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claud3  +   1185d ago
Nice info
Blacktric  +   1185d ago
You must be joking...

"Police chases among random events that happen in the world
Franklin works for an Armenian luxury car dealership
The Salton Sea area is named Alamo Sea
Protag switching is from a menu that displays which character is available to switch to. Camera zooms out from the current protag, Pans across the map in an aerial view, and then zooms in on the chosen protag.
GTA V is about 5 times bigger than IV
Mini-map/radar displays horizon for flying
Switching protags during missions can make the mission play out in many different ways depending on your actions
All protags involved must survive missions
Story mission co-op is very unlikely"

Everything listed up there, and I mean everything, was known since November 8th GameInformer reveal. It's just a piece of sh*t site begging for hits.
OneAboveAll  +   1185d ago
I really hope the military returns as the highest wanted level. Always liked getting the tank and going ape sh*t. :p
Dovahkiin  +   1185d ago
It was pretty cool, but I feel as though they need to make the higher wanted tiers, much, much harder.

The army could take down one man in seconds, make us put in the effort.
claud3  +   1184d ago
Big deal, still nice info

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