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Acquiesc3  +   1064d ago
ONLY hesitant about getting one before, because I've played most of the PS3 games offered already. Now that I just got a Vita.. this is a fantastic deal. Getting a 1 year Plus subscription asap.
DivineAssault  +   1064d ago
SOB!!! This is great n all but F**K! I own gravity rush & Uncharted for vita already lol.. Not selling em either.. FML sony has such a great deal w plus that im pissed! Ima renew ps plus at the end of the month.. This is fantastic for new vita adopters..
unicronic  +   1063d ago
Awww yeah
supremacy  +   1063d ago

Final fantasy x HD
Warriors lair
Soul sacrifice
Killzone mercenary

Wake up clock

Now if i can get in-game web browsing, the ability to see vita users online via ps3(not vita trophy count but vita users in general) and a larger memory card 40Gb,64 then we'll be golden for sure.

And thank you Sony for this update. HTML 5, JAVA and email support makes the vita more attractive not mention useful.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1063d ago
This is great. An even better reason to be a Vita owner right now. Add to the fact that they're selling Vita bundles for lower on Black Friday, now's the perfect time to pick one up.
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