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extermin8or  +   1183d ago
Just want to point out that many of those wii u games that are multiplatform aren't just multiplatform but are big name titles however they have also been out on other consoles for anywhere to a week to a month to a year or more, and games like BO2 don't have all their features such as COd elite supported.. this is fairly unusual looking at those lists for a consoles launch; and they don't seem to do anything particularly new on the wii u excluding like a map etc on the screen on the remote.
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1183d ago
Same thing happened to the 360 and PS3 when they launched.
LiquidSword93  +   1182d ago
Wii u is a 2012 product. Ps3 and 360 are 2005/6 products. The same thing shouldnt be happening now. Do you get it?
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1182d ago
The Wii U is new dedicated tech for games that devs haven't fully came to grips with along with, from a business standpoint, they want their games on as many platforms as possible-- hence the multiplats. Do you get it? No? Kick rocks...
JustinWeinblatt  +   1182d ago
Basically, everything you've complained about were complaints people had about the other consoles. Marvel Ultimate Alliance had frame rate issues on PS3 that weren't on PS2. Madden was stripped of features, NBA 2k was stripped of features, Gun did nothing to make it better than the Gamecube version, etc. Check out the average review scores for launch games, and you'll see that only one title was rated better on a new console vs its older counterparts. This is the way launches are.
extermin8or  +   1182d ago
yes I'm aware what I shouldve really specified though is that the ps3 and 360 when they launched were a visible jump ahead with their exclusive games and the few multiplatform games that were only next gen, whereas the wii u isn't really showing anything particularly amazingly new or next gen in it's own 1st/3rd party exclusives; I mean nintendo land from what i've seen could run on the wii allbiet with worse graphics; only game I could think of is that really couldn't at all and is exclsive is zombie u also the ps3 and 360 versions of games like mass effect 3 and Batman and AC3 etc are actually exactly the same game, its not like last gen where the ps3 version might have had online multiplayer that functioned better than on the ps2 etc they are identical to the versions on consoles much cheaper than the wii u which I keep seeing for near to 400 pounds, it;s only about 50 quid under what I saw the ps3 for a month after launch and we all know the fuss people put up about it's prices....
Donnieboi  +   1182d ago
Dont waste your time. Nintendo fanboys dont care how little effort Nintendo puts into preparing the Wii U to compete, they will still buy it. Sad but true
GraveLord  +   1183d ago
Great article.

I think Wii U pretty much has all its bases covered. Everything from a Mario game to Call of Duty. Instant success right there.
guitarded77  +   1183d ago
Yeah, it has done a good job of covering all bases with quality titles.

Platformer - NSMB
RPG - Mass Effect
Family - Nintendo Land
Party - Sing Party
Horror - Zombie U
Fighting - Tekken Tag 2
Action - Darksiders 2
Sandbox - AC3
Sports - Madden/FIFA
Hack n Slash - Orochi
Racing - Sonic All-Stars
Fitness - Your Shape
Brain/Puzzle - Scribblenauts

...and some of those categories have more than 1 quality title in them. I was just saying how they have got something for everyone. I am by no means a Nintendo junkie, and I know the Wii U isn't going to be the perfect console, but what Nintendo has done has given me enough incentive to pre-order... and that's after saying I'd never own another Nintendo console again after Wii. That and seeing the tech demo of an HD Zelda :D
Moerdigan  +   1182d ago
The fact the WiiU is coming out with 2 significant 2D platformers (4 if you include Nintendo shop) is very exciting and unusual for a launch game in this century. It feels like a revival of 2D.
Gamer1982  +   1183d ago
You cannot compare a console launching with current gen titles to consoles that launched a new generation. Back when PS3 and 360 launched the technology was new so games were of a vastly lower grade while developers got used to it. The WiiU however plays current games not a new generation of games.
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WiiUalpha  +   1183d ago
U guys r just desperate aren't you. If PS3 launched with next gen games how come many were PS2 ports? Cant wait to see the spin when ps4 720 launch and it has multi platform ports that are on Wii u. I'd but anything its not an issue for u. I know u first gen gamers aren't that knowledgeable but not every console launched the jump this one did. PS2 was a 233 MHz machine and they jump went to 3 cores at 3 GHz. The tech doesn't exist to make that kind of jump again. Ill never understand why people comment on things they have no understanding of. Sorry im not trying to b rude but it bothers me when people decided b ignorant but voice their opinion like they know what they r talking about. Like fanboys who claim USB 2 is too slow yet its transfer rate is 6 times that of the drive in PS3. The only thing u do is show Ur opinion isn't valid. U havent changed anyones opinion about the console in any way.....BTW what r we supposed to compare a console launch to if not the last consoles that launched? That is a senseless argument and find it very amusing that u think u brought a valid argument to the table
extermin8or  +   1182d ago
at least the ps2 ports had something new, like splinter cell had online mp through psn etc these are literally EXCTLY the same as the copy of mass effect 3 I have, or the copies of Black Ops2 and AC3 currently sitting next to my ps3; infact arguably as AC3 has free exclusive dlc on ps3 and BO2 isn't supporting Elite on wii u I'd say that the versions I own are more complete.....
Trunkz Jr  +   1183d ago
Gamer just sounds jealous of the Wii U's great launch titles, I have a feeling 720/PS4 will do great with launch titles as well ^^ tho I'm worried if their games will cost $69.99 as the new price line...
Realplaya  +   1182d ago
The ps3 and 360 launched with old gen games esecially the ps3. The wii u technology is new so what's your point?
When the new xbox and playstation rip off nintendo and launch with last gen ports I bet you won't come ack on with a good defense as to why. Also imagine if you will the new systems copying wii controller design trust me they have aready attempted the feat.
chadboban  +   1183d ago
Not a bad launch by any means. I really want to see if ZombiU has become a true survival horror game that can live up to expectations and maybe even surpass them.

This generation been quite long but has offered many great gaming experiences for all platforms and I hope that things are just as good or perhaps even better when we finally begin the 8th generation of home consoles in just a matter of days.
Yangus  +   1183d ago
Mario,Call of Duty,Zombie U.Success.
Good start.End.
ronin4life  +   1183d ago
I think you and many reviewers of the day gave resistance and perfect dark zero FAR to much credit...

I know from experience the PDZ was crap, and I will never forget that story in EGM telling of gamers returning their PS3 in droves because of how much they hated resistance.

(Edit errors caused by phone auto.correct fixed... damn lucid...@.@)
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Legend_Killer  +   1183d ago
Great Article there
Skynetone  +   1182d ago
I Like the wiiu, but the e3 console launch. was the worst in the history of new console launches

i dont see any reason not to wait until the price drops and a mario or zelda is bundled in
extermin8or  +   1182d ago
I agree :p I might well get a wii u at some point but I wish to see what the other console makers are doing 1st and if ps4 is decent and has backwards compatibility then that's 1st on my list..

@Deku-Johnny below me the only genre I can see the wii u's remote being universally useful too are some RPG's where lack of a keyboard makes changing equipment or attacks a menu based trial- now it can be on that screen and be done on the fly; most games however will just use it for weapon selection and a map instead of minimap on the tv or having to open a world map on the game and stop playing.
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Deku-Johnny  +   1182d ago
Let's not forget that the multiplatform games on Wii U ported from last gen consoles are different to 360/PS3 launch games ported from 6th gen consoles. With the touchscreen no matter what developers do with it it's still a different experience to their counterparts whereas the ports to 360/PS3 were pretty much the same as their counterparts. Take for example Ninja Gaiden 3, from what I've seen with the amount of changes to the game it could almost be classed as an exclusive in itself.
JustinWeinblatt  +   1182d ago
We also need to remember that every X-Box 360 launch port was, at the very least, upscaled to 720p, so you could also argue that that made those games a different experience. From my personal experiences, the Wii U Gamepad made a surprisingly large difference, even with games like Mass Effect 3 which weren't designed for it. Hopefully, the Gamepad will be a meaningful enhancement for most games.

As for Ninja Gaiden, I actually waffled a bit on how I should count that. The version that's coming to Wii U is actually published by Nintendo, and they're working with Team Ninja to improve the game. I'm not sure I'd count it as an exclusive, but it's one of the launch ports that might be worth a second purchase. Thanks for reading and commenting!
MegaLagann  +   1182d ago
To me, the greatest day one launch ever was the Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure, House of the Dead 2, Power Stone, Marvel VS Capcom & Soul Calibur all day one. But Wii U is pretty close. Day one for me is Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, ZombiU & Scribblenauts Unlimited. Four exclusives (yea i'm counting Ninja Gaiden 3 as an exclusive. The amount of stuff they changed it pretty much makes it a new game, also Sigma 1 & 2 were considered exclusives so why not Razor's Edge) and a multiplat with extra features. Pretty good day one launch if you ask me, right up there with the Dreamcast.
yeahokchief  +   1182d ago
In the past there was always an exclusive game for the console that made me want to buy it.

Not so much with the Wii U. Thats great that they have Nintendoland though. THAT GAME LOOKS ASWESOME!@@!@!!~~~!!!1111
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Realplaya  +   1182d ago
The best part about the Wii U launch is that Nintendo has been smart in positioning themselves to stay relevent after there system release. But if they want to stay in a position of power I think they will need to appeal to the hardcore by proving that people need it. If I were them I would ride out the titles for a little while because there are some good ones until maybe march.

Then I would go ahead and release a few more third party and indie games showing mad support to game makers and then when they hit a dry spot bam release pikman. Once they do that I would then tease with the new game from retro show a title of said game maybe even a picture of the lead character assuming it's a starfox type game and end it by saying Nintendo got your back because WII U.

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