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NirvanaInChains  +   987d ago
Because like every other Japanese developer/company they just cant grasp the concept of listening to there fans. Vita is cool but haves no good games. Just like square, all the fans wanna play ffv13 or a Remake of 7 or something besides ff13. Then they release ff13 2 in like a years time. NO ONE asked for that. Sad when the current best games for both vita and 3DS are remakes of old games.
fr3d0  +   987d ago
I use mine all the time. Playing FFIX and ACIII: Liberation. Watching full tv episodes on YouTube.

Of course it's portable, but it's not meant to be an iphone. Its a portable console basically so stop whining.
Ima9er4Life  +   986d ago
I love my Vita, who ever wrote this must be on Microsoft nuts. Cuz ain't nobody ever thought that most people who have Xbox360 have a couple of them, wether they 360 broke down or just plain upgrading. Think about it, I love sports, cars and adventure games, so I play on ps3. I hate kids on xbox, ain't nobody no shit bout sports and just know shooters and immature kids who ain't never seen no scratch by the end of the day.
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