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boldscot  +   1188d ago
Purist mode it is, can't wait!
Hasanhastam  +   1188d ago
My game of year
Playstation1984  +   1188d ago
looking forward to start killing again.
Jobesy  +   1188d ago
Was this going to come to the Wiiu also? Just wondering, cause I haven't heard anything.
bauer007  +   1188d ago
nope, IO only develop for good consoles...
josephayal  +   1188d ago
looks Good but
the game is very liniar
DukeBobby  +   1188d ago
Only certain missions will be linear. There are still plenty of 'sandbox' style missions in the game, like those in the previous Hitman games.

Even the older games had some linear missions.
boldscot  +   1188d ago
I certainly hope it isn't linear. I can understand with how they are pushing the story this time round that certain missions will be linear but surely not all of them.
Also, the new contracts mode is going to give the game massive replay value.
Hasanhastam  +   1188d ago
Hitman is not great just with explosions and i hope io knew that
bladesofagony  +   1188d ago
i am really looking forward to it, all that flashy lights/lens effect, gritty & densely populated atmosphere, just awesome, hope it sounds and plays good too
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PersonMan  +   1188d ago
Looks like fun!

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