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claud3  +   1106d ago
excellent images.. And i hope to see more
Nevers0ft  +   1105d ago
If you're talking about your avatar I agree. If you mean the article, the images are too low res to really get a feel for the power of the engine.

If I squint it looks good though.
ATi_Elite  +   1105d ago
Yeh i agree with Neversoft....I need to see 1080p images to get a more solid feel of the graphics.

1250 X 550 is not gonna cut it!

Pictures are cool but is a Dev gonna make a game out of it!
wallis  +   1105d ago
As it stands at this resolution it looks like Stalker but a little bit worse.
danieldeath  +   1105d ago
NO ,they are horrible.

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