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rjsdosn   869d ago | Spam
GTRrocker666  +   869d ago
Are those in game?
Captain_Comic_Con  +   869d ago
Cant wait for this game to come out! It looks amazing, I just hope the gameplay can match up with the graphics this time. Still think GTA3 was the best tho.
josephayal  +   869d ago
GOTY 2014
GTA V looks just like GTA SA, nothing new a complete remake
SephirothItachi-  +   869d ago
It looks freaking beautiful, and the map is the largest one ever. I don't really care about the story cause most likely all I'll be doing is heading out and exploring everything and memorizing the map.
taquito  +   869d ago
wonder if R* will be able to get the game to look anywhere near as good as the modders have on gtaiv on pc, obviously console will not look anywhere near that, but perhaps the pc version will actually suprise us all

the vanilla version of gtaiv on pc looks far better than any of those screenshots, here's hoping R* makes an amazing pc version!

I have faith in them, Max Payne 3 on pc was freaking AMAZING, the console verison looked like a ps1 game in comparison
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