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Likalota  +   868d ago
"Put your money where you mouse is!" I love it :) I want to hear this silken voice... where can I?
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schmoe  +   868d ago
fantasy is normally always better than reality :-0
HanCilliers  +   865d ago
Make sure to tune in to the event!
Choc_Salties  +   868d ago
hehe, its going to be a rough and tought event for sure!
HanCilliers  +   868d ago
What an honour it will be if you can jam TF2 with those guys!
HoldenZA  +   868d ago
Really nice article :)
HanCilliers  +   865d ago
bosbvok  +   868d ago
Really really great initiative. Well done to those guys for putting this together for charity

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