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DFresh  +   997d ago
In terms of visuals, game modes and balance I like Halo better.
(Halo is the main reason I continue supporting Xbox consoles that and the occasional exclusive like Gears of War.)

In terms of fast twitch game play and fluidity I like Call of Duty.
(Though I've stopped playing COD after Black Ops. Should of stopped after MW2 but somewhere in my mind I thought I'd give Treyarch a chance since I liked World at War.)
MRMagoo123  +   997d ago
Im sure if it was multiplat and actually a good game which it isnt it could kill cod but unfortunately halo sucks and always will unless you have 360 goggles on.
ItsTrue  +   997d ago
Im sure if Uncharted/killzone was multiplat and actually a good game which it isnt it could kill Halo but unfortunately both Uncharted and Killszone sucks and always will unless you have PS3 goggles on.

See how weak and invalid your argument is now?
MRMagoo123  +   997d ago
not really lol i dont play killzone or uncharted so i wouldnt have a clue how good they are..........nice try tho chump lmao
ItsTrue  +   997d ago
Wow... You clearly didn't understand the purpose of the comment.
I'm not trying to say they are bad games. I am trying to get you to understand how poor your argument is.
headblackman  +   997d ago
lets be real here. cod is not on halo's level by no means. it's just a pretty good game that's multi-platform which gives it the numbers to compete with halo, but not the gameplay to compete with it. not taking anything from cod, but it's just no halo. plus it's becoming like the maddens. same game just a higher year or number on the box.
iNMyFiN4LH0uR  +   997d ago
There is no console game in the market today that sells like COD every year and manages to maintain such a consistently active community. Halo is huge and may share a similar fanbase, but its an exclusivity limits it on top of the fact the COD formula and the reason it has no major competitors is it manages to hold the interest of players nearly all year round.
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