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Bleucrunch  +   961d ago
I am having difficulty understanding how a game that comes out every year with rehasing after rehasing can get such high scores from reviewers....Please people use your brains and realize that this is the same thing every year with Call of Duty. Gamers should not excuse this irrefutable fact. The games they are pumping out every year are not $65 bucks worthy man...COME ON@
Blues Cowboy  +   960d ago
I don't really enjoy CoD, but I think you might be 'excusing the irrefutable fact' that Blops 2 does things very differently, and is from a totally different developer from Modern Warfare. Actually, the branching storyline is ace and completely new, as is the futuristic setting (that sadly gets under-used IMO).
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lastofgen  +   960d ago
I honestly think it's just the hype.
I mean, just look at modern warfare 3's metacritic score. We all know what a broken and unpolished game that was, and some of the campaign levels were even recycled from previous modern warfare maps and campaign areas. A good amount of cod players even despised the game. There was no innovation of any sort....... AND ....yet, it has an 88 on Metacritic, 6 perfect scores and the lowest score is just a 70.

It's the hype.
BlackTar187  +   961d ago
well this game doesn't deserve a 9/10 on the lack of zombie content alone.

Highly disappointing in the small maps and almost non existence of exploring in the zombie maps. LET DOWN

9/10 is a joke
8/10 fine more like 7.5/10
BX81  +   960d ago
Here is my mp review. Crappy servers, quick scoping sadly is still in, 90% of what you run into is some sort of smg over powering any other weapon. What a joke. At least zombies is fun.

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