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LinkageAX   1181d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
futurefrog  +   1181d ago
this is utterly embarassing. What a disappointment to PS3 owners looking forward to this
CyberCam  +   1181d ago
It's a ploy to get PS3 owners that are huge COD fans to switch to the 360! There's quite a few gamers switching too!
knowyourstuff  +   1181d ago
This article is a bit whiney -

”We are aware of connectivity issues that some players are facing in Black Ops II on PlayStation 3. We are working on resolution, thank you.”
"As you can see though they did not provide any insight as to why this issue was occurring at all in the first place."

Yeah, of course they didn't, if they knew what was causing the problem it would've been fixed by now dumbass. Stop whining like a little girl and get a life.
asmith2306  +   1181d ago
I don't know anyone who has a PS3 who is switching to 360 for the sake of COD anymore. The last time that might have happened was when MW2 was released. BF3 is where it's at for me in the FPS space and DICE fully support it on all platforms. Actually, the 360 version had the most issues on release but they have been ironed out as far as I know. COD is outdated now in my opinion.
GuyThatPlaysGames   1181d ago | Personal attack | show
Marquis_de_Sade  +   1181d ago
Don't say that, you'll set the tin foil hat bridge off!
nerdkiller  +   1181d ago
@cyber then why put it on wii u
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1181d ago
Yeah they have a special love for M$..

Doesn't matter ps3 owners will pre order the next cod anyway even if they don't fix this version. True story.
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SolidStoner  +   1181d ago
I have BO2 on ps3, it is a disaster

my ps3 is turning off every 30 minutes of play, I had tons of sound glitches, online have poor connection and lags, leaderboards dont represent what ive done, points disapear every time I freeze... it is crap..
shempo  +   1181d ago
with shitload of AAA exclusives games coming every year trust me....i wont switch my ps3 for a 360 trust me.
greenlantern2814  +   1181d ago
can't den that there have been some problems I have had some trouble getting in games, but it only happened once. but i also have friends who have had the same problem, however nobody I know is switching over. And i have no doubt that a patch to fix any issues is on the way, and we will have it soon
Angrymorgan  +   1181d ago
Everyone who got the ps3 version should return it, get a refund and DON'T buy it again after patches..

This is the only way to stop developers/publishers releasing half finished products and getting away with it!
portugamer  +   1181d ago
If you are a studio, and I give you 10 or 20 millions, so you release a buggy ps3 version, those millions compensating the games not sold on the ps3, because people grabbed the best version, would you accept my millions?

We are not talking of a game that must run on 10 million different rigs. We're talking about an unified system, where only hard drives or internet speed change: a console. For the game to randomly bug and randomly crash, you need some randomly buggy code. And with some millions, any coder would do miracles, on writing buggy code.
Just my 2 cts.
Angrymorgan  +   1181d ago
I could be wrong portugamer but are you saying , even if every ps3 gamer boycotts blops 2,
It wouldn't make any difference to overall profits???

If so, I think your opinion is wrong
moss777  +   1180d ago
i hope they stop doing there shit work,,,
Trunkz Jr  +   1181d ago
This sounds like every Call of Duty launch.
rezzah  +   1181d ago
Excluding COD4, and the ones before that.
RumbleFish  +   1181d ago
@rezzah: CoD4 was the same on PS3. Broken matchmaking deluxe!
TrollingForColombine  +   1181d ago
@ futurefrog

"What a disappointment to PS3 owners looking forward to this"

They should be well used to it by now!
ALLWRONG  +   1181d ago
Funny thing is Black Ops 2 will still be the PS3's top selling game, along with all other COD games.
killerhog  +   1181d ago
And your point is? Cod will also be the Xbox 360 top selling game, only difference being that at least other genre games on the ps3 can break a million or so, unlike the 360 where mostly shooters (and only the popular ones) break a million.
slaton24  +   1181d ago
@killerhog he is talking about it still out selling the other ps3 games even if it is buggy he wasnt comparing it to 360 in no way...fanboys sometimes...i swear no fanboy is a all out gamer(loves games from lots of systems and owns more than just one system) at all no matter what they say...
flyinrhyno  +   1181d ago
I am so frustrated with this game, I can be in a full lobby (12/12) and it'll still say looking for players to balance teams, if I am in a lobby post match and a new match is going to start I have to put the controller down and not look and anyones emblems because it will crash my ps3 (it has happened well over 15 times in the 6 hours or so I have gotten to play so far) Hit detection is terrible spawn system is a joke and the foot-step sounds from opposing players are non existent and cartoon sounding.
bacrec1  +   1181d ago
Im not about fanboy bs, im just pissed I cant play this game I stood out at midnight for.
Jinkies  +   1181d ago
See this is why the high reviews from PS3 mags/sites dont make sense...if its broke why give it a high score, especialy if the other version works fine. Same applies to Skyrim for example.

If it happened once fair enough but its happened with every COD
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futurefrog  +   1181d ago
bought reviews maybe?
masterabbott  +   1181d ago
must agree here
NonApplicable  +   1181d ago
For god's sake. How many knobs like you must spout the same BS until you get a clue?
Omegabalmung  +   1181d ago
Yeah I'm pretty sure alot of those reviews were probably already written during the press event under a controlled environment.
NonApplicable  +   1181d ago
Can I get some proof Mr. Inspector Gadget?

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Omegabalmung  +   1181d ago

Theres really no reason to call me names but I did find a article.
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vickers500  +   1181d ago
Not everyone experiences the same problems.

That Skyrim game breaking glitch that made the game unplayable after the game save reached 8+ mb? I never encountered that, and my save file was about 13mb and I platinumed the game, never experiencing the awful game breaking glitches many others did.

With CoD, I've been reading comments here on n4g of people that have been playing for long periods of time and haven't encountered any glitches or connection issues.

Maybe some of the reviewers simply aren't having these issues that others are having, or if they are, maybe they aren't anywhere near as bad as others issues are (example: if a game I just bought froze only twice within a week of me buying the game, each day playing for like 5-8 hours or so,it wouldn't bother me enough to affect my review of a game, that's something I'd be able to look past and not get overly upset about).

Some of these reviewers are probably just reviewing with their own personal experiences, and not everyones experience will be the same. They aren't going to factor in other peoples problems into their own review of the game (nor should they, though they should make a mention of it as a warning that it could happen).
DA_SHREDDER  +   1181d ago
The game was running fine for the first 48 hours. So calm down, quit trying to troll, noone can return the game if it's already opened so suck it up. It will get fixed. Play some KZ3 until it is. The game is playable at the very least, so if you don't mind some freezing issues, the game still runs so keep playing.
Jinkies  +   1181d ago
A one bubble troll trying to call someone else a troll

Imalwaysright  +   1181d ago
"noone can return the game if it's already opened" I must be royalty to get special treatment because i returned a game after opening it... twice.
slaton24  +   1181d ago
also could people already be trying to hack into it...they stated aim bot was detected already on the pc and i swear on ps3 im getting shot on nuketown 2025 when im in a house and opponent outside as in out on the side of the house and i shot he instantly kills me i see killcam he is aiming at the sky and shooting....i like the game better than mw3 but i wish they would fix all this
Anon1974  +   1181d ago
Could it be that the problem isn't as big as the internet makes it out to be? I've never known the internets to be prone to exaggeration. It's probably bought reviewers.
masterabbott  +   1181d ago
Black ops and the whole COD series suck ass!
CerebralAssassin  +   1181d ago
Big words. The whole series? You just topped my list for dumbest statement today.

I remember CoD 2 being an awesome game. And CoD 4.
#4.1 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
masterabbott  +   1181d ago
bite me, ur probably one of the herd that follows the rest of the mindless idots that play this game. go and n00btube someone and leave me alone.
#4.1.1 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(15) | Report
LinkageAX  +   1181d ago
I completely agree, going back to the ones I used to like I can tell that I must have been high or something to have liked something so trite.
ZacE  +   1181d ago
I have to say, this is the one CoD game that actually seems to be making changes and taking some chances. However, I agree that CoD has previously been the poster boy for lazy annualized releases, because Activision know they can make money off it regardless.
CerebralAssassin  +   1181d ago
Wow. I feel like I struck a nerve. Your entitled to your opinion. If you don't like the series then fine. Don't play it. But I'm also entitled to tell you I think your opinion is shit and you sound bitter like this series killed your dog or something. Chill out.
SOULJER  +   1181d ago
Same thing happen last year with b01. Why are people so shock that it happen again.
Hicken  +   1181d ago
Last year was MW3.

Outside of that, I agree. I can't understand why anyone would be surprised. A smart gamer would be skeptical after being burned in the past; the crazy sales the games keep seeing seems to indicate that there aren't as many smart gamers as one would hope.

That said, I've been receiving mixed impressions. While I've heard a lot from various online sources about there being all sorts of flaws, I haven't heard nearly the same ratio of complaints from people I know personally. Of course, they could just be part of the lucky few, but I have to wonder if, perhaps, these issues aren't being over-reported.
Chidori  +   1181d ago
I had issues two days ago when I first got the game. For the first hour or two everything was fine, but for the later part of the night, the servers were acting up and I couldn't get in a match....until I discovered that joining a friend's session would work just fine. It kinda sucked depending on another guy to get in a game, but hey, at least I was playing. I'm not really sure why that was happening, but everything has been smooth ever since and I'm really enjoying the game. I always hated MW3, but now that I have BO2 to compare, it really shows how horrible the game really was.

But yeah...Articles like these always has me hesitant in purchasing whatever game it may be, but once I actually get the game I never suffer any of said "game breaking glitches" or "problem riddled disasters". Maybe I'm lucky, but I think it's weird that all my friend's are as lucky as as I am too. I'm not denying the existence of any of the reported problems, but I also believe these issues are being over-reported and exaggerated.

One thing gamers LOVE to do is complain.
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tbon3man  +   1181d ago
2 years ago
NonApplicable  +   1181d ago
DJ  +   1181d ago
I've had 3 system crashes so far on my first day of playing. I hope a patch comes in soon.

Another year, another slightly broken PS3 release for COD. I think i should just wait a few weeks from now on. =P
tbon3man  +   1181d ago
Same as the first BO,same shit sony won't pay so they get inferior shit. For a game as big as this they should have beta's on all systems not just take our money and run!
SolidGear3  +   1181d ago
I've never had any problems with a COD game on PS3. Weird. Then again, I never had trouble with Fallout 3 or Dead Island on PS3 either.
AusRogo  +   1181d ago
Seriously I havent* come across anything that bad! Are people just exaggerating? Or am I just lucky? The only problem I have is getting into games sometimes, that's seriously it. Not defending it saying there are no issues for people, but this is the first cod that hasn't froze on my ps3.
#9 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cr33ping_death  +   1181d ago
The servers are better..... better than yesterday... still freezes on occasion... but ive played for 2hours without any hiccups... a patch would be more than welcomed.
bozebo  +   1181d ago
Dual 1.5GB NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450"

You got ripped off bro, don't buy Alienware junk.

#11.1 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
yesmynameissumo  +   1181d ago
I didn't get ripped off, it's not my stream.

bozebo  +   1181d ago
Oh ok lol. I have a grudge against PC retailer's annoying marketing, they like to bundle top of the range CPUs with bad graphics cards, or dual bad graphics cards to make it sound better when in reality one higher end card with a weaker CPU would make a better gaming machine and be cheaper.
OooHJohnny  +   1181d ago
and the hate goes on...
Hufandpuf  +   1181d ago
Rightfully so.
LakerGamerEnthusiast  +   1181d ago
Ok, so just want to get out there that i am a Cod fan and understand why some of you bash on it. However, as of yesterday the servers have improved significantly and the game is not as bad anymore. I was angry yesterday that they whern't working either but they got the issue resolved pretty quick. A few patches here and there and the game will shape up to be great. I'm enjoying the game and it hasn't been long enough for me to say that about a cod game. Treyarch cares about their customers it just so happens to be that they are partnered with Xbox and is why they get more love. I'm loving the game and i wasn't paid to say so.
The_Tr0ll17  +   1181d ago
No system crashes here. Just the constant "rebalancing" message and the occasional dropped connection. I have a solid connection so it's not from my end.
Rai  +   1181d ago
I don't get come this stuff never happens to me? its been fine for me.
PurpHerbison  +   1181d ago
Probably used to it.
GraveLord  +   1181d ago
I hear these stories every single year, and it never affected me....until now. Black Ops 2 is definitely the worst COD launch of all time on PS3. Server Issues are understandable but freezing isn't.
Kingthrash360  +   1181d ago
Dagnabbit!! I just bought it today and this article shows up.
Thunderfuck! Mine better be the only copy that works right!
SJPFTL  +   1181d ago
PS3 has uncharted 3 which has a great multiplayer componant, so why are PS3 gamers still buying that POS of a game? Activision is laughing themselves all the way to the bank.
SJPFTL  +   1181d ago
inb4 the COD sheep defend their game. Its been 5 years and they can't even get the same old engine working properly! I expect problems like this on new game engines but NOT ones you have been using for the past half decade!!! Treyarch sucks, only thing they are doing is leeching off Original Infinity Ward's success
Kingthrash360  +   1181d ago
*** Pauses AC3 ***Did u just reply to yourself there guy? .............................. ............. *** unpause***
Silly gameAr  +   1181d ago
Shocker, then again, it could just be another article with another blogger taking a few comments from gaming sites and turning something into a bigger deal then it is.
#18 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Majin-vegeta  +   1181d ago
SMH honestly i don't know how much dumber people can get.Oh well can't say i feel sorry for them knowing how this s*it plays out every year.
spektical  +   1181d ago
and this is a 9/10 game.. wow. we score non bug infested games like LBK with average scores in 7's.. but COD gets a free pass. Jesus christ journalism and integrity loss a hold of each other.
VR-4nic  +   1181d ago
This article is BULLSH** and NOT TRUE! This is Xbot propaganda at its worst! I have not had any issues whatsoever with Blops2 online or off! It has worked fine and has not crashed once for me! The online has work flawlessly sense 12:30am release day when I first tied the game and was still working 5 minutes ago when I was playing. I'm really not sure where this article is coming from because I have 4 other close friends playing daily and not one has complained about any issue mentioned in this BS article. Maybe this guy just likes picking on the PS3....? Well I can pick on the 360 too buddy! Here's something that is true, the 1st gen Xbotch had a 54.2% failure and it took M$ the better part of 5 years to get that rate down to around 4% which is roughly where PS3&Wii have always been! Lol! Lets hear it...Lol!
MeatAbstract  +   1181d ago
Shut up and stop moaning.

Problems exist, just because YOU haven't had them doesn't they aren't out there. Plus the PS3 has never really been Treyarch's strong point, the 360 version of their games have always played better according to the players. No one is threatening your precious console and it isn't propaganda against your gaming device. Take a deep breath and go back to your game.
VR-4nic  +   1181d ago
Trolling tolling trolling Xbots!lol I got a wopper!!! LOL!
ZacE  +   1181d ago
*Let me rephrase this* Accept the truth: MOST cross platform releases work better on the Xbox 360. And I'm not a fanboy of anyone, I have both consoles. It's just fact. I found out a couple times first hand, and learnt my lesson forever more. No need to get angry like you created PlayStation yourself...grow up.
#21.2 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
VR-4nic  +   1181d ago
Cross Plats that are better on PS3

Mass Effect 2
Portal 2
Star Ocean 4
Eternal Sonata
Dynasty Warriors series
Vanquish (slightly better textures)
Catherine(slightly better FMV)
Fist of the North Star
L.A. Noire (most likely PS3 lead)
Burnout Paradise

Off the top of my head! LOL
Chidori  +   1181d ago
Work better? You say that like it's the ps3's fault. It's all on the developers. I understand that it's apparently a little more tricky developing for the ps3, but with time and a little more effort I'm sure all would be good.
MeatAbstract  +   1181d ago
It's truly amazing to witness a creature like you in action. Just looking through your comments and seeing how scarily Pro-Sony you are. And then you have the audacity to call me an 'Xbot'

I can assure you, I no allegiance to a company. I play computer games on many different formats because it's a hobby I have. I can just call out Bullshit when I see it and the truth here - Treyarch aren't the best of developers. They're still not great working with the PS3. Hey, Infinity Ward are but Treyarch? Nope. Hence why the complaints are popping up regarding mostly the PS3 version.

Now a word of advice. Sony don't pay you do promote their do shit they? If not then why be so pro-Sony? It's absurd, weird and a little sad. Walk out of your paranoid bubble and think about it man.
#21.3 (Edited 1181d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
VR-4nic  +   1181d ago
Does someones butt hurt? Like I said I have not had any issues with this game sense release and to ME this article is BS! Deal with it buddy! Lol!
MeatAbstract  +   1181d ago're calling out bullshit on the article because you feel you have to defend Sony and the PS3.

I'm calling out bullshit because Treyarch don't develop well on the PS3 and never really have.

I mean c'mon, if you TRULY were this blind to reason idiot that, regardless, loves his PS3, then you should be the type of person stepping up to developers like Treyarch and saying "Hey, I own this console and apparently, a lot of people are complaining that your game doesn't run that well on it. Now whilst I haven't personally experienced any problems, I hope you step up your game for your next release because we shouldn't have to buy shoddy products. If not..." and insert your own threats.

But no. Fanboys, keep being idiots. Keep being the blind sheep you are and the blight on the industry with your anger focused in the wrong direction.
ZacE  +   1181d ago
Just because you haven't experienced any issues doesn't mean that it's not happening to others. The world doesn't revolve around you.
VR-4nic  +   1181d ago
Sense when hasn't it! Lol!
ALLWRONG  +   1181d ago
So the PS3 owners on the Playstation forums complaining are Xbots?
SegataShanshiro  +   1181d ago
Enjoy your skyrim dlc lol.....and enjoy your ported and crippled game on your crippled console
maximus1985  +   1181d ago
Playing campaign on ps3. Crashed 3 times. So much for reviewers. I almost thought it was my system until I read this article.
DaKnuckleHeads   1181d ago | Spam
CRASHBASHUK  +   1181d ago
hmm cod pc disc 2 being mass effect 2 and now ps3 ver being buggy hmm sounds too suspicious are activision forcing sales up on the 360?
sdplisken  +   1181d ago
"classic microsoft propaganda" right here

god M$ want cod to be exclusive so bad it hurts

my opinion:
cod sucks ass
paying to play online sucks even more
ufo8mycat   1181d ago | Trolling | show
Estrada  +   1181d ago
I am so disappointed with this game come on all the hype for nothing. My ps3 freezes on some maps while they load up. Gotta turn off the ps3 and restart. I did that yrs ago with Nintendo. U had to blow air on the game and then wiggle it, Well this is what it feels like once i installed Black Ops 2. I will never buy another one of these games and that promise i will keep, I got so much shit from the wife for spending money on crap. I actually agree with her.
tehpees3  +   1181d ago
I wonder how the Wii U version will compare to this.
chukamachine  +   1181d ago
I'm enjoying the game, but there are bugs.

And there is the worst spawning I've ever seen in a game.

There are no reason for problems with spawning, in the engine you select spawn and put the spawn object where you want, anyone who's ever done a quake3 of their own knows. You can make many. Yet there isn't enough of them in some of the maps.

Seems to still use the quake3 netcode which was broken from the beginning, some maps you could kill anything that moved, others hit nothing.

Watch your kill cam after, your behind cover and still killed, and no it's not a perk. It's fuked up netcode.

But there is one more thing that is a fking joke on any COD title, and some other games.


What is the point, your supposed to learn to aim better yourself. It's not hard.

Treyarch once said in an interview. Don't fix what is isn't broken. Well there are many things broken that need fixing.

I really do hope for 720/PS4 and for all pc users there is a no engine.

If there is no new engine for nextgen, it's a no sale from me.
artdafoo  +   1181d ago
This is all bought and paid for by MS, same shit with Lag Ops 1, a month before that turd dropped MS came out and said it would play better on 360. Gee now how would they know such a thing. Maybe u dopes on PS3 should stop buying this garbage.
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