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NobleRed  +   1110d ago
Lag Of Duty Low Res Ops.

The lag in this game is incredible.
iliimaster  +   1110d ago
that sucks man i know they mess around like that with the ps3 version so i buy it on 360 to avoid all the bugs they leave for the ps3 owners, didnt they do this to mw2,3 and black ops 1? you would think they wouldn't be so obvious and why would they mess with the people who are spending 65$ for their game..
cedaridge  +   1110d ago
Man I hate to hear that for ps3 players. But that's why I stick with the golden rule for this gen: xbox 360 = multiplat titles & Exclusives AND ps3 = Exclusives and multiplat titles with extra content and the whole 1 disc vs. 2 disc thing. I bought BLACK OPS 2 on xbox 360. psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder
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Myst  +   1110d ago
I hope we can avoid all these problems in the next Gen this one was a headache for a lot of people. If it doesn't get ironed out...I don't know I just know personally I really don't like it especially after spending my hard earned money on such a title.
Kaneda  +   1110d ago
Yeah, I am enjoying MOH! :) OHHH YEAAH!!!
bloodyhacxsawx  +   1110d ago
just signed up for an account on n4g to say that this article is complete bullsh*t, i'v been playing from launch and only once or twice in about 40+ hrs in the game / online and campaign did the game freeze up a bit, I simply restarted the game and it worked perfectly, this is clearly someone paid off by Microsoft to spread lies so people get an xbox to play it on, pathetic! its an amazing game :)
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Holeran  +   1110d ago
A little blown out of proportion if you ask me. I've had Black Ops 2 on PS3 since release and yes sometimes it takes a while to find a match but plays smoothly when you get in one and very, very, rarely kicks you out of a match. Honestly Black Ops 1 still has more connection issues than Black Ops 2 on PS3, I still get kicked out of Black Ops 1 on a regular basis, but I don't play it since I got Black Ops 2 because it is better all the way around.
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khellendros1  +   1110d ago
And yet people keep buying COD. Companies will keep releasing games with bugs and glitches because they know gamers will keep buying no matter what. Yeah they'll bitch and whine about it but when the next game comes out they buy it anyway. I buy very few games at launch because of this very reason
MrAnderson  +   1110d ago
and in other obvious news: Steview Wonder is blind.
PS3isKing  +   1110d ago
This is why you don't buy the first batch, cause it's bound to have problems. Remember the PS3's launch?
McLuvn  +   1110d ago
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