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JustInTlME  +   1113d ago
Maybe you mean hits stores today...the 13th...
barb_wire  +   1113d ago
Yeah, title should be amended to EU.. NA release is supposed to be today (13th) Target has in it's weekly ad.
BrianC6234  +   1113d ago
I hope it's out in the US today. Wasn't it supposed to be out a week or two ago? The portable version came out but they moved the other versions to today. They better not move it again.
john2  +   1113d ago
yeap, updated the story to point it out
pandehz  +   1113d ago
Bahahahaha that chicken was epic
JustInTlME  +   1113d ago
Did anyone buy this? New rumor is surfacing that the game has been recalled due to demo versions of the game being placed inside the retail packaging... Crazy!

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