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taquito  +   995d ago
personally, i think this;

blows this away;

everyone talks about uncharted 3, when uncharted 2 was a FAR, far better looking game, and halo 4, literally looks better than uncharted 3 in some singleplayer levels, yet in uc3 there are a few amazing levels that do trump halo 4 slightly, while uncharted 2 is pretty consistant.
OniXRuleZ  +   995d ago
Best Halo Ever!
MilkMan  +   995d ago
Nope, but then again I tire of shooters 2 minutes after I start them.
IQUITN4G  +   995d ago
I'm enjoying this more on my second time round which I guess is the way with certain games anyway. Heroic was a good starting point for me having played the series for a while but Legendary is proving more satisfying experience regards to how the new foe feels to fight

Music is fitting and occasionally rather good but doesn't reach the same level of brilliance

Personally I don't think it's a Halo1 beater regards to that game's perhaps more frantic combat pace while in encounters, but definitely a good effort which stands out in it's own very unique way. I remember not gelling to Halo1 either from only the one playthrough though so it's hard to say at this stage how good this really is. As it is now however, the experience is certainly refreshing concerning the exceptionally believable world you experience and the engagingly different combat feel with new foe. I have a feeling I'll end up loving this game by the end of several playthroughs but until then I'm not qualified to say either way
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JANF  +   995d ago
People keep saying Halo 1 (which was a great game) was a better game, but I think is not fair to compare the games. When I first played halo CE i did not know anything about the Halo Universe , everything felt so new and it has many surprises while the story unfolded.

The problem with games now days is the media, they show so much story, characters etc... before game is released that when you get to play it you already now what's going on, there is no surprises.

Imagine what would of happened if 343 had not shown the new enemies on their previews and let you find out as you played the game. It would have been as good if not better than when you saw the flood in halo 1 for the first time.

I think the media is showing too much (spoilers) way ahead, and that's killing a lot of the experiences this new games offer.
TheGameHuntah  +   995d ago
30 FPS makes Multiplayer horrible.
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AD705  +   995d ago
I'm a guy who did not like halo 3, odst, wars, and read.I didn't think it lived up to the hype.

But that doesn't take away from the fact that halo 4 is still probably one of the best games I've played this year. Campaign felt a bit lack luster but the actions and pace of it is really good. the prometheans are an awesome enemy. Coop is still loads of fun, and the MP overall is very polished


still think it was a bit overrated but overall was still a blast. Remember I've hated halo since halo 3.
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