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Neonridr  +   1192d ago
Thank God.
guitarded77  +   1192d ago
If this is true, I am very happy. Can't wait... 11 days!!!
Relientk77  +   1192d ago
I'm glad that they're finally gone, they were just a real pain.
eagle21   1192d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
anthonyhopkinsg   1192d ago | Spam
jay2  +   1192d ago
Good, I'm not a baby I might finally use Nintendo online
ronin4life  +   1192d ago
...why is that one wizard of oz song playing in my head? O.o;;

"The witch is dead, the witch is dead"...
CRASHBASHUK  +   1192d ago
so a system update is coming to 3ds to change it?
n4f  +   1191d ago
excellent question
AWBrawler  +   1191d ago
IDK but if anybody steals my screen name, there will be Hell to pay

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