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doogiebear   844d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(9)
legendkilla  +   844d ago
Lol that sucks
Slysi  +   844d ago
Chill out m8, your get it back
nobodyspecial  +   844d ago
Still no Guilty Gear Accent Core.. Starting to get mad, since there is no reason for this delay.
Whitefox789  +   843d ago
Like there was no reason for the Anarchy Reigns delay?

Either way I agree.
Kingthrash360  +   844d ago
Sony exec: muh- muha- muahahaha. Evil Grin*...Jk... Naw no fun 4 u tho dog. pay attention or pay the price tho..... or pass the blunt more often... Your choice.... Smh
kwiksilver99  +   844d ago
lol.but seriously, glad it ended well.
u did get ur monies back right?
violents  +   843d ago
Wow. Toe jam and earl games. That takes me back. I used to love those games.
Soldierone  +   843d ago
Anyone with a Vita. Does MGS (PS1) work on the vita in NA? Getting tired of waiting for NA PSN store to make it "official" It's been "official" in EU since day one.....

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