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LX-General-Kaos  +   1182d ago
Everything looks nice as expected
Dante112  +   1182d ago
Yeah man. Great sales for the consoles. Glad to hear that the PS3 finally tied the 360 in their 70 million sales news as well (or shipments don't matter since the retailers buy the consoles). Having a good laugh here thinking out some of the sales enthusiasts and they're sayings. Guess they were wrong huh (Ps3 would never tie or possible become the second selling console ever.) Looks like the Ps3 has sold more units in lesser time as well. Here was my reaction to the news.


Also, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving this year. I'm preparing crow for certain people this Thanksgiving. Don't worry, crow being served in very popular in my country.

Edit: @ LX General

How do you feel about Sony's news? :)
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1182d ago
The news was pretty positive actually
ritsuka666  +   1182d ago
Nice milestone, but the impression of catching up with 360 is false.
andibandit  +   1182d ago
im eager to hear MS news of sold,units, i imagine Halo4 + BO2 must've boosted sales quite alot.

BO2 also boosted PS3 sales, but considering the game is half finished on PS3 it problably works out as a big advantage for MS.
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otherZinc  +   1182d ago

SONY wouldnt say this in a letter to its share holders! M$ did! They told the world at E3 they led The WORLD in console sales(2011)! See, a statement like that if not true would trigger a lawsuit! Attach a name to SONY's briefings...

How can you catch M$ in a half year? And still layoff & close development houses? No, this is a mindshare report to excite the SONY Fanbase.

Truth is in a companies parts:
LBP Carting- 55,000 units sold in 1st week!
SONY Move sales were also fabricated: no one is buying games for that!

So much for an exclusive!

M$ has led the competition in consecutive months spanning 2 years, no way in hell SONY is anywhere near M$'s 360.
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fabod86  +   1182d ago
i have to eat my hat... Halo 4 moved "some" hardware...
Dante112  +   1182d ago
I take it that Vgchartz is legit today? Ok. Great sales for Halo 4. Moved quite a lot of consoles.
fabod86  +   1182d ago
Is the only indication we have for a global vision until the official data from all the three companies. My comment was more for the fact that i thought that all the Halo fans that bought the game on day 1 had the console yet, so they wouldn't have inflated on the hardware sales. Maybe it's due to the custom 360 bundled with the game.
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Ilovetheps4  +   1182d ago
fabod, I do know two friends that already had a 360, but bought the Halo 360 anyways. They just liked the way it looked so they bought the special edition console. I'm sure it pushed a couple consoles though.
kneon  +   1182d ago
Well I have 2 friends that got RROD on out of warranty consoles while playing Halo 4, so it will move at least 2 new consoles :)

But seriously, Halo does seem to move consoles, though I don't understand why. Surely if you're a Halo fan you already have an XBox, and if you aren't a Halo fan what is the likelihood that you've going to suddenly buy a console to play Halo 4?
xPhearR3dx  +   1182d ago
Halo 4 Limited Edition Console. Nuff said. Halo freaks want that. One of my friends has 2 Xbox 360's and he bought the Halo console just because it was a Halo themed console.
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Walker  +   1182d ago
I hate vgchartz !
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r21  +   1182d ago
If i had been gulping down a drink and saw Halo 4's number, I'd spit take all over my laptop! Those numbers, it even beat Pokemon :O
sandman224  +   1182d ago
Halo 4 blew the chats up! That's why Xbox rocks. Sony sales are sad. I think wii U will do very well
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josephayal  +   1182d ago
IM Sorry but these numbers don't make much sense
GribbleGrunger  +   1182d ago
Great news for 360
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ItsTrue  +   1182d ago
You mean good new for all?
MrDead  +   1182d ago
HOLY CRAP!!! .......some numbers. Well I'm off to play games you kiddies have fun with this.
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SoapShoes  +   1182d ago
Glad to see Gran Turismo 5 still in the top 50. 11 million coming soon! :)
kingPoS  +   1182d ago
Wow! the comments on Forza 4 are so awesomely entertaining.
VGChartz is such a joy to read at times.
Jek_Porkins  +   1182d ago
Things always come around in November, cant wait to see what we have in store next year.
LNDCalling  +   1182d ago
As expected from ''!

All in I'd say that including RLOD/YLOD and year head start PS3 and 360 numbers are at this point pretty much even, which is quite an achievement given the pricing entry point for the PS3!

Am glad that both sides are doing well as otherwise Sony may have lazed in their glory but instead have been releasing many great exclusives and innovative games this generation, Flower, Journey etc.

My hopes for next-gen are that Story, AI etc take a front seat from graphics as whilst graphics are nice they do not in any way make the game!

I hope game prices don’t change and given the investment Sony must have put in to produce the 1st party games they have this gen (utilising the cell and its multiple threads to the fullest) I think next gen ‘costs’ will hit them less than they will MS.
ATi_Elite  +   1182d ago
I only came to read post of fanboys arguing over sales figures!

Still provides some laughs even after 6 years of bickering!

Good to see both systems around 70m!

Now back to what really matters.......The Games!
MasterCornholio  +   1182d ago
People will deny this but the PS3 hasn't failed in any region.

Oh and what happened to the 360s 10 million lead? Down to about a million which means that the PS3 has been outselling it otherwise the gap would be bigger.

But that doesn't really matter what matters is that there are a ton of great games to play on both systems (except the Wii because it doesn't count)
Max-Zorin  +   1182d ago
Funny how people brag about sales when they're not seeing any of that money.
Kingthrash360  +   1181d ago
Max-Zorin: mind reader.
Omnislash  +   1181d ago
These numbers dont make sense, it says one thing on the link from this website and it says something else on the front page of VGchartz...
Tewi-Inaba  +   1181d ago
It's pretty amazing to think a game released on one region and that region being the smallest of the 3 big markets can have such a gigantic impact on sales.

Animal Crossing is pretty insane...

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