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ginsunuva  +   1028d ago
Playstation is not looking for a mascot, dumba$$ "journalists"
Tontus  +   1028d ago
Yeah Sackboy is definitely Sony's mascot for the younger gamers, but there's absolutely no question that Kratos is Sony's by far most popular and iconic character at the moment selling over 22 million copies and having an easily identifiable design that's memorable and easily stands out in a crowd(compared to the second biggest story driven Sony franchise Uncharted at 15.5 million with the worlds most forgettable and generic character Nathan Drake).

So Kratos is the mascot for the mature gamers and Sackboy for the kids which works out great. Nintendo may have Mario to appeal to the kids but what about us older gamers? Nothing. Microsoft has Master Chief for the mature gamers but nothing for the kids. Sony is the only company appealing to both demographics.
Jobesy  +   1028d ago
Kratos is not a mascot, he's an icon of the PS brand, but not a mascot. Nathan Drake is an icon as well, and I don't know why you say he's a forgettable character, he's anything but. Sony has many icons of the PS brand but no mascots, not even sackboy.

I wouldn't even call Master Chief a mascot. He's just a very popular icon for MS just like Marcus Fenix. The only mascot around is Mario, he's in their fighting games, racing games, adventure games, sports games, etc. He represents everything Nintendo.

If sackboy, Kratos or MC died, the Xbox and PS brands would live on, if there was no more Mario, I'm not sure how Nintendo would do, it would REALLY hurt them. That's a mascot.
slaton24  +   1028d ago
yep just like sonic was with sega genesis...oh the childhood memories
Hicken  +   1028d ago
One bubble, but good sense? Oh, the system must work PERFECTLY....

Sony doesn't have a mascot, and they're not looking for one. Instead, they've built up a stable of notable characters.

I can somewhat understand the comparison between Mario and Sackboy, but that mostly comes from the similarity of their games. When it comes to the purpose of the two in relation to their respective companies, Mario is THE face of Nintendo; Sackboy, on the other hand, is a member of the Sony family. The Sony family has many characters of equal importance, as opposed to Nintendo's Mario having the second fiddle characters behind him.
chazjamie  +   1028d ago
well said.
profgerbik  +   1028d ago
Sony's official mascots are Toro and Kuro. They are from a old virtual pet games back in the 90's that was used with the PocketStation.



Was like the VMU for the Dreamcast but for the PS1.
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profgerbik  +   1028d ago
Sackboy is cool and all but I think people are taking LBP a little over board just my opinion.

Sony mascots are in PS: All Stars Battle Royale. The official Japanese Mascots are Toro and Kuro.



For some reason though I had watched a Japanese demo show where they showed people playing Toro and Kuro. The video seems to be gone now and Kuro is no longer a playable character..

I don't know why he has been removed for now but Toro should still be in it. Might just be the Japanese versions though so I can't say for sure if they will be in the NA version, I see no reason why not.

Then again it appears most people don't even know who they are.
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LiquifiedArt  +   1028d ago
I would love to see Crash Bandicoot brought back and re-imagined as a next-gen game. I want his attitude and all. Just like in the old commercials.

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