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Megaton  +   1182d ago
Pointless to kill raid bosses now. They still drop the same terrible loot, but just take way longer to kill. You wanna start balancing your non-MMO game, Gearbox? How about you start balancing risk and reward?
Kurt Russell  +   1182d ago
Dropping the Megaton bomb right there.
Rykoshet  +   1182d ago
Our understanding of risk vs reward shouldn't be determined by one of the most busted examples in the game. I get that when it's easy to just dupe or 2 shot any enemy for the oranges you want, that it feels like a kick in the junk to be made to see it the way they wanted.
BlackTar187  +   1182d ago
yea megaton is right the drop rates are so bad on this game its stupid. Sure i would love to waste all this time over and over again and get nothing at least witht he bee i can do it solo or don't have to waste all my ammo or die so the game can scale to my $ amt and make the whole alot of money pointless.

I do enjoy the game i have beaten it 2x done everything there is to do in it. But some of the stuff like the money scale and terrible drop rate are dumb. it is a non PVP game anyways(for the most part)
admiralvic  +   1182d ago
I rather see them offer a useful alternative. As mentioned in the article and as I told many people, many of the legendary shields were situational, which many people ignored for least annoying trade off. Seriously, lets look at it...

The Sham, which is only useful against bullets and are easier to 1 hit than ignore most of their damage.
Pot o' Gold, which dropped cash when shot. Has novelty, but nothing more.
Whisky Tango Foxtrot is more likely to kill you than any enemy (esp if it goes off in a small room).
Vlad gives life, but won't save you from any boss.
Hide of Terra is strong, though other shields had a better overall effect.
Fabled Tortoise had insane shielding, but you moved so slow (walking normally was faster than running with this one) that I would need to constant equip / remove to complete anything quickly.
Firehawk only worked on generic mobs and would constantly kill me by going off near a barrel (really hard to avoid since you never know how many times it will go off or while it's constantly booming during combat).
Black Hole isn't that helpful unless you use a Mechromancer.
Neogenerator sounds better than it is.

It's not like The Bee was the most broken thing ever created either. It had so so recharge delay, awful capacity, didn't work if you took ANY damage, but at least it was useful in just about every situation. Perhaps if Gearbox made more items like that, then The Bee wouldn't have been a problem. Ideally the DLC will address this, though the pirate DLC added a bunch of completely useless new items. I mean, watch out Bee, I got a grenade that fires back at me!
Rykoshet  +   1182d ago
Situational, but I've used that with the black hole if I'm in FFYL with Axton.
majiebeast  +   1182d ago
It was already annoying trying to get some decent weapons now it just got 10 times worse. Why does Gearbox treat this game like its some mmorpg there is almost no pvp and there is no real money involved like Diablo 3 so there is no reason to nerf or buff stuff. They just made their own game worse.
BlackTar187  +   1182d ago
^^ 100% correct. This is a PVE game you don't want it to be that easy don't use the stuff. Its that easy since it is not a PvP system where it really matters.
EyeGlitch  +   1181d ago
I have spent countless hours farming legendaries, all for nothing now!!! I will not purchase any more content or download any patches untill it's brought back! My ccc is useles now, might as well drop it in the swirling shit in bloodshot stronghold.

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