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dazzrazz  +   899d ago
Whatever you do dont buy this piece of shit at all, if you expected something along the lines of previous black ops, ur gonna be disappointed. Maps are %50 smaller now gameplay is simple rat maze / tunnel vision accommodated for every kid on the planet !
KingKevo  +   899d ago
Whatever you do, don't visit that website and consequently give them clicks. And here's what the writer of the news and the website owner is thinking: "Drama drama drama, because posting a newes about how bad a CoD game is and how bad a console is is just a guaranteed hot news = $$$".
F**k off!!
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listenkids  +   899d ago
Only party grouping issues here, many hours put in 0 crashes.
bub16  +   898d ago
happens every year, dont see why people are making such a fuss, you buy the game knowing its full of bugs and needs patching, have we learnt nothing over the last 6 years?
condemmedman  +   898d ago
To those that are saying Microsoft are paying developers to do a shoddy port = lol lol lol lol lol best bit is they believe it. tw*ts
wishingW3L  +   898d ago
do you have any kind of prove to say otherwise? No you don't so you're just on the same ground as them. Speculation.
ZILLA  +   898d ago
COD is made to play on the xbox and BATTLEFIELD is made for PS3(period)
Trunkz Jr  +   898d ago
Or how about Developers make games correctly the first time so a 360 Battlefield fan can enjoy it just as much as someone on the PS3.
momthemeatloaf  +   898d ago
Fifa has this same freezing problem but they fixed it. Ea and Activusion games are known to freeze on ps3 because they pump out games every year so there is less time for devs to properly code it for ps3.

I'm sure Sony will learn next gen lol
Yomiro  +   898d ago
No matter how hard they try to destroy the PS3, it will always survive and it will sell another 70 millions.
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uncharted56  +   898d ago
This is so weird. I have the fat ps3. I got the game on Thursday. When I botted it up and jumped into mp the first 3 games I tried to play ps3 froze but after that I have sincerely had no problem except one time when the connection got interrupted. Matchmaking does has some problems where it says it needs to balance team even though the lobby is full. Except that and of course lag and latency issues game is pretty fun.
Enigma_2099  +   898d ago
Oh, this s*** again.
TurboGamer  +   898d ago
The only fix to this problem is to revert back to the COD4 version of the engine. It looked better and ran flawless on all platforms.
boldscot  +   898d ago
Exactly what I was thinking. How are we at this stage where the games perform worse the the 5 year old ones?
I've had to just turn the game off, the lag is horrendous. That is with everyone on four green bars, it's like playing the first MW with two yellow bars.
Gamerita  +   898d ago
i'm a Playstation guy & i can honestly say that multiplatform games are much better on the xbox360,for example i was in a game shop few months ago & they had fifa street on display both ps3 & xbox 360 but there was major difference i actually found the xbox360 version to be really fun to play while the ps3 version was just plain no fun no joy to play game. i'm been very honest here & no i would not buy xbox360 even at half the current price because i always enjoy sony's unique offering of 1st party games without sony i would quit console gaming PERIOD.

PC & PS3 gamer :)

by the way all of this will change with the PS4 because Sony is building a proper gaming machine this time.
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trouble_bubble  +   898d ago
Lmao! Now I've heard everything, we're measuring rainbows VS unicorns.

"Yeah on this console the game was V-Synced and had less jaggies, but on -this- console, you can clearly see the dev' implemented more "fun" into the framerate giving it the edge during scenes with lots going on. I'm going with the 'Joy-synced' version!"

or download 1.03, out now.
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Trunkz Jr  +   898d ago
If the PS3 is having trouble I can't imagine the problems the Wii U version will have... Microsoft Sabotage?
Awesome4life  +   898d ago
What a Joke I have ps3 and I ain't too happy with news ,
MadMen  +   898d ago
I do agree with this article - however I also agree COD franchise is dead to me, its worn too thin - to many releases to quick.
htownrocket87  +   898d ago
Patch 1.03 now out
GeorgiaSomer22   898d ago | Spam
isyourhouseonfire  +   898d ago
Eek, another multi-platform game tanked on the PS3. Makes you wonder if its really the developers or the platform itself to blame?
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