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megamanX2  +   1193d ago
"Sony Wants to Push Nintendo Out of the Console Business"

how do they plan to do this from last place?

"Analog sticks have been around for years BEFORE the Nintendo 64. The Neo Geo CD and Vectrex, are a few of them."

those aren't analog you idiot.
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wishingW3L  +   1193d ago
so this is not an analog stick?

lol, Nintendo fanboys always delusional. Well, every fanboy is always delusional....

Even Sega had analog sticks before the N64:

But none of those took off because the consoles weren't as popular as Nintendo.
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Drainage  +   1193d ago
"Sony Wants to Push Nintendo Out of the Console Business"

more like

"Sony doesnt want to get pushed out of the Console Business by Nintendo"
CaptainN  +   1193d ago
Good luck with that Sony !!!
finite  +   1193d ago
What a joke for a press company that is flaming, Nintendo are not going anywhere, it more like the other way around, except Nintendo do not care about there competition, and sony are in billions of dollars in dept compared to Nintendo.
leogets  +   1193d ago
Nintendo has always been irelivant in the industry as they dont cater for adults. Nintendo fill the gap nicely to the youngsters. They aint a threat to sony so article failure
Sugreev2001  +   1193d ago
I hope we hear something about the upcoming Playstation console soon.
NYC_Gamer  +   1193d ago
I doubt Sony even cares about the other brands long as PS brings them profit
MilkMan  +   1193d ago
My friends, Nintendo innovates. That's it, point blank.

SONY and M$ copy fantastic ideas from Nintendo and try and make it their own. This is a point of fact.

Next-gen, more horsepower? What's that? I don't need a console that melts my face when every single demographic, when every single spreadsheet states that the only thing that sells are FPS.
So what, I need ULTRA SUPER DUPER MEGA PHOTO REALISM? That's stupid beyond measure.

If this was an industry that was fueled by great new games, with bright ideas and innovative new properties then an argument could be made for bigger, better machines..but as we all know, development houses are closing left and right.
"gamers" are simply not buying games. Even then the scores are 8's and 9's

Nintendo's approach and message is clear to the development world.
Our machine has all the tools you need to make the kinds of games you want. It has hardware you are familiar with and innovative was to utilize this hardware.

We have taken your IPad and given it a purpose other than playing 2 minute games. It is now an essential part of a gaming console with real connectivity and social community that is truly for gamers and about gamers.
Not ESPN, Showtime, and the news or whoever else M$,SONY and Apple decide to lie with in bed.

The WiiU will be studied, copied and duplicated. M$'s smartglass is but a prototype and it was meant to steal a little thunder from Nintendo's the system, but alas, it's just window dressing. Its baseless and it serves no real functionality.

This is what happens when you don't play with a full deck. Just like Kinect, it fails.
Just like Move, it fails.

because you cant copy the original.
quantae06  +   1193d ago
People mad that Nintendo started the analog sticks, rumble, and shoulder buttons lol. Stop crying! It's done & over with.
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spinbot_lv1  +   1193d ago
naaah sony doesn't need to push nintendo out of console business. nintendo is strong on casual and family market. Sony isn't interested in a casual market where parents buy to their kids one or two games per year. But if Nintendo is trying to take away market share from sony and microsoft hardcore business,well with this wiiu nintendo will have a big slap in face due to strange choices and a 1.5 current generation console.
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iHeartHelloKitty  +   1193d ago
Sony first ideas. I don't have them all. Heres some Dual analog sticks, 4 shoulder buttons, eye toy, day 1 digitals, first handhelds to have sticks, first to have free network online service, first cd game system, first streaming game service, and bluray tech. Sorry ill stop I got a headache.
Vickistheman  +   1193d ago
What a retarded article. Desperate for hits.

Sony and Ninty can co-exist. If Ninty didn't die off from the failures that were Gamecube and N64 then they will never die off. Their 1st party games are too strong for that. Ninty proved that they can survive with just Mario/Zelda/Pokemon.

If Sony can survive a $600 dollar launch price and still be relevant I think they'll be fine. It's a win-win for both companies since Ninty will have the 12 under crowd. Once they grow up they usually go to Sony(or MS) for more variety or more mature type games.
Hozi  +   1193d ago
Believe it or not, we need all the other Developers of Consoles. We really don't need any one dev. monopolizing on the gaming industry, especially SONY, since we know how expensive they can be.
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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1193d ago
The Wii might be #1 in sales this Gen but there's no denying it's thee most lackluster console of the 3 this Gen!

Take any games Wii has available for it right now and put them against ANY play time of games for 360/PS3... there's no denying the lasting appeal to games for 360/PS3 due to ONLINE! not to mention if you compare EXCLUSIVES or HARDCORE titles... it's safe to say theres a bevy of offerings when comparing the competition to the Wii!

The ONLY thing I can truely commend the Wii for is I find its Backwards Compatability to be the best when compared to its competitors... especially with being able to use Gamecube controllers again was a great idea as well!
kingPoS  +   1193d ago
What kind of journalist would someone have be to say Sony doesn't want competition from Nintendo.

Now just for a moment imagine that apple has an absolute monopoly on the smart phone & tablet market.

Not a good image is it!
grahf  +   1193d ago
"Sony’s PS4 could bring the death of Nintendo’s console production"
Here is my problem with this analysis.

The Wii U is set to release at $299.00/$349.00

Last Gen, the 360 launch price was $299/$399
Wii was $249
PS3 was $499/$599

Things have obviously changed... PS3 is now around $249. The Vita however is still $249/$299. To get similar functionality as the Wii U, a new Sony customer would need to spend approximately $500. And then you need to think of the PS4 launch costs. I'm not willing to say that they'll make the mistake and launch a $600 console again, but $400-$500 isn't out of the realm of possibility. Tack on the "Slim/Revised" Vita ($199 sound fair for 1-2 years out?) and you're in $600-700 territory, while the Wii U will probably have a price cut.

To "Kill" Nintendo, Sony would need to compete at the same price point. Otherwise, they are just two entirely different markets that do similar things. Compare it to the tablet markets now. 7" & 10". Similar, but 2 very different markets.
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