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taijutsu363  +   1179d ago
I havent gotten BO2 yet not like a crazed fan that gets it day 1 or whatnot.... but upon seeing my friends list on the PS3 I saw lotta people who were playing name popup alot saying "Blah offline...few seconds "Blah online" Then 10-20 mins later "Blah offline... so on and so forth. So I believe there may be some serious connectivity issues!
Kos-Mos  +   1179d ago
Well, it confirms that money=good reviews; halo, gta, killzone, me, gears, gow. It`s impossible to deny it.
Donnywho  +   1179d ago
A lot of fixing seems to have been done. I went from having major problems yesterday to playing 100% problem free tonight on Ps3. Hopefully it wasn't just luck.
rapidturtle  +   1179d ago
COD is one of the best MP games for the PS3. We don't have Halo, so this needs to be fixed.
tenacious_b  +   1179d ago
Ive had none of these issues
WhatchaTalkinBout  +   1179d ago
What i find hilarious is microsoft advertises call of duty as their exclusive with tv ads internet and what not.. but sales for the games may surprise many..I think sales are pretty close , i dont think ps3 owners will have anything to worry about i would say Activision will have a fix for the issues thats going on.. they made alot of money off the ps3 verions of the games over the years, and probably like to continue that... but that being said alot of the 3rd party devs prefer to work on the xbox "significantly easier" to develop on cause of it pc like nature..
Total Units
PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
North America: 5.40m 43.2%
+ Europe: 4.67m 37.3%
+ Japan: 0.44m 3.5%
+ Rest of the World: 2.00m 16.0%
= Global 12.51m
XBOX360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Total Units

North America: 9.09m 62.0%
+ Europe: 4.06m 27.7%
+ Japan: 0.11m 0.7%
+ Rest of the World: 1.41m 9.6%
= Global 14.67m
PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops
Total Units

North America: 5.58m 47.9%
+ Europe: 3.87m 33.2%
+ Japan: 0.44m 3.8%
+ Rest of the World: 1.75m 15.0%
= Global 11.64m
XBOX360 Call of Duty: Black Ops
Total Units

North America: 8.94m 65.5%
+ Europe: 3.35m 24.5%
+ Japan: 0.08m 0.6%
+ Rest of the World: 1.28m 9.4%
= Global 13.66m
mochachino  +   1179d ago
I doubt they'll fix everything. Despite sales being relatively close, Activation always allows COD games to look and run worse on PS3.
PantherDST  +   1179d ago
This is BS.... The game plays fine on my PS3, while my Xbox360 just sits quitely aside watching.

Don't believe the hype, just buy the game on your favorte console and enjoy it for what it is... A GAME
medman  +   1179d ago
What I'll say is this.... this is nothing new for multiplatform games underperforming on Sony's console. At this point in the PS3's life cycle don't gamers already anticipate this? I own a PS3 and 360 and because of situations like this I haven't bought one multiplatform game for my PS3. Maybe GTA V will be different. I wouldn't hold your breath on that one PS3 only owners. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
trouble_bubble  +   1179d ago
So what happens when games like Portal2, Batman Arkham Asylum, the last few Assassins Creeds, LA Noire, Final Fantasy13, ME2, Brink, Dragon Age2, Battlefield3, DeadSpace, Ninja Gaiden, Saints Row3, JustCause2, SSF4, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, TombRaider Underworld etc either run higher res', have better load times, or frames, or lighting, or AA, or have --exclusive content-- on the PS3 at no extra charge? You don't buy them at all, since you buy all multiplats for 360?!

If it doesnt matter enough to you or ohnoesaz, then why should it matter to anyone else for one other game at launch?

These launch issues sort out, BO2 already has. Half a million on PS3 yesterday any given time. TombRaider Underworld's sub-HD on the 360 doesn't sort out over time. Castlevania Lords of Shadow will always load 5sec quicker on PS3 and be single disc, and Saints Row3 will never tear on PS3 or lose frames unlike the competition. Pick your poison, but a multiplat clean sweep it ain't.
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mochachino  +   1179d ago
Every year PS3 owners get the inferior version of COD and every year COD continues to be the best selling game on PS3.

Way too express your disapproval at being repeatedly screwed PS3 COD buyers.

I bought Blops 1 on PS3, sold the blurry stuttering mess after 3 weeks and haven't boughten a COD games since.
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isyourhouseonfire   1179d ago | Trolling | show
dragonhearts  +   1179d ago
These call of Duty games keep get 9/10's every damn release is a bit skeptical. i mean cmon, i know fans love the game and im glad they keep making them, it makes fans happy, But those bastards are making people may 60 bucks for the same sh**..Nuke town 2025?..cmon what is this
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extermin8or  +   1179d ago
Few minor glitches on the scale this title makes it nothning on this here and there for me but we've seem
P_Bomb  +   1179d ago
Greatly exaggerated. Had no problem entering the Nuketown code for my wife, and she and her friend playlist have been playing solid with little to no problem all day yesterday. Tuesday (launch day) was bad for connections, yesterday wasn't.

Wife's playing it right now beside me. It ain't "broken", Luke. Gotta try the game for yourself instead of listening to peeps on message boards. There's 488,735 on RIGHT NOW, noon on a weekday, who aren't posting because they're too busy playing.
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TKCMuzzer  +   1179d ago
Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit blown out of proportion. I have had one freeze and two connection issues and I'm ranked 28, that surely is not a disaster.
e-p-ayeaH  +   1179d ago
Its not just the connection issues but also the resolution is pretty low considering that is meant to be played in HD.

Treyarch you suck :(
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pupa  +   1179d ago
Maybe Activision should get Guerrilla to do their programming.
Pintheshadows  +   1179d ago
I'm playing the PS3 version and my biggest issue isn't being disconnected from games etc.

My biggest issue is that if Mason jr was 9 in 1986 then in 2025 he'd be 48. However he looks about 30.
Sheikah  +   1179d ago
No issues experienced .. at all :s I must be lucky, I guess
jay2  +   1179d ago
M$$$$$ money talks yet again.
kingPoS  +   1179d ago
It should read like this...

You may experience technical difficulties on certain ps3 models due to inefficient coding on our part.
brianunfried  +   1179d ago
I don't know what everybody is complaining about, I got it yesterday and played all night with no problems. I was surprised by how good the game looks, it looks like an Infinity Ward game. Major improvement over WAW and BO1.
Magnus  +   1179d ago
How the hell can Activison let the game pass through the testing phase. What they let a bunch of crackheads test game. I was going to rent it but I think ill pass and rent Assassins Creed 3. I feel sorry for the fans who waited in line for the midnight launch and paying $60 for a train wreck they cant play hopefully Activision fixes it soon for the fans wether 360 or PS3.
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sophicsage  +   1179d ago
1) System says it's searching for additional players to make teams even...even if there are an even number of players and even when all slots are filled. I've noticed that once teams are divided, the highlighting of the teams appears and disappears and people's name randomly end up in different parts of the list. Very odd.

2) Once access is granted to a multiplayer game (however long that takes after people are cursing the whole time in justifiable frustration and threatening to go to BF3) there are freeze frame glitches. I really don't like that and it's gotten me killed many times.

3) I have noticed far fewer problems with the online multiplayer Zombie maps. I seem to have very good lucking starting those matches rather than the regular matches. Perhaps this is because the demand is lower. But I can say those Zombie maps and gameplay are a lot of fun. So, I've found myself playing Zombies a lot while everyone else is trying to get onto traditional games. I've also launched into the Campaign out of necessity since the Multiplayer "waiting areas" are filled with really angry people talking about selling the game or taking it back.

4) This is not limited to the PS3. My friend has a 360 and they have been experiencing problems, as well. This makes me wonder if there is a problem with the original coding prior to the port being made to other game consoles. I haven't looked up what console the game was originally coded for. This is not professional, if it's the case. My hypothesis will be verified if they introduce a patch for both consoles at the same time, solving similar issues.

The multiplayer aspect is the highlight of the game. I like the new maps. The campaign is pretty lame. Too many movie cutaways. I find the campaign to be a movie with a few areas where you're actually playing...or at least it feels like that.
miyamoto  +   1179d ago
Its all part of the plan...
drifter86  +   1179d ago
it's not even that bad, i've been playing this game on PSN since the release and I haven't had many issues. I also have it for the 360 and I've had the same number of issues with both consuls. I don't get this article because I play with about 5 friends all the time and we don't have enough problems to complain about it.
ndl1531  +   1179d ago
stupid people will never learn will they. buying this garbage year after year. it just baffles my mind how this crap keeps selling the way it does. at this point its not even gamers anymore just casual cod frat boys trying to get their yearly cod fix.
jayman1  +   1179d ago
Ya I think activision hates ps3 and sony.All there games have issues on ps3. There scum.They will lose a ton of money by making crappy games for ps3. Almost half there revenue is ps3, dummies. I still say there are way better games on ps3. We have Resistance 3 and Killzone 3 so I play those games. Also EA has way better war games. Activision is in love with the cash microsoft hands them. You notice the xbox versions are always better. I havent bought any new COD games and probably wont anymore. I got pissed off at activision when World At War was hacked and then MW2. I call about world at war the guy was like oh ya black ops is hacked I was like im not talking about black ops Im calling about world at war he was like oh. Black ops had just come out 4 or 5 months earlier.They dont care about people just about money. EA battlefield series and MOH are never hacked its a bunch of BS on activisions part and I'm done with that company!
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Clarence  +   1179d ago
Activision getting that backdoor money from M$. PS3 owners should really stop supporting this crap ass game.

I don't understand how a game can get 9's and it had all these bugs and its the the same old $hit year after year.
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ndl1531  +   1179d ago
its not "black ops" its "black oops" LOL . seriously cant believe this crap keeps selling the way it does . wow
tonywood  +   1179d ago
Black ops 2 is trash on both consoles. I'm done getting milked.
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