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feraldrgn  +   921d ago
Looks a LOT better than GTA4.
I'm liking the less serious tone, since they are emulating "people" & they should have a sense of humour as well.

Wonder if this will top Vice City for me, the characters seem likeable.
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-IronMan-  +   921d ago
That was lame. Seriously graphics looks like crap just like GTA 4 no thanks. Not wasting my money on GTA again.
DigitalAnalog  +   921d ago
At this point, it's not fair to criticise the graphics considering the scope and ambition for this game. Heck, if Killzone or Uncharted could opt for bigger environments at the cost of minimal graphical improvements, I'm all for it.
CDzNutts  +   919d ago
Meh. I'll be content when Uncharted/Gears quality graphics in an OPEN world environment are as bad as graphics can get.

Then I'll have my money's worth.
derekcoaker  +   921d ago
GTA IV was a technical leap, in my eyes anyway. There was so much detail packed into that "tiny" map. A new texture no matter where you looked. Killer physics.....while not perfect...still leaps and bounds beyond most games being released today. I think IV gets a bad rap for not being GTA:SA 2. But "crap graphics" is a stretch.
TheSnakemanCometh  +   921d ago
This game will define 'greatness.'
Kos-Mos  +   921d ago
I wonder why people don`t care about characters in games. In this game they look so incredible unrealistic and generic. I`d never buy a gta game(I have seen people play too much of this series) because I won`t force myself through cutscenes where I feel I`m in a middle of a hollywood film like pearl harbor.
mmj  +   921d ago
There aren't many British games developers but Rockstar North are ****ing gods.
mtullock  +   921d ago
while I am as excited as the next guy for this, I have to say the facial animations and lip sync looks a little below par on occasion. Not trolling, but given the detail on some recent games I was expecting something amazing. however I guess this something has to give given the current generation of consoles.
freezola75  +   921d ago
WOW Rock* maann.. they are no joke!! I wonder just how long they have been working on this... This game looks very polished... stunning I might add. They've done it again! Another benchmark.... incredible!!
djslimzz  +   921d ago
Lookinf forward to it
xSIVIOKE  +   921d ago
EVERYONE. Why does ROCKSTAR say SPRING 2013, but Gamestop says >>>>> 12.31.2013<<<<< O_o
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CDzNutts  +   919d ago
To cover their asses in case of date changes.
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