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neogeo  +   934d ago
Why don't these wimps tear it open? Someone give Tomshardware a copy so we can get down to the guts. I want suer nerdy details on the specs.
vulcanproject  +   934d ago
Yup, lets see the chips being measured properly and lets have some proper power consumption figures when running. Let me know how noisy it is and how hot it gets.

I am nosy and wanna see how it stacks up finally I want a full on teardown.
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paydayp  +   934d ago
they could have some NDA about that they can´t do that
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herbs  +   934d ago
Can anyone tell me if the Wii U comes with a wall socket adaptor (like iphones) for charging the gamepad and pro controller or are you forced to tether them to the Wii U itself to recharge?
eagle21  +   934d ago
Yes, the DELUXE comes with a AC adapter for both the console AND GamePad.

The GamePad also comes with a charge cradle and stand in addition to this adaptor for the DELUXE version of the WiiU.

Was I helpful?
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nevin1  +   934d ago
So do how does the BASIC version works?
DaCajun  +   934d ago
Actually both versions come with 2 ac adapters for the one for the console and one for the game pad.
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herbs  +   934d ago
Thankyou Eagle & Cajun ;)
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candybooty  +   934d ago
I really want my Wii U now please, thank you!
paydayp  +   934d ago
off topic (still wii u related) wasn't there gonna be some bayonetta 2 info today?
nevin1  +   934d ago

I dont get why the internal storage gap between the Deluxe(32) and Basic(8) are that wide. Since the Deluxe is 32GB, than the Basic should be 16GB.
DaCajun  +   934d ago
I agree with you there it should be closer considering how cheap storage is these days but I'm getting the 32GB and hooking an old 500GB internal turned external with a case from one of my old PS3s that i killed playing too much, lol.
Ck1x  +   934d ago
Sorry but the type of flash RAM that they are using isn't cheap actually...
soljah  +   934d ago
something about all of the packaging from the console to game cases and controllers looks kind of plain and boring.
almost like not much time or effort went into the design and artwork for the line of wi u products

have a question: can you play games directly off of external storage from usb or does the game need to be installed internally first before playing.
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PopRocks359  +   934d ago
Considering the Wii U has very little storage built in, I doubt installation is mandatory.
Qrphe  +   933d ago
Plus the reading disc speed is very fast as it is anyway.

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