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claud3  +   770d ago
Cool, more the better
scotchmouth  +   770d ago
Finally! Pumped
kriauciuniux  +   770d ago
Well I'll go pumping right now baby!!!To easen up the wait.
YEAH!! genetically diffrent winner style man!!!
Chitown71291  +   770d ago
F*ck.........................y es.......................
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NYC_Gamer  +   770d ago
The hype meter is full :)
Jinkies  +   770d ago
5 GMT...oh thats nice finally we get a reveal in our timezone.
crimsonfox  +   770d ago
@jinkies I love your avatar.
OT : Thankfully i just bought an Ipad and will be able to own this bad boy and read it all day!

@jinkies below
Your a classy man, I applaud you.
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Jinkies  +   770d ago
Thanks...well it was either a boring old picture of her or a SEXY one.

Obviously you can see what I chose :)
Detoxx  +   770d ago
Where exactly is GMT, I dont know how it works sorry..
Jinkies  +   770d ago
Greenwich Mean Time - Basicaly London (UK)
crimsonfox  +   770d ago
It's going to be 11am in NY, And 9am in LA. They are releasing the cover and a summary of the preview, Then in the afternoon they will release the issue digitally.
EDIT: I think, I'm going off what i read on
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Fishy Fingers  +   770d ago
GMT is the UK. It's currently 4pm so info should be up in an hour or so.
axerated  +   770d ago
Bring it on!
Chrono  +   770d ago
That's about an hour from now right?
Zichu  +   770d ago
So guys if you have any prior commitment make sure you complete it before 5PM GMT.
Damn... Have to go pick my brother and dad up... Won't be back till like 5:30.

Oh well, will just have to look at it when I get back. So excited for the game, and definitely looking forward to this. Bring on the info!
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claud3  +   770d ago
Still waiting for more info
TemplarDante  +   770d ago
:D !!!!!
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   770d ago
15 min to go
bauer007  +   770d ago
Im loling at how fake this info is :D
THamm  +   770d ago
3/26/13 release date!
PS3Freak  +   770d ago
Link please.
THamm  +   770d ago
You'll see
tommygunzII  +   769d ago
Genetically superior baby
josephayal  +   769d ago
Holy Crap

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