hoped to have Zombies even before they started putting them in everything. I think I wanted them in San Andreas.

It would be great to see if it could work on that scale with all those toys at your disposal.

The really thing I'd like to see back would be the gangs, and the level of friendliness you had with those gangs would determine who would give you jobs. This feature came from GTA2 and has been missing ever since. I wish it would come back.
MRMagoo123  +   860d ago
I want lots and lots of hidden fun things like san andreas had in it and i would also love for there to be more shows to go see like in 4 where you could go to the comedy club and watch ricky gervais and kat williams that was soooooooo unexpected and funny.I def would prefer they left multiplayer out of the game and used all efforts on the single player and for the love of all that is good in this world dont add zombies or friends that call you every 5 seconds to see if you want to hang out.
Stoppokingme  +   860d ago
I'd like to see area 69 make a comeback. But instead of stealing a jetpack i wanna steal a stealth bomber. Or a UFO, That would be a cool Easter egg.
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NirvanaInChains  +   859d ago
The blood & gore need to make a comeback. I was super disappointed the first time i shotgunned a random in gta 4 and nothing happened.

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