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smashman98  +   998d ago
Must be a fault on the developers side because invites worked perfect on the beta for PlayStation all stars via crossplay
dantesparda  +   997d ago
This guy who wrote the article has got legitimate complaints about the way the system works (and by "system", i mean the way the Vita and PS3 interact over PSN). Alot of the issues should not be there. They should have been ironed out since launch. I mean it is some pretty basic stuff you would expect as a given. Read the article and you will see what i mean. We should all be complaining to Sony about this
smashman98  +   997d ago
I did read the article I also played the all stars beta and can say when I was doing cross play on the beta I had no problems with the invites everything worked perfect as far as the invites go atleast
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MaxXAttaxX  +   997d ago
But we haven't experienced that.
I've played the All-Stars Beta the whole time it was on the Vita. Cross Play worked flawlessly. I couldn't tell the difference between PS3 players and PS Vita players.
-Mika-  +   998d ago
SMH. I can't believe people are complaining about this. Sony didn't have to add cross play to the vita. Be grateful and give sony some time to fix it.
Neo Nugget  +   998d ago
Sometimes I wonder if people just disagree with you for the hell of it.
guitarded77  +   998d ago
No... that was just a stupid statement. "Sony didn't have to... Be grateful...". No, Sony didn't have to, but they did... so it may as well work.

@ pixelsword (below)

Should I be grateful? Or should I be patient (which I am, and continue to be) and wait for Sony to fix it? There is a big difference. I am not grateful to any company I spend thousands of dollars with... they are grateful to me. That's how capitalism economies function. Anyone who is grateful to a company (unless that company built them an artificial heart that saved their life or something of that nature) is a bit silly.

@ admiralvic
Thank you for articulating what I was saying... I'm not the best at that sometimes. To add to your point, Example: Silent Hill Collection on XBOX 360. Broken mess... they didn't want to invest in a patch, so they gave people who bought the game a different free game. Should they be grateful? I don't know... they wanted to play Silent Hill HD Collection didn't they?

If we just sat on our hands and didn't constructively criticize the industry from time to time, the industry wouldn't move forward, and we'd all be a bunch of mindless fanzomboys (<- I just made that up... pretty awesome eh?).
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pixelsword  +   998d ago
She didn't merely say "be grateful" she said "be grateful and give Sony some time to fix it."

There's a difference. :)
admiralvic  +   998d ago
@ Neo Nugget

A lot of it has to do with what Guitarded77 said. Yes Sony didn't have to, but now that it's part of the game... why can't we criticize it? You could honestly apply that logic to anything and ultimately give every game a 10/10 in the end. Additionally, too many people let things slide over "patchable" issues. Just because something can be fixed, doesn't mean it will ever happen either, which can be seen with plenty of games that never fix common problems / issues.
GribbleGrunger  +   998d ago
It might not be perfect but it's at least there.
LiquifiedArt  +   998d ago
You have to assume the PS3 will see only minor updates. They are hard at work on the PS4 Operating System, which needs to be AT LEAST up to par with X360's offering.
darthv72  +   998d ago
free pass mode...

lol j/k
testerg35  +   998d ago
C'mon.. Seriously..

"Sony didn't have to add cross play to the vita. Be grateful and give sony some time to fix it."

"It might not be perfect but it's at least there."

Is this just because its Sony?
GribbleGrunger  +   998d ago
Well it would have to be considering only Sony do this.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   997d ago
Since when does Sony get free passes when others do the same?

Besides, they're the only ones doing Cross Play anyway.
smashcrashbash  +   998d ago
Crossplay has some problems so bite their heads off over it immediately.There is a big difference between jumping at every slight problem and complaining about something wrong. The way I see it people especially Sony people cry about every single thing 24/7. The latest cry topic, they moved the trophies. Oh wow that is such a huge topic. Like everything when it is first implemented it will have some bugs and adjustments to make. But PS3 owners don't know that fact.The first day 'It doesn't work. Kill Sony. Die PS3'.

@ admiralvic. That's dumb. Not every problem in a game can be fixed with a patch. You can't fix plot holes, camera angles, bad character design, bad dialogue, environments etc. The point is that if a game has a few obviously fixable problems why not give them a ten? They do it with Bethesda and COD all the time. They hand them 10/10 even with all the glitches and flubs. You talk as if that is something new or something.
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Kingthrash360  +   998d ago
Pretty minor complaints about a system that is less than a year old. The way people complain about minor things now days are humorous. 4g on cell phones has been around for years but the most expensive phone on the market didn't have it until two months ago. Don't get me started with camera and other issues the phone had. But we waited and complained. As we should have for the price of the phone. But this is something that's intact and imperfect due to it being in an infant stage. I don't know what it is about people making these articles about Sony. Being as generous as they are. I love all systems I own them all but these complaints toward Sony are a bit too much. No one since nes when it came with Mario and duck hunt /w light gun has been more generous than Sony is today. All these complaints over free shit are getting old.
GribbleGrunger  +   998d ago
People complain about what FREE content they get on PS+, the FREE to play games in HOME, and now people are complaining that the FREE version of the game you get on the Vita isn't perfect. All delivered to you through a FREE online service.

You can string as many well articulated sentences together as you want, or speak eloquently of the reasons you think it's a valid argument but NOTHING whatsoever justifies the GREED expressed in this article and in this thread.

The beggar on the street is grateful for every penny, whilst some of you would bemoan that gratitude and demand the shirt off someone's back. The beggar deserves my generosity. You deserve my pity.
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TheRealHeisenberg  +   997d ago
"You can string as many well articulated sentences together as you want, or speak eloquently of the reasons you think it's a valid argument but NOTHING whatsoever justifies the GREED expressed in this article and in this thread."

You seem to be really dedicated to protecting and defending all things Sony. Are you on the Sony payroll? I'm not even joking.
GribbleGrunger  +   997d ago
it's about people, not Sony. Clear your eyes
TheRealHeisenberg  +   997d ago
Lol, I see things perfectly. I certainly see you sitting on your high horse looking down on anybody that speaks out on the slightest disappointment with Sony. You mention the "free" content on PS+ yet PS+ is not free. It certainly is a great deal to get the "free" content (which access is lost to if the service is canceled) but to think people are not going to speak out if they don't like the content is completely foolish.

The same goes for the cross play. Certainly Sony deserves time to get it right but sometimes they need few nudges and a fire lit under their tails to get things moving.

My guess is that my words won't reach or teach you because like many other on N4G, you have seem to have the same arrogance about you that Sony had at the beginning of this console generation. You don't deserve my pity, you actually deserve less but you have it anyway.
GribbleGrunger  +   997d ago
I think you could have made that point without being quite so personal. My aim was broad enough to avoid attacking anyone in particular. I certainly don't need any tutorials on common sense, but I'd suggest perhaps you could do with one on the meaning of arrogance. Anyway, enough of this, I have a horse to feed. 'Geaves, my stepladder.'
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TheGamingArt  +   998d ago
*sigh*. This is pathetic.
Belking  +   998d ago
That's because sony is far from perfect.
Kingthrash360  +   997d ago
Then I ask u...... Who or what exactly IS perfect....or even close for that matter? What console or computer or handheld or phone is flawless?

If u have no answer then your comment is a waste of bubbs
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MasterCornholio  +   997d ago
Well then I expect the 3DS smash game to be downgraded for not supporting cross play or cross buy. I mean you have to be fair right because if Sony can implement those features with their systems there's no reason why Nintendo can't do the same.


Motorola RAZR i
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