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Tetsujin  +   1109d ago
If you need some sort of "electronic pat on the back" to play a game, you're not a gamer. I'm sorry to say it like that but it sickens me to see all these kids whine about lack of achievements/trophies in games; there's games I'd rather play if they had 0 scores to it. Why? Because I grew up on gaming that the incentives were built in the game itself with its own rewards; Tekken 3 being a big example going for Dr Bosconovich as a playable character - however most of the kids would argue "Why waste the time when I get no achievement from it?"
RFornillos4  +   1109d ago
Honestly, I didn't care much for achievements. But it does feel good to have it once in a while. So although a disappointment, I think it's something that can be implemented on a per game basis. So perhaps what Mr. Iwata is saying is that, let's leave it to the devs to implement it.

Or as almost everyone's stating, it may be something that is included in an update later.
LiquidSword93  +   1109d ago
Bottom line is this: trophies and achievements are pleasant distractions at the absolute best and annoying add-ons that take away from the game at the worst. Who cares if the wii u doesn't end up supporting trophies etc? Will anybody cry about it?
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Schawk  +   1109d ago
They are geekboy bragging rights to prove you have wasted more of your life playing one particular part of a game to hear a beep and get a score on your gamertag, W O W how Geeky, kids worry more about the trophies than the actual game itself to see who can have the biggest score etc,

its the kind of thing you hear kids bragging about in the playground, im glad nintendo hasent made it unified
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NiteX  +   1108d ago
Whaaaaaaaa? Even Steam has been having them. Kinda sad, but not surprising coming from Nintendo. I guess they feel it doesn't make the game.
Gamer-Z  +   1108d ago
Hopefully Nintendo will patch it in later
Droid Control  +   1108d ago
Yo Yo Yo! No achievements, no console!


Only joking. I couldn't care less. Actually I do, I'd rather not have have them. They force me to play the game i wouldn't normally do. I'd rather play a new game that collect all the coins or some other such nonsense.
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