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hkgamer  +   1106d ago
Nintendo 3DS – 187,077 (8,089,518)
PlayStation 3 – 18,043 (8,598,255)
Sony PSP – 12,076 (19,423,538)
PlayStation Vita – 4,021 (1,029,713)
Nintendo Wii – 2,921 (12,589,845)
Xbox 360 – 2,908 (1,602,408)
PlayStation 2 – 1,187 (21,825,926)
Nintendo DS – 424 (32,873,783)

PSP has almost sold the same amount as the ps2. 3DS should easily pass the PS2 mark in Japan.
Just a shame that the Vita is struggling so much over there. The vita needs more exclusive japanese games to attract the japanese market.
Smokingunz  +   1106d ago
Thats not surprising, the 3ds is a better system than the vita. I have a vita and it sucks!
Smashbro29  +   1106d ago
There's just no justice. Sony set out to make the best product they could and got shot down despite having great value and the 3DS sells like hotcakes because "LOOK! MARIO!"
BioDio  +   1106d ago
Monster Hunter...
just like when the PSP had Monster Hunter...
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MasterD919  +   1106d ago
Drop the price, increase the amount of games coming out for the Vita and see what happens. It's not a bad device, but for that kind of money, someone can upgrade their smartphone instead or buy a brand new console of their choice.

IMO the touchscreen and back panel touch pad was unnecessary and could have been left out. That would have shaved the price a bit and would have potentially allowed for more sales...What good is a touch screen when your fingers cover the screen?
dannylilley  +   1106d ago
I couldn't care in the slightest about sales figures. I really enjoy my Vita and can't see any games that I'd want on the 3DS. Mario bores me, pokemon is the same game it's always been and Zelda isn't my thing. Still have no idea how they get awaywith the same franchises generation after generation. Obviously some love them but it ain't me.
NirvanaInChains  +   1106d ago
yeah that commercial was fail.
synce  +   1106d ago
Headline says 46:1 but lifetime total is just 8:1. Obviously these aren't the normal figures. And comparing a handheld to a console that launched at $600? No bias there.
MilkMan  +   1106d ago
Holy sh!t!
Well there's always next time for Sony.
StrawHatPatriot  +   1106d ago
When your system doesn't come with a memory card/memory, and a memory card with sufficient space (32 GB) costs $89 (maybe even higher), there's a problem
zalanis  +   1105d ago
lmao at pedroyamoto's comment about the chances of finding a unicorn being more likely then finding someone who owns a vita. regardless, you guys are missing the point. developers are in the buissness of making money not games. (sorry to break it to u guys, but its true) its kinda like McDonald's, they aint in the buissness of making burgers, their in the buissness of making money. same goes for comics and movies etc. etc. games for developers are only the medium they use to make that money. its called (MARKETING) and theres only two things they (developers) really got to worry about when they're about to (produce) a game. 1st: how much its going to cost them to make that game. and, 2nd: how many units (games) do they need to sell to actually make a profit. THATS REALLY ALL THERE IS. capcom and likewise companies realize that the installbase needed doesnt outweigh the cost it would cost capcom or likewise companies to produce a game, any type of game on vita. its just not worth THE COST. a good example is the new COD GAME ON VITA. if thats the only game activision made, trust me, that woulda been their only game. luckily it doesn't matter how much money they lose on that game cuz they making to much money with the bigger console versions. dont believe me?? just look at disney's decision to not make anymore standalone HULK films. they themselves were the ones who said, that the cost of making the films, is never matched by the people who purchase a ticket to see the films. and ther folks is my point. if all disney cared about was making HULK films that not enough people wanted to watch. then they would keep making them, but because they too are in the buisness of making $$MONEY$$, not films, THEY SADLY stopped making standalone HULK films, and instead signed mark rufallo to only cameos as THE HULK in future marvel films. why?? cause they aint "WORTH" making. peace
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