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Septic  +   1180d ago
Yes, the consumers will decide and I think it's safe to say that the vast majority of them have decided that they are ready for the Playstation 4.

And I don't think they are concerned with:

"...continuing to innovate with the PS3, making it smaller, lighter and offering better value entry-point consoles. There's been a big engineering push in Tokyo to give it a facelift and a spec revitalization, too, so that's good to see"

Unless of course Gara isn't referring to already established consumers of the PS3 and merely late adopters, in which case, he is wrong- the current owners of the PS3 should be the ones that will decide on the Playstation 4.
kagon01  +   1180d ago
I'm one of those who got the console early and I'm not satisfied with this gen at all, with all the bs going on in the gaming industry.

The next gen will be far worse than this one I assure you that...
decrypt  +   1180d ago
"...continuing to innovate with the PS3, making it smaller, lighter and offering better value entry-point consoles. There's been a big engineering push in Tokyo to give it a facelift and a spec revitalization, too, so that's good to see"

But its essentially just as powerful as the original PS3 :P

The situation is so bad smartphones are on the verge of challenging it. Hell they already have over taken it in the Ram department lol. Yet they still want to wait on the consumer to decide rofl.

Anyone not wanting to be stuck with half a decade old tech already built themselves a PC.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1180d ago
@decrypt: Add tablets to that as well. this time next year we'll see tegra 4 devices hit the mobile/tablet scene and I have yo say they look impressive. 48 core GPUs!
Persistantthug  +   1180d ago
I bought My PS3 in Jan 2009......I'm happy with it.
For PS4, I'm pushing for a holiday 2014 launch....that way we can get good tech instead of underpowered hardware that's in the Wii U.

That's no troll, I'm telling the truth in how I feel and why. <----- THIS IS WHAT NEXT GEN SHOULD LOOK LIKE. I want this type of look in my gameplay rendered at 1080p @ 60 frames.....that's what NEXT GEN should look like. So if I have to wait until holiday 2014 or later to get awesomeness like this.....then I'll wait.
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jetlian  +   1180d ago
well thats not happening even in 2014! More important it wouldnt be at 1080p or 60 frames!

Based on your 2009 ps3 your not a hardcore gamer. I want ps4 now!
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Persistantthug  +   1180d ago
@jetlian...My 46 PS3 disk based games says I'm very hardcore.
Do you even know what the term "HARDCORE" means? It seems like you bastardized the term to something unrecognizable.

At any rate, from what I understand, 3 terraflops of total output is what it will take to render that Agni's Philosophy tech demo.
An AMD 7970 renders 3.7 Teraflops now for approx $400
By 2014, We can MOST DEFINITELY get that, sir.

You see....I've researched this, as I'm a forum member of the BEYOND3D forums, jetlian....That's how "hardcore" I am, whatever in the heck that means.

Perhaps you might do some research for yourself.

Take care.
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jetlian  +   1180d ago
lol rendering cutscenes and actual gameplay are two totally different things. PS3 has a 2 teraflop output and its not even close to 20 percent that agni video.

So what you "UNDERSTAND" isnt reality. If all it cost is 400 dollars why isnt there any pc games running that right now? You dont know what your talking about

You could have 46 games but they all could be lowest of the low. Who waits 2+ years to get active in a gen if they are hardcore. My friend waited and he plays hardcore games but he isnt a hardcore gamer.

I have over 200 games this gen not including live/psn
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Exoil  +   1180d ago

Your E-penis must be very big! And super hardcore!
Congrats to you!
TheTwelve  +   1180d ago
<---- consumer who has decided he's buying a PS4
MrDead  +   1180d ago
I would like it for next Christmas please Mr Vice President
-MD-  +   1180d ago
I decided a new console was needed so I built a gaming computer. Crazy how that works.
Sokol  +   1180d ago
In all honesty, I have had my PS3 since Feb. 2008 and I really wouldn't mind another 2-3 years out of it. Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, Beyond, Ni No Kuni (first party alone) is more then superb line up for me.

I believe we could see similar games offered for the next 2 years.

There is only so far graphics can go. Good quality games are another story and for that alone, PS3 is sufficient.
Hellsvacancy  +   1180d ago
Ive had mine for 6 years atleast, im ready for the PS4, illbuy one at launch, depending on what games there is, BF4 will be enough
Blankman85  +   1180d ago
Ni No Kuni isn't first party though. Just sharing.
GreenRanger  +   1180d ago
"The next-generation PlayStation 4 is a long way off and the PlayStation 3 is here to stay"
I hate PR talk.
Everyone knows that the PS4 has been in development for years.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1180d ago
Yes, but saying that will kill sales this Xmas for the PS3 and possibly the Vita.
wages of sin  +   1180d ago
I don't know any Sony fans that are PS3 owners that aren't screaming for the next console. I say more power too them. I won't be buying it but I want my fellow gamers to get their desired product.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1180d ago
i know one thing for sure, i have my money put away for the ps4 already. i have $1,000 dollars saved for the ps4 and maybe 10 games? a extra controller, the whole sha bang!.
Dlacy13g  +   1180d ago
from that interview it looks like you should throw that money in the bank and let it earn interest as PS4 is still a long ways off. 2014 looks to be the earliest we will see it based off that interview.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1180d ago
i have to have it day 1. im ocd about playstations!
buddyro  +   1179d ago
Are you considering buying a new TV ?
Bazookajoe_83  +   1180d ago
If they release it after the xbox 720 they will have a really hard time catching up...
IRetrouk  +   1180d ago
I dont think it would have a hard time catching up to the next xbox if it releases later. Look at the ps3 it was a year later in us and 18 months in europe than the 360 and its basicaly at the same lifetime sales now, im happy enough to wait for both anyway as much as i want new consoles the longer we wait the better the tech will be, well hopefully anyway. Plus the wii u will keep me entertained till the next ps/box
JasonKCK  +   1180d ago
I decided to get all the consoles next gen starting with Wii U. It doesn,t matter to me which comes next PS4 or Xbox whatever.
Npugz7  +   1180d ago
This gen is over with! Bring the next consoles please! Glad I'm not a sony fan cause they can stay in the past with there old tech!
jd666  +   1180d ago
I'm sure Sonys gaming division is secretly owned by Microsoft going by some of the idiotic decisions they keep making!! Why spend the next gen playing catch up again? Get out 1st and get everyone using PS4 as lead platform instead of the other way around, no more dodgy ports of multiplatform games!!
GraveLord  +   1180d ago
"There's been a big engineering push in Tokyo to give it a facelift and a spec revitalization, too,"

Huh? what is this referring to?
jd666  +   1180d ago
The PS3 super slim
Getowned  +   1180d ago
ok Sony I am ready!
OooHJohnny  +   1180d ago
I'm ready (well... my wallet is) but there's no hurry. MS and Nintendo can s*** my d***. PC & Playstation is all I need.
Felonycarclub8  +   1180d ago
I think ps4 will come out 2014, there is still a lot of games that are coming out next year. Plus I want the ps4 too have a lot of good games on launch like GT6, uncharted 4, killzone 4, resistance 4, god of war 4, lol look at all those 4 that would be awesome? Even if it comes out later than the next Xbox I hope it is more powerful and easier to make games than the ps3 was that way all ps3 games have an advantage over Xbox since Xbox seems to be going the way of kinect again.
ritsuka666  +   1180d ago
Sony and you PR bullshit statement...SHM,Sony really took PR bullshit to the next level this generation. It was simply mind-blowing..
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Alcohog  +   1179d ago
Well where the f*** do I go to voice my opinion? We want it in 2013 you clowns.

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