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Buff1044  +   1187d ago
I mean, you're always going to pay more, but that's the price you pay for being an early adopter. It's about the exciting rush of being able to play something asap.
Vitalogy  +   1187d ago
Agree! I did it with the PS3 and the PS Vita but I'll try to not do it with the next gen. We can always find a way better deal a month or 2 after the launch.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   1187d ago
I too have never bought a console on release date, my PS Vita was mine after 2 months of release date. Reason why? I wanted to see what games were coming out, what games were already on the console and if they were good, how the console fared a many more things. The thing is that never buy a console on release date wait a few weeks to see what other reviewers say about it.
hilmart  +   1187d ago
Buying a console at all isn't worth it.
What do consoles have that a PC doesn't? (Besides some exclusives)
The idea of consoles is outdated and should come to an end.

Consoles' specs are fixed. They will not be improved until it's successor arrives, which is generally ~6 years. This halts the progress of technological advances severely in the hardware market.

If one part of the console defects, you have to get it fixed by someone else (Similar to Apple computers). If a part in a PC defects, you can simply replace it yourself or get it fixed for much less, your choice.

Some say that the plus of owning a console is that you can sit in your couch with a controller. This is also possible with a PC. Just hook it up to your TV via HDMI and reap the benefits of both console and PC.
Jason143  +   1187d ago
I sold all my consoles last yr and built a gaming rig hooked up via hdmi to my 57. Much happier. I think the clear winner for pc is user made content that can add to your game. Getting your moneys worth on a pc title is very easy with the mods and content out there
jmc8888  +   1187d ago
I have a i7 920 @ 4 ghz and a GTX 670....but you're wrong in the way you ask your question.

What they have is a different experience. It's not the same as a PC. It's easier, it's simpler, it's something you can just turn on. You don't have to worry about viruses or windows taking a crap on you. Or updating graphic drivers, or compatibility with certain brands on certain games.

Beyond this you have exclusives. You don't get Halo 3, Reach, or 4 on the PC. You don't get Uncharted on the PC. You don't get Mario on the PC. So you definitely don't get some things and when you add in Sony, MS, and's a pretty sizable chunk of the best games aren't on PC.

Also you have controller issues. Sure KB+M is the most precise way to play, but it isn't the most fun way to play. Personally for a lot of FPS I like the use of a controller. I can do Controller + Mouse. But I hate using the keyboard, and sometimes PC games will force me to use the keyboard, which just flat out sucks. Xpadder isn't very good. It's decent, but not the same as if it was built with a controller in mind. Even then if you use a controller versus KB+M you are at a supreme disadvantage.

When you are on a console the playing field is equaled. They have the same controller handicaps as you do. Thus you can use a controller and not worry about someone with a KB+M aiming faster than you. Now some people use a mouse on PS3, but generally speaking, none use one. So only on a console can you use a controller and not get raped by KB+M people.

Also beyond this there are various control schemes that aren't possible, or very prevalent on the PC. Motion control gamin is one of them. You don't have MOVE, Kinect, or Wii style games on the PC. Yeah I know, you can connect the Kinect to the PC and Razer (I think) has something out, but overall the support by games just isn't there and won't ever be, unless a major following builds over many years.

Also you now have the Wii U gamepad as a 2nd screen. Can't do that on a regular PC game.

So I personally see the reasons to buy all the consoles + have a good and modest 'built myself' gaming rig. Because if one believes that one size fits all, they are fooling themselves. Don't fool yourself. If you prefer one over the other, then you do, and with limited money that's what you choose. But unless you get them all, you don't have access to all the games, features, pluses involved with each system.

Getting consoles at launch doesn't really matter, you have them for some of the good initial games (not that many) and have it ready for the good games when they start rolling in.

You don't have to wait in line, if you preorder. Also with the 360 and PS3, I just called around and got both of them around xmas of launch. PS3 a couple days before, 360 a couple of days after.

The Wii U isn't the 360, the hardware problems most likely won't exist, at least in the system itself. We'll see about network (fixable on their end) and the gamepad. But overall we won't see RROD on the Wii U. It just isn't using unstable tech like the 360 was.
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MNGamer-N  +   1187d ago
Is this the first chapter or the 2nd chapter of your new book? Sheesh
hilmart  +   1187d ago
I find pretty much all console exclusive games to be the most linear of games.

In pretty much everything where I can influence stuff, I want to be in control. I don't want to be on a rail with a single path.

Updating drivers is completely optional, but recommended. Stock drivers vs. latest drivers shows significant performance differences. Especially for Nvidia drivers. Some drivers increase performance by 30% in some games.

You don't play FPS games with a controller... you just don't...
There are a lot of devices which allow the 360 to be used with a KB+M.
The thing about controllers and FPS games on consoles is that the games have most of the time auto-aim assistance.

Motion control gaming is rather terrible these days and few games implement it correctly.
From my experience, people who use motion controls are generally casual players who play Wii Sports and childish Kinect games.

About the Wii U 2nd screen:
The reason why you can't do this on a "regular PC game" is because this is the first of it's kind. The game has to have support for such a device. I think this technology will be in games on the PC in the coming years, but the hardware manufacturer, the one who supplies the 2nd screen has yet to reveal itself.
Venox2008  +   1187d ago
well said sir :) I dont like to limit myself, plus I love exclusives on each console :)
cpayne93  +   1187d ago
Well said. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but for me, you can't get Demon's Souls or MGS4 on pc. That about means I have to get a ps3.

Plus gaming on pc can be a pain in the ass, you run into a lot of problems you just won't on console.
t0mmyb0y  +   1187d ago
There are a LOT of 'some exclusives' that PC doesn't get.
jek7  +   1187d ago
Besides some exclusives? i beg to differ with that statement. by some means a lot of good games are not being made for PC
hilmart  +   1187d ago
I have to agree with you there.
For instance, I really want to play Dragon's Dogma, but it's just so goddamn expensive where I live (Iceland). My nation's currency isn't very strong at the moment. Dragon's Dogma costs about 92 US dollars here on either PS3 or 360.
And what's also terrible about this is that the PSN and Xbox Live reject any credit cards from Iceland. I'd have to buy pre-paid cards for both of these services which is almost twice as expensive then when I'd just add my own funds/MS points to these services.
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GTRrocker666  +   1187d ago
I buy games at launch... so i wouldnt blame someone with the money if they wanted a new console day 1. As long as there are good release games that is...
Jason143  +   1187d ago
Having 6 360s red ring on me i can say that being the first in line for a console is not smart.
Quetzll  +   1187d ago
6? really? give your systems a break, man.

(not literally)
Realplaya  +   1187d ago
Why keep buying or replacing it.
t0mmyb0y  +   1187d ago
I think that means you had a bunk product. I never understood why people kept buying them lol. And buying a launch console has nothing to do with your experience *cough
FinalomegaS  +   1187d ago
i think you got unlucky batches, should of change the thermal paste in your 360 and keep them super ventilated.

oh and turn them off when you're not playing :)
profgerbik  +   1187d ago
If you want something bad enough I guess any person would find it worth while.

Doesn't matter if the object is not technically worth it, all that matters is if that object is worth the effort or money to that person.
millzy102  +   1187d ago
keyboard and mouse sucks ass end of. its only good for typing and internet surfing. I buy consoles on launch knowing price will do Down and there will be better deals in future but I'm inpatient and need to play games asap. that why I got 360 on launch and 4 more after that because of red light then gave up on microsoft. got Wii on launch 3ds vita and Wii u the only reason I didnt get ps3 in launch was price but got it a year later. but the main reason I don't use pc is the past few windows from vista suck and windows 8 looks a mess.
sincitysir1  +   1187d ago
Windows 7 is great tho. I love my ps3 and vita and Xbox but there r some games that can only be played on pc. Keyboard and mouse have much more accurate input then any console. Why do you think most console games automatically default to some sort of assist aim.
MasterCornholio  +   1187d ago
After the stunt that Nintendo pulled with the 3DS I don't think that its a very good idea to get a console at launch.

Imagine if you buy a Wii U and Nintendo drops the price by more than 30% shortly after launch.

Btw my opinion stands for all manufacturers not just Nintendo.

Motorola RAZR i
hkgamer  +   1186d ago
Yes it is worth it.

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