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Axonometri  +   1180d ago
Seems like they are doing the same thing but with F2P this round. Go with your Gut and stick with your vision.
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wallis  +   1179d ago
Yeah and we totally didn't see through it, and your terrible design strategy as a company has nothing to do with unreal's laughable domination of the cry engine or your best franchises struggling to break even.

Crytek's have to be some of the stupidest developers I've come across. Simply because they have such technical and artistic scope and they piss it all away on a boring linear shooter and then get stunned that their games never sell excessively. There's always some stupid glaringly obvious flaw that just will NOT let their games compete properly on a market. Crysis required a super computer and crysis 2 swapped out good art style for boredom manifest in new York city's grey skies, grey walls and grey everything. They make great games they just can't sell them for shit to make money. Even when they do sell they probably out run budget by two fold.
piroh  +   1179d ago
well, he's lazy. many developers are lazy these days, they have no passion for games because of bad sales
Fishy Fingers  +   1179d ago
Really? He set up a multi million dollar, international company while begin lazy? Imagine what he could accomplish if he got off his ass.

So tired to that stupid statement. I'm no fan of Crysis 2 but I'm pretty sure they put a considerable amount of effort into it.
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tubers  +   1179d ago
To be fair, Crysis 2 had the much more contrasting colors compared to BF3's Blue Tint (the community even made a patch for this) and KZ's Red/Brown Tint.

New York isn't the problem, it's the damned shrinked explorable surface area and vestigial vehicles that ruined it.. Crysis 1 was superior and know for these areas.

There was even an article where Cevat admitted that it would have been a different game if they still focused on the PC.

But w/e.. Goodluck with your Crysis 3.. regardless of my hate with Crysis 2, I still wish for the better with C3.
first1NFANTRY  +   1179d ago
so instead of creating a unique open world game they decided to follow the herd. see this is why i stick to first party games with the exception of sleeping dogs and fifa13. lack of innovation is only killing our beloved industry
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grassyknoll  +   1179d ago
So instead of focusing on what their games great, they decided to make games as generic as possible. They deserve everything they got (or didn't in this case)
gcolley  +   1179d ago
DICE did this with BF campaigns as well and they lost their identity to become another scripted linear CoD clone. The whole point of BFBC1 was open world training grounds for MP. Crysis 1 was even more open world fun. These games are getting more and more impossible to play in single player and just jump straight into the multiplayer. They are cliched wastes of time.
NYC_Gamer  +   1179d ago
Crytek = nothing but follow the leader type developers
Dark_Overlord  +   1179d ago
It also has the laggiest MP i've ever known in a game, that has put off a few people I know.
wrong  +   1179d ago
Whats wrong with "an elite gamer kind of thing"? Is he admits joins mediocrity for more money?
Tyre  +   1179d ago
There you have, your logical deduction of my usage of the word "Elite" is explained by your reasoning. You talk out of a narrow minded PC focused prespective. PC gamers think ur entitled to pirate games when they are considered 'sub-par' and don't meet ur 'their' standards. That is Elite behaviour. Why is it then that Crysis 2 is THE most pirated PC game in history?
People obviously wanted to have it and made effort to get it one way or the other. Well let me tell you That Crysis 2 is far from sub-par compared to most generic FPS on consoles. Also the graphics are not a travesty compared to most FPS on consoles.
PC gamers do not need to compare it to PC games, you have to compare it to most console FPSs. The problem from different perspectives is that Crysis 2 is a mixed-bag, most Console gamers, i know, didn't even complete the 1st 2 chapters because they didn't get the gameplay (pieces of sandbox style Crysis 1 in Crysis 2) and wanted it to be more lineair.
They also were influence by comments made by a small spoiled PC crowd and some skipped it.
Most PC gamers were confronted with more CoD Lineair gameplay at the beginning and were put off so they also didn't finish the 1st 2 chapters and started to make negative remarks on the forums.

Crytek doesn't deserve the overall negative remarks by a small group of loud mouth PC gamers on the forums, you guys are doing more damage to the game than Crytek could ever do by their misguided PR and other gameplay choices.

All things being equal i also was put off by the choices Crytek made in Crysis 2, but i still enjoyed the game and understood that Crytek is just a company that had to make a profit after their 2nd most pirated game on PC 'Crysis 1'. Crytek made some bad decisions, i admit. But still it doesn't deserve being treated like they are now.
Slyfamous  +   1179d ago
I will give this game a solid pass. If C2 was that boring being a linear game, just think how boring C3 will be having open world characteristics.
MasterCornholio  +   1179d ago
I believe that was due to the limitation of consoles more than anything but then again GTAV is going to have a massive open world so it can't be that.

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Zha1tan  +   1179d ago
This is the exact problem with developers today....they just copy each other hoping to cash in on the sucess of another which NEVER happens or works out and they are left thinking "what have we done wrong?"
sriki007  +   1179d ago
crysis 1 is such a fantastic game on both pc and consoles(yes the pc one was graphically better). such a shame that they made second one linear!!! like the ones we get every single year!!
palaeomerus  +   1179d ago
The big levels in Crysis were mostly wasted. They were just emptiness to get "sort of" lost in before you went back to where the encounter were. The vehicles were way too fragile to have much "halo/battlefield" style fun in. I preferred Crysis 2 for the most part. Crysis was really impressive as a great as tech demo but not so much as a shooter. Crysis 2 added a lot of focus. I was a bit saddened that they switched over to squids in suits hough. I wish they'd stuck to the hovering cyborg squid stuff.

"I believe that was due to the limitation of consoles more than anything but then again GTAV is going to have a massive open world so it can't be that. "

Doubtful. Dunia is a bastardized version of the original Crytech engine (for Far Cry) used by Ubisoft. Dunia was used to make Far Cry 2 and that was a full open world FPS game, and it worked fine on consoles. It even had a pretty decent terrain editor that worked on consoles. It even looked good.
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Eldyraen  +   1179d ago
Even with all the changes, Crysis 2's single player is still better than 90% of FPSers out there (and that's being kind towards other shooters). I was disappointed with the severe changes compared to 1 but I still enjoyed it for what it was. I'm really looking forward to 3 as its supposed to be a bit more of a mix instead of one or the other (hoping leaning towards 1 but from few videos its still largely a mystery and have some doubts--think Ill enjoy it but not sure of design).

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