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-Mezzo-  +   1186d ago
@wishingW3L -- The writer's point of view, that was the interesting part.
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Relientk77  +   1186d ago
Definitely interesting
Abash  +   1186d ago
Sony only cares about becoming profitable, they are fine with the other consoles existing and even said it is good for the game industry
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1186d ago
can't wait for ps4! What naughty dog will do with new hardware oh my.
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zebramocha  +   1186d ago
@wishing you're wrong,the ds1 was based of playstation analog joystick announces in japan 1995,most don't realize that the ds1 rumble differed from nintendo controller in that, it was built in to the controllers an the rumble functions was like a two stage rumble for Sony and the difference in time was like 6-8 mounths from from nintedos controller and ds1.
SegataShanshiro  +   1186d ago
Yeah Sony number one and them release their console at the end AGAIN! And act like it wasn't their fault....they already said it would be a disaster if they were the last ones again with their ps4
PS: and Sony fanboys act like they don't care about the SKYRIM dlc lololololololik
fabod86  +   1186d ago
and if it wasn't for Sony videogames wouldn't have been so mainstream, so?
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miyamoto  +   1186d ago
"Sony Wants to Push Nintendo Out of the Console Business"


If Sony wanted to do this they could have done this a long time ago.

Sony left Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Zelda, Metroid with no competition since PS1.

Sony's market has been the mature gamers not the kids.

Their creed has been "Videogames Are Not Children's Toys Only." since PSOne. PlayStation single handedly transformed video games from a child's plaything to legit adult entertainment in the 1990s'.

I don't see that changing anytime soon.
lastdual  +   1186d ago

To say Sony could have created a brand as huge as Mario, but just chose to not bother making those billions because of a "games aren't just for kids" CREED is insane.

Sony knew Nintendo had the family market tied up. They aimed for an older audience because it was easier to compete in that space.

Creating a brand with massive global appeal like Mario is hard, even with a ton of cash to spend. There is no magic bullet to accomplish such a feat, or else every company out there would be doing it. Imagining that "Sony could do it if they felt like it" is idealistic to say the least.
mewhy32  +   1185d ago
There's no way for Sony nor Microsoft to push Nintendo out of the market. It's just not going to happen. I mean what would the gaming would be with Mario, Zelda, etc. Not going to happen.
wishingW3L  +   1186d ago
read the whole thing, what part was supposed to be interesting?

So yeah, Sony copying Nintendo means that they want to derail it... How is this interesting? Back in the 90's Sony copied the rumble and analog sticks too so what is the difference now? Has anything changed?
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jujubee88  +   1186d ago
Stop making up rumors!
We all know Sony was just playing their games.

Nintendo was kinda flaunting it anyways. What Sony suppose to do? Just be depressed and sit there?


Look, Nintendo and Sony are meant to be together. Stop trying to spread rumors and go back to your failed blog and your dumb girlfriends.

Qrphe  +   1186d ago
Rumble yes, analog stick, no.
Dual-sticks was revolutionary however.
cee773  +   1186d ago
Sony did not copy analog control from Nintendo in no way shape or form. ps1 was the first console with dual analog, ps2 the first console with pressure sensitive buttons,PSP first handheld with analog, psvita first handheld to dual analog

Do your research n64 controller is all digital even the stick.

This article is full of crap Sega was it own demise releasing all those console's and addons Sega CD ,32x, game gear, saturn , Dreamcast even lacked a right analog lol. too many flops will kill a company you know Sega lost the trust and loyalty of gamers and consumers alike this was their demise
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Deku-Johnny  +   1186d ago
To be fair Playstation wouldn't exist at all if it wasn't for Nintendo.
tacosRcool  +   1186d ago
Wow, looks like the tables are turned.
Did you know that the PSP and the PS3 have this wonderful feature called remote play?

Looks like Nintendo copied that to me
AWBrawler  +   1186d ago
remote play is just a fancy name for what Nintendo has been doing since the N64 days with Pokemon Stadium
miyamoto  +   1186d ago


Take your complaints to Nintendo.

Its them who commissioned Sony to make the Nintendo Play Station CD-ROM System in the first place. So it's natural Nintendo licensed everything SNES to make the Play Station - logic.

You should thank Nintendo for helping create the Sony PlayStation, bub.

Sony and Nintendo are part of a struggling bunch of Japanese company's threatened by American giants like Microsoft, Apple & Google. They are the ones who "Wants to Push Nintendo & Sony Out of the Console Business" specially Microsoft.

Remember "The PS2 was outselling PCs" scenario back in early 2000 M$ did not take that lightly and was green with jealousy & envy hence a green colored console the Xbox.

I say don't let the Americans kill the Japanese companies. Buy Japanese products.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1186d ago
Analog sticks? No. Rumble? No.
Analog sticks have been around for years BEFORE the Nintendo 64. The Neo Geo CD and Vectrex, are a few of them.

The PS1's Dual Analog Controller was released in 1997 with BUILT-IN rumble, before the DualShock which had two stage dual rumble motors.
Nintendo released the rumble pack add-on the same month Sony released the PS1's Dual Analog Controller.

What about Nintendo and others "copying" PlayStation's controller grips, quad shoulder buttons, clickable sticks, pressure sensitive buttons?


LOL so you're saying you could play N64 games on your GameBoy from across the country?
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AWBrawler  +   1185d ago

I didn't say its the exact same thing, but the idea of all that was started by Nintendo, and yes I could play pokemon anywhere then come back home and battle with those very pokemon on the big screen.
morkendo23  +   1186d ago
Sony Wants to Push Nintendo Out of the Console Business

good luck trying to convince Nintendo loyal fans that.

shame journalist write such a thing for hits. here's one better:

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Jazz4108  +   1186d ago
Sony reminds me of that turd that just was not quite right and maybe a little to yellow or red. Flush flush its that easy to say no more to sony. ....come to think about it , it could be the diffrent lifestyles that people eat up...any one hungry for a nintendo value meal or a xbox shake that will have your toilet green for weeks.
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showtimefolks  +   1186d ago
I think we can all agree competition is good for business and for us gamers. Sony came into this gen very arrogant and full of them self but learned that wii and xbox360 are giving consumers better bang for their buck. I spent 600 on ps3 at launch and I play to buy os4 at launch even if it's 500-600 just because Sony has a history and they know how to make quality games. But I would be stupid to say they have done it perfectly or smartly

Ps4 doesn't need to be ver powerful just make it where ts moving the tech forward and at a reasonable price for the consumers

Much much much much yeh 4 much easier development, this attitude of we are Sony and we make things harder has to change, make things extremely easy to develop for ps4 sp every publisher will be gladly on board

Sony will not be selling ps4 at a loss so they will try their best to cut even or make a little starting at launch,

Games,games,games and more games how about launching with killzone 4,uncharted 4,GT6 a new ratchet game. Ps3 early on was rough had so few quality games and that has to change.

People hate on VIta and say it has no games yet it launched with 25 games but thing is all those games came out than people forgot them so maybe space them out. Each game should get its fair time advertisement wise and consumers attention wise.

And stop shooting yourself in the foot like with Vita memory cards which are way over priced, to my earlier points make things easier for consumers and in the long run easier for Sony and publishers which are support the system or systems.

Let's get be thing out of the way this market is big enough to handle 3 main home consoles and more competition means better products for us.

I am very excited for wiiu but I am not buying it at launch but will be gettingit soon. The only concern I have for wiiu has more to do with Nintendo's history with 3rd arty publishers. They need to prove to us core gamers plus the publishers that they mean business and will be treating 3rd party games better.

Xbox720 or whatever it's gonna be called I am not intersted as of now, I bought 360 at launch but over the last 2-3 years MS have not made an effort with us the core market, why is everything all of the sudden about kinect? Wasn't xbox360 selling well when we are the core gamers supported it? Isnt it because of us xbox360 is successful to begin with so why did they turn on us. I think moving forward they will have a harder sell than Sony or Nintendo when it comes to core market.
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CarlosX360  +   1186d ago
Hasn't they wanted to do this for a long time? I think Sony waited a lil too long to make this comment.

I think Nintendo is on it's last legs. If Wii U is not successful by next gen... It's done as in, they will have run out of ways to stay relevant.

It already tried innovation for a very long time. It's tried a "universal" approach with N64 and Wii U.

I honestly do not understand how they survived the industry this long.
neogeo  +   1185d ago
You're a fool of fools. Nintendo is a bigger company than Sony with more money in the bank. 6.69 Billion more value then Sony on the stock market. Let me put it into perspective for you.

WiiU could fail and be dead in the water and Nintendo would still have enough money to have a profit loss for 63 years straight before they went out of biz.

So WiiU can fail, the next few handhelds could fail, and NiN still would have PLENTY of cash to start over again and again and again. It's over a 100+ year old company and It will still be here long after you're dead and forgotten:)
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pain777pas  +   1186d ago
Interesting but untrue. The fact is that Nintendo is not the first home cartridge or disc console based gaming system ever. There were many who tried to crack the nut of home interactive entertainment BEFORE Nintendo. Mario set the stage for the success that Nintendo has garnered and Mario continues to be Nintendo's crutch. Now people will talk about innovation and dismiss Sony. Without Sony gaming would be in the dark ages still. Sony broke through with a trail of fire and gaming changed forever to be a hobby past teen years which was a demographic that the PC used to be the only platform where you could get the mature gaming experience. Nintendo knows the truth. If they did not pull out of the Sony disc add on deal then Sony would not have come into the gaming market. Sony added more value to their consoles from day one with the PS1 being a CD player and in some cases games could run in ram and you could put in a CD to play as your background soundtrack. Sony brought more to do on a console than play video games to the mass market and then gathered some of the best devs in the business and the rest is history. Sony innovated with motion control PS eye, remote play over the internet, dual analog sticks which is now standard, almost timeless controller layout that should be tweaked to be more like the Vita with real triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons. As far as gaming consoles go and moving on rather than standing put Sony is the best gaming company. They release new ips every generation despite past success. Nintendo would never do such a thing and dare I say never will because money means more to them. Underpowered consoles are a result of a lack of success in the last 2 generations and great marketing and Oprah made Wii a sensation. The Wii U would have been grossly underpowered if the Wii did not put up the numbers that it did. They can get to the 100 million mark now because gaming is so main stream and that is greatly thanks to the PS1 and PS2 which were the first home consoles to reach these heights of success. You have to be fair and reasonable when you deal with the Sony and Nintendo story because Nintendo screwed Nintendo having Sony as a competitor and not an ally.

If the Wii U fails (which it won't until we get details on the other 2 companies) it will be because Nintendo thought the fisher price nature of the tablet was enough. People are going to get angry and I am ready for the disagrees but Wii U did not go far enough. The controller should be the console and the box should just be to stream and upres the image from the tablet to the TV. Even if they went to an SD cartridge for games that are inserted in the tablet they would have probably hurt some 3DS sales but they could pre-empt some Gai-Kai and Microsoft cloud gaming next gen goodness. See Nintendo is not equipped to face what could come easily with Smart glass and Vita or a new controller from Sony. Plus their online will only be up to this gens current online offerings when Sony especially outright is prepared to make some serious strides in gaming convenience and accessibility with the Gai-Kai deal. Nintendo may be the first to market but I have a feeling that they are making some errors in light of likely possible innovation that exists and that Sony and Microsoft are going to enter in a big way.
Buff1044  +   1186d ago
I mean...sell Vitas. They can't even do that.
SilentNegotiator  +   1185d ago
You're bad at trolling in your articles and you're worse at trolling in comments. FFS, you attacked Katamari on the Vita because there were "too many" and praised Mario Kart 7 the same that have about the same number of titles per platform and frankly tend to "innovate" the same amount (That is, barely). Your double standards are repulsive.

The 3DS had the same struggle before a price drop. The Ps3 suffered similar struggles before it started dropping in price. This isn't unmarked territory and you know it.

Your articles are an embarrassment and that's tough to do in a form of journalism with such low standards, Chris Buffa. Your writing takes modojo down a million notches.
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Relientk77  +   1186d ago
Wow, this might be sorta hard. I respect both companies a lot and play consoles and games from both of them. I'd prefer to see them both stick around.
HammadTheBeast  +   1186d ago
GribbleGrunger  +   1186d ago
What utter rubbish. Sony aren't trying to oust Nintendo, they are just trying to make themselves relevant in an ever changing market. I've been one of those people that have promoted the idea of the Vita/PS3 combo, but not because I think it can do it better. If anything, the combo gives developers the option to expand on the Wiiu idea, which makes support for the Wiiu more likely in the coming years.

Is there any angles left to demonize Sony with? I'd say all bases have now been covered.
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Twosouls   1186d ago | Spam
jujubee88  +   1186d ago
Sony and Nintendo need to quit with the games and hook-up!!! >>>>>>>

They would make such a nice couple. Ugh, I would DIE if Nintendo and Sony end up with some creeps who would end up dumping them and treating them all wrong.

Look, Sony did somethings and said somethings. So did Nintendo. At the end of the day, we both know they are soulmates. They are always next to eachother at E3, staring at each other.

It's like .. HELLO! OMGOSH. :O
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xursz  +   1186d ago
Lmao, this.
ronin4life  +   1186d ago
Sony WAS trying to kill Nintendo... like 10-8 years ago.

But that time has passed. Sony has discovered it doesn't need to edge out competition to continue on, and works to place itself competitively within the market rather than taking someone elses spot.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1186d ago
Gribblegrunger for president
Ben_Grimm  +   1186d ago
You honestly don't think that each company (MS, Nintendo, Sony) are trying or hoping to become the dominate player and leader in the video game industry? And that each of these companies are trying to out the other?

Come on now.

Each company saw what Nintendo was doing with its motion controls and family friendly games and both tried to capitalize on it and take away from the Wii demographic.

Each company is trying to one up the other and become the leader in your living room. This means doing what the competition does but better.
I know you are a Sony fan but to think that they can do no wrong or they're not in the business of crushing competition is very naive.
bozebo  +   1186d ago
As far as Wii-U goes. I just wan't a Pokémon MMO, that would get me buying one.

It's all down to the games, Sony and Nintendo both have good first party line ups but the Nintendo ones are going a bit stale in comparison.
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Moonman  +   1186d ago
You have to push all the franchise assets and billions of dollars Nintendo has in the bank out the door first. Hard time doing that...

On top of the fact that Nintendo has 70% of the game market in Japan now recently quoted from Forbes. If anything, the reverse will happen.
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GraveLord  +   1186d ago
Lots of nonsense in this article...

"Nintendo may suffer the same fate with the Wii U as Sony has already begun its assault on their system before it even has had a chance to launch, and before Sony has even considered developing a next-gen system."

Uh...PS4 has been in development for years now. In fact there are already games being made for it.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1186d ago
This article is ridiculous
KillerPwned  +   1186d ago
Sony pushing out Nintendo yeah ok and pot is gonna be completely legal and regulated.
Sp1d3ynut  +   1186d ago
Um...given recent events... i.e. YESTERDAY...I'd bet on that happening within 10-15 years max, actually.
MEsoJD  +   1186d ago
Washington and Colorado Legalized Marijuana last night.
KillerPwned  +   1186d ago
Hahah that is why I said this lol already planned a trip to Colorado.
bozebo  +   1186d ago
Yeah pot will actually be legal and regulated in most of the developed world before long. It is only illegal for dumb reasons, the problems are actually caused by the illegality.
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vitullo31  +   1185d ago
I hope that happens.. It's far less dangerous than alcohol and I'm tired of the negative connotation that surrounds it just because its illegal. It's bs!
cleft5  +   1186d ago
Sony can start by being profitable and work there way up from there. Good luck pushing out the company that owns Pokemon.

Nintendo could give away the WiiU and all their games for free to millions of people and still be better off than Sony. Understand, Nintendo lost money because of the economy and taking a sharp price cut to their handheld.

Nintendo isn't going anywhere.
candybooty  +   1186d ago
I've played with the Wii U, there's no way in hell Nintendo won't be putting up a fight. If you ask me, it's Sony that needs to work on their home console. Anyone can make a console with strong specs, but few can make games that have long-lasting impressions.
Minato-Namikaze  +   1186d ago
Well sony is good then. Games with strong, impressions is what they excell at :p
andibandit  +   1186d ago
put up a fight???

Nintendo could problably just buy Sony if they wanted to.
Soldierone  +   1186d ago
I think if you were to say this a few generation ago (When Sega was still around making consoles) then I'd agree. nintendo pretty much shafted Sony, so of course Sony wants to be dominate and have them begging for forgiveness.

Today I honestly don't think they care. They want to take the crowd away since its easy money, but overall they target two separate crowds.
linkratos  +   1186d ago
Mmm if you read the details about the their potential deal Nintendo would have been the ones shafted. So I guess someone was going to be shafted, and Nintendo decided it wasn't going to be them (except then the next 2 gens didn't exactly go to plan).
Soldierone  +   1185d ago
Yeah, I haven't looked deeply into it but couldnt Nintendo just say "well let us keep these and we split rights after that." ?

The way I read it, Sony said "give us rights to it on disc" and Nintendo said "go to hell." lol
Nodoze  +   1186d ago
Why don't they just merge? I mean Sony is absolutely the best at creating top notch hardware, and Nintendo is the best at creating amazing software to take advantage of said hardware. It would be a natural complement.

You could call them Nintony, or Sotendo or whatever.

They sat at the table once before, why not do it again?
StrawHatPatriot  +   1186d ago
Sony only had "top notch hardware" once with the PS3.... Nintendo's consoles were more powerful than the PS1 and PS2 (N64 and GameCube).
Nodoze  +   1186d ago
PSP vs DS, Vita vs 3DS?
Ducky  +   1186d ago
You can easily flip it around as well.
Nintendo is great at creating hardware (they have a history of innovative control schemes) while Sony is better at software (they have a great lineup of 1st party games)

I'd rather they keep doing their things and staying seperate. Competition is good for consumers.
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yavorsv  +   1186d ago
Sony just buys developers... No creativity from themselfs. :)
StrawHatPatriot  +   1186d ago
Well I was referring to consoles, not really handhelds, sorry.
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cyclindk  +   1186d ago
... ummmm, copyright infringe much? I kid, you said it first... sly devil you ;)
Soldierone  +   1185d ago
I don't think it will happen simply because Nintendo has money, and according to them they will have money for a long time. They said they could bomb 2 or 3 generations and still have cash flow lol

A merge would need meaning to it, which means more money coming in. How would taking two top selling products and merging them create more business? Now people only buy one product instead of two.
TheLyonKing  +   1186d ago
isn't that the goal of every single competing company in the world?

Why would you want to co-exist if you can get rid of them.

I find this whole article very pointless.
BitbyDeath  +   1186d ago
I'm sure they held grudges in the past but those will be long dead and buried.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1186d ago
The President of Sony in the 90s literally vowed to "destroy" Nintendo. 15 years later and that never happened. The PS3 has lost billions and Sony hadn't seen a profitable quarter since 2008. Sony has lost more on the PS3 than they made on the PS2. The PSP failed to destroy the DS as everyone predicted, and the Vita is struggling to stay alive. Sony stocks actually dropped to a 35 year low the night before E3, a time when stocks usually rise based on the promise of a strong E3 showing. The "PlayStation curse" is so bad that even sony's partners in the media have been effected, as we have seen websites and magazines that backed Sony close their doors for good.

All of sony's attempts to copy Nintendo, like the PS Move controller, have been failures. (Note to Sony: consumers hate "me too" products.)

Sony doesn't have a finalized plan for the PS4, despite what you have heard. Sony is actually going to release PS3 content on iOS and Android. Both platforms compete directly with PS3. (In b4 "nuh uh!") This leads many to speculate that Sony is preparing an exit strategy, or a "no console" future.

But now that the doom and gloom is over I can say that I am aware of sony's long term plan to turn things around. Lets call it their "long game." It's a plan so brilliant that if it works Sony could find themselves ruling the game industry once again.

And if it doesn't work they'll be utterly destroyed. But hey, high stakes = high rewards.
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whereismydonut   1186d ago | Spam
Soldierone  +   1185d ago
I don't know where you get your facts, but PlayStation is actually one of Sonys strongest product lines. It has been profitable for them for a few years now, and the "billions is lost" was from when it was first launched. Which includes launching an entire new format (Blu-ray) among a new strong competitor (Microsoft) fighting them for every inch....Now that they are sticking to Blu-ray, they won't be losing money on the next console.

If PlayStation was such a "curse" why would they slap it on everything and use it to lead into new products? Blu-Ray, music services, video services, PlayStation Mobile, PlayStation certified phones, TV's, and all their other products? Would be rather stupid to take a failing product and use it to help sell other things.....

Sony isn't releasing content on IOS, and their phone market uses Android. So I'm sure their content will be cross compatible with PlayStation, thus creating a network of products (EVERY company is doing it, including MICROSOFT.)

The Vita doom and gloom comes with every product Sony launches. Yeah they have had failed products, but the cool thing about Sony is they support them till they completely die. Unlike other companies....should we bring up the Zune? Talk about failures....

"attempts to take on nintendo have failed" How? Every other company that tried to face them head on got destroyed, yet here is Sony taking chunks of the market away. There is a reason Microsoft has stayed away. Now Sony's moving into networked devices, more people are likely to turn to them for handheld gaming. If hardcore handheld gaming died, Nintendo would be screwed, while Sony has a phone market.

Sony does have an "exit" strategy for worst case scenario, and if you are an investor that should make you happy. If gaming were to die today, Microsoft and Sony would be fine.....Nintendo would have literally nothing. But it isn't dying, and thus all this networking is going to create a big dominance for Sony in the long run.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1185d ago
Please allow me to prove that everything you said was 100% wrong.

Sony has lost over 5 Billion on the PS3:

Sony has not had a profitable quarter since 2008:

Sony stocks dropped to a 35 year low the night before E3:

Sony stocks downgraded:

Sony Gakai (Which include PS1,2, and 3 games) is coming to iOS and Android:


Sony has been firing people at a rate of 10,000 a year, for the past 4 years:

Xbox 360 pushing ahead of PS3:

Sony's Kaz Hirai says "We could be in serious trouble:"

-"Management is feeling a serious sense of crisis about the seven years of losses," said Executive Deputy President Kaz Hirai

Other Notable Information:

-Sony bought out of the mobile joint venture with Ericsson for $1.47 billion dollars
-Sony sold off its shares in the LCD joint venture with Samsung for $939 million dollars
-Sony sold off its shares in the LCD joint venture with Sharp for $125 million dollars
-Sony announces a joint venture with Panasonic to develop next gen OLED TV displays
-Sony spun off its small to medium LCD business to join with Hitachi and Toshiba to form Japan Display Inc.
-Sony sold off its chemical business to the Japanese government for $730 million dollars.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1185d ago

I honestly hate posting all this information because now I've given all the hateful Sony bashers more ammunition. However, I can't stand it when people are uninformed, so I had to post all this data to prove I'm not just some Sony hater. I actually KNOW they have a good plan to turn things around. And if their gamble pays off it will be the biggest revolution in gaming history.

Oh, and just in case you want more information, I can provide direct links to Sony's own finacial reports, but you need to be able to read Japanese, or in my case, know someone who does.

Oh and as for the Vita, well it's the finest product ever made by Sony, and one of the best portables ever created by any company. But it's still struggling, and at this point I can only hope for the best.
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Soldierone  +   1185d ago
You failed to prove me wrong at all. Sony stocks are down, and this is a PlayStation fault why? Sony already reported PlayStation being one of the most profitable areas of their company, along with their movie division. Their TV market is whats dragging them down....Sony just reported their movie company making the most money in a year EVER.

Look at your first link completely proving my point, it was written in 2009. Since your so good at doing research, please look up when the PS3 released....Now go read my comment about Blu-ray.

-Gaikai is coming to both, and sony JUST bought them. This has nothing to do with PlayStation. The service can go there and third party titles can go there. Doesn't mean the FULL service and FULL line up of games won't stay exclusive elsewhere.

I'm not arguing that Sony isn't struggling in areas, I'm stating its not PlayStation doing it. Its like saying microsoft is going bankrupt because their OS or Zune fails, they still have other areas to stand on. Above all else Sony is creating stable ground for themselves, by networking their devices and selling as a whole company. Something they sucked at until recently.
tiffac008  +   1186d ago
I kind of scratch my head when I read this article, I kind of feels like giving Sony too much credit and I am not sure if its a good thing or bad. lol!

Although there is certainly competition, the animosity however doesn't even come close to Sega vs Ninty vs Sony days. I don't even feel there is one.

I doubt anyone can destroy anyone. This generation certainly has proven that. Its more like each company is their own worse enemy.
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Deku-Johnny  +   1186d ago
Of the big three Sony will be the first to quit the hardware front. Nintendo will still be going strong long after Sony and Microsoft have moved on from gaming. If it wasn't for Nintendo the industry would crash again.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1186d ago
Whatever helps you sleep at night dude.
mochachino  +   1186d ago
All the console makers goal is to push the others out, then they would get the royalties for every console game sold. It would at least double their profits.
cyclindk  +   1186d ago
Best way to do that is... merge!

HAHA, prepare for the NintenDONY Dynasty! May it reign for a thousand centuries!

Or SonTENDO, whichever is fine... Sontendo sounds like some lost martial art huh?


Lips begin moving slightly out of sync with voice-dub

"Be careful Chung Fei, he his skilled in the art of Sontendo."

"Such caution is needless master, for I have a Star Power power-up hidden in the pocket of my overalls, oh, and who the hell is Chung Fei?"
Ck1x  +   1186d ago
This article definitely gives Sony way to much credit... The GC was the worst home console that Nintendo ever shipped and supported sales wise and they made major profits during that timeframe! So what do people think is going to happen to Nintendo after having their most successful console and handheld in the history of the company?
swansong  +   1186d ago
Well,ahem lets see, Nintendo is trying to push Microsoft out of the console business,ah Microsoft is trying to push Sony out of the console business.Oh man this is one big vicious circle.LOL.
TheRichterBelmont  +   1186d ago
What a stupid headline, of course they do. In other news, We've Landed on the Moon!
BozoLoco  +   1186d ago
And Microsoft?

SmartGlass is actually a great new feature and works well with the console as a companion to games. It doesn't play games directly but imo, aside from that obvious difference, it is on-par, perhaps even better, than what Nintendo is offering with the GamePad.
Deku-Johnny  +   1185d ago
It's a rip off of Nintendo's idea. Just like the Kinect was. We need innovators not copy cats.
3-4-5  +   1186d ago

They should worry about staying afloat before they even consider trying to take out a competitor.
MizTv  +   1186d ago
I'm happy with my ps3 and vita so no Nintendo for ne
NoTheMama  +   1186d ago
Are they going to imitate them to death? Lol
AlphaJunk  +   1186d ago
Awesome- next they'll start imitating their games... oh yeah, they already started with PS All stars - so lame and desperate.
insomnium2  +   1186d ago
Is it ok to correct these guys..? No? OK then carry on...
AlphaJunk  +   1186d ago
Wishful thinking. Nintendo has the 12 and under, and there will always be new kids that want the latest Mario - Can't say that about any of Sony's franchises or Microsofts.
deletingthis34675334  +   1186d ago
Hit magnet for ad revenue. Not clicking this link.
#27 (Edited 1186d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Max-Zorin  +   1186d ago
That will never happen.
J86blum  +   1186d ago
Ryan Reynolds is Nintendo.
Kumar is PS3
Harold is 360
Now watch the vid with that in mind.
#29 (Edited 1186d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Slyfamous  +   1186d ago
"Sony Wants to Push Nintendo Out of the Console Business"

Who said this? can you please post the quote.
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