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Candy1  +   1109d ago
Story length doesn't depend on how long it is but how good it gels which still leads me bewildered that going five years, all there is is 20 odd hours? I can only hope Rockstar has learnt on how to make open world refreshingly deep and fun with a bigger playground.
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Valenka  +   1109d ago
Twenty five to thirty hours is more than average, and if memory serves me (as they compared it to RDR), it took me about 35 to 40 hours to complete Red Dead Redemption since I spent most of it free roaming and completing secondary missions.

I'm quite pleased with this new information, but I can understand why others might not be.
ajax17  +   1109d ago
20GB install on PS3... I can see it now.
chukamachine  +   1109d ago
I tried gta4 on both PS3 and 360, both under 30fps at times, online badly.

I then tried it on my PC and got 25-30fps,lol.

Then they patched it and it's running 60fps perfectly. I was given the game, but gave it back. It's boring,lol.

You can put as many mods on the game as you like, it sucks.
tubers  +   1109d ago
GTA IV was my first gta exp.. it was pretty boring after 10 hours in.

Not to mention the optimization sucked at that time. (several years back)
FFDP  +   1108d ago
Okay, all of this arguing over lead platform, graphics of the PC, XBOX 360 AND PS3 is getting really annoying. EVERYONE who has bothered to argue over which system is better blah blah blah needs to grow up! Peronsally Im a 360 user, I don't put others down for using a pc or ps3. We are all gamers for crying out loud WE all share a common interest AND THAT IS OUR LOVE OF GAMES. It doesn't matter what platform you are running as long as you are happy with it. I currently own a wide range of platforms ranging from the xbox, xbox 360, nintendo wii, super nintendo, ps2, ps3 as well has handheld devices. My favorite is the xbox 360 due to the fact that halo is exclusive to the xbox! I don't just use 1 platform I use many. Everyone who cares to argue over pointless shit needs to take themselves elsewhere, Im here doing research on GTAV and every website has arguments about the same damn thing. The system one uses is just a matter of personal preference so get over it.
Nes_Daze  +   1104d ago
Are PC fanboys saddened that there will always be more people playing GTA on PS3 and Xbox vs. PC?? Is that why you guys seem so butthurt when it comes to talking about how the PC version will have better graphics?
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