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NYC_Gamer  +   929d ago
SK is another studio that's on life support
Neonridr  +   929d ago
I would say they are flatlining right now. This last blow will ultimately cripple them. Shame, because they were known for great things with Eternal Darkness and the Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes Gamecube Remake. I fear their only hope now is Nintendo purchases them and then gets them to make Eternal Darkness 2 for the Wii U. Otherwise I think they will be closing shop very soon.
camel_toad  +   929d ago
That would be the best scenario for everyone - SK, Nintendo, and us.

Sure would love a new Eternal Darkness and under Nintendo's wing you could at the very least be assured quality - as opposed to Too Human, although I still enjoyed it despite the lack of polish.
raiden-49  +   929d ago
I heard that there is only over two people working on Eternal Darkness but just to buy the company for the ip is pretty smart since they are in such debt but then the 9 million will have to be payed by Nintendo. so they are better off buying the rights for Eternal Darkness but i feel sorry for Silicon Knights even after a meh (MGS fanboy) Metal Gear Solid.
Captain Qwark 9  +   929d ago
agree with neonridr

as much as i loved too human, they havent had a commercial success in a long time. im fairly confident this will put them out of business
Sp1d3ynut  +   929d ago
Justice served...Denis Dyack is a pompous @ss.
ALLWRONG  +   929d ago
Silicon Knights games may be poor but Epic just got away with murder and they know it. I am in no way defending Silicon Knights (don't like their games) but wrong is wrong. Money buys you favor in US court (see Apple vs Samsung) American company vs a Canadian company in an American court. Hard not to see that coming.
spicelicka  +   929d ago
"Silicon Knights has also been ordered to recall and destroy every unsold copy of Too Human and X-Men: Destiny at its own expense."

hmmm that's interesting, they should hand those copies out for free or find some way of getting them to gamers. I just find the destruction of those games to be a waste, they're playable games if anything and people would still like to play them.
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majiebeast  +   929d ago
Sorry for the employees that work for SK but i couldnt give a shit about Dyack.

@Neon there is no hope because the company at this point is at 4-5 employees the company exists on paper and thats it and soon it will cease to exist completely.
Hanso  +   929d ago
firefly69  +   929d ago
Well nintendo must have a six sense,an smartly didnt support eternal darkness 2!!
Grimhammer00  +   929d ago
If I remember correctly....and I likely don't since it was 7yrs ago too human came out? What basicly happened was Too human was suffering due to epic not supporting the unreal engine that was used with licensing. What that license didn't allow was retro engineering the source code and then rebuilding it.

Epic failed its contractual obligation to release all useful code to Silicon. At the time it was widely thought that epic was withholding due to its launch title...gears of war. They wanted to make sure that they alone were the masters of unreal engine...and apparently didn't want to take any chances. (Similarly dark ___ game also was suffering and tried to sue. That game with the guygar suit and boomerang ....forget the name)

Anyways, epic wins and silicon is left fending for themselves. So they kept at the retro engineering and modified the engine. And now it's caught up to them in full.

Problem is epic are just as much of not more douchy than silicon.
3-4-5  +   929d ago
YES. there is justice after all. The man who runs/owns this company is what is wrong with the business and shouldn't be allowed in it anymore.

Let it be known that he really has no intention of making quality games.....just a quality profit.

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